Training Data Annotator Job in Kenya

Position: Training Data Annotator

Location: Remote

Job Description
Our Talent-Bridge Africa program is running an Artificial Intelligence (AI) training program to equip youth with skills in AI training data. We have partnered with the world’s largest Artificial Intelligence training data company to recruit and train Data Annotators for deployment on a host of paid projects on its online work platform. The data annotators will be responsible for annotating high definition data for machine learning purposes. Training data refers to the initial data that is used to develop a machine learning model, from which the model creates and refines its rules. Anyone can be trained as a Data Annotator. A background in IT is not a prerequisite.

We are looking for motivated individuals with a passion for remote work and entrepreneurship and a keen eye for details. You will be trained for two weeks and begin working remotely on paid projects on successful completion of the training.
  • Reviewing, correcting, and augmenting the results of models generated across the artificial intelligence (AI) platform
  • Annotating images to help improve our AI’s ability to understand the 3D world and identify objects and features
  • Use in-house tools for annotating and labeling maps, images, and other assets
·         Ability to work remotely and independently

·         Good writing and verbal communication skills
·         Proficient in using a computer and MS-office/ G-suite applications
·         Able to visualize things well in 2D/3D and can incorporate information from multiple images and 2D/3D representations into your understanding of a scene and apply that knowledge to create and correct models
·         Detail-oriented — You notice when small things are wrong and work to fix them, but you also have the judgement to know when it’s good enough
·         Be self-motivated and demonstrate good judgement that requires minimal supervision throughout the work day in order to thrive in a fast paced, high stress environments
·         A reliable wifi internet connection (this will be tested)
·         Access to a desktop or laptop computer with Microsoft Office with Outlook (2010 or newer) and an installed, updated and running antivirus program
·         Minimum computer requirements: Core i3 and 4GB Ram
·         Time commitment of 30-40 hours a week (6-8 hours a day)
How To Apply