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NGO Jobs in Nairobi, Kenya - NCCK

Procurement Officer

Main Purpose of The Job
This position is responsible for ensuring all Council supplies and procurement needs are effectively met
Job Objectives
·         Responsible for the overall management of inventories of all stores and sub stores.

·         Ensure that proper procurement processes are known, clear and adhered to in the unit.
·         Responsible for maintaining inventories at the levels set by the management ensuring that there is no overstocking or stock outs.
·         To establish reorder levels for all stocked goods.
·         To ensure that no goods expire without being detected and returned to the vendors.
·         Responsible for proper receipt of material as per the terms and conditions of the purchase orders.
·         Responsible for timely processing of all invoices for the material received.
·         Responsible for issuing to all staff and respective departments, ensuring complete customer and staff satisfaction.
·         To ensure that purchase requisitions are raised in time so that the material can be procured at the right time.
·         Responsible for the stocks of all consignment items, maintaining records of their receipt, issue, consumption details and processing of internal requisition, Local Purchase Orders and invoices.
·         To organize physical stock verification in all stores at the stipulated time periods to ensure that inventory is equal to physical inventories.
·         To generate MIS reports about the performance of each department and communicate to the reporting officer regarding the same.
·         To formulate and implement departmental standard operating protocols, policies and procedures.
·         Responsible for purchase of operational supplies and various services in accordance with the established specifications and industry / statutory norms, without compromising on price, quality, delivery timelines and payment conditions.
·         Performing to the budgets and meeting all deadlines.
·         Provide and seek necessary technical information with regard to product sourcing, vendors and possible substitutes so that they can make informed decisions for value added purchases.
·         Prepare request for proposals, request for quotations and purchase orders for material procurement in a scheduled and prioritized manner.
·         Evaluate and maintain the approved list of suppliers and vendors for procurement.
·         Liaise with suppliers/logistics dept. for all shipments and coordinate with end user departments for timely flow of information for planning the operations accordingly.
·         Maintain pricing records and cost analysis for current future strategies.
·         Payment follow up schedule to ensure timely payments to suppliers, detect for not meeting the service standards (delay), and effectively manage/ reduce procurement cycle time and procurement costs.
·         Development and implementation of new procedures for reducing the turnaround time for procurement.
·         Ensuring to complete quality documentation through the team members (soft and hard copies) for procurement of materials.
·         Develop and build contacts in the local markets and as well out-side the region.
·         Develop and maintain effective & productive working relationships with key business managers across the organization as well as suppliers/vendors.
·         Liaison between company and peer organizations, communicating various issues and troubleshooting and resolving problems.
·         Ensure all procedures, policies and shortage awareness is thoroughly understood by subordinates.
·         Manage teams with clearly defined objectives to produce outstanding results.
·         Any other job that wlill be given from time to time
Level of Education/Academic Qualification
·         At least Secondary School Education (KCSE).
Specialised Training/Professional Qualifications
·         Degree/ Diploma in Supply chain management /Procurement
Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
§  Supervisory skills
§  Excellent negotiation skills
§  Analytical skills
§  High levels of integrity and confidentiality
 Relevant Job Experience
§  Must have worked in a similar position for at least three years

Assistant Internal Auditor

Main Purpose Of The Job
The position is responsible for Assisting in internal audit processes, assurance, quality internal controls and standardization of systems, and activities at NCCK; ensuring adherence to policy prudent reporting requirements, cost management and internal controls which aims at contribution to the proper, economic and effective use of resources.
Risk Management
·         Conduct risk assessment of NCCK departments/Investments or functional area in established/required timeline.
·         Ensure that the Council maintains adequate systems of internal controls and risk management.
·         Establish risk-based audit programs for Council operations
·         Review the existence and suitability of internal control systems design and identify gaps
·         Conduct audit testing of specified area and identify reportable issues and dimension of risk
Compliance audit
·         Ensure compliance with policies and procedures in the entire NCCK operation.
·         Ensure compliance with regulatory and audit requirements.
·         Ensure that the Council maintains adequate insurance policies.
·         Ensure that the Council maintains adequate safety and health procedures for its operations, processes, offices and properties.
·         Ensure safekeeping of all Council’s security documents.
Monitoring and Reviewing of Council operations
·         Coordinate coverage with the external auditors and ensure that each party is aware and brief on areas of concern as relates to audit work.
·         Review systems and recommended appropriate controls and procedures on areas that need improvement.
·         Make recommendations, where necessary, to revise other policy documents/manuals in the Council in order to ensure adherence to the Council’s policies, statutory and legal regulations and donor reporting requirements.
·         Plan, organize and undertake internal audit checks ensuring clear audit trails, records and documentation exist for ease of external audit.
·         Review and report on the accuracy, timeliness and relevance of the financial and other information that is provided for management
Level of Education/Academic Qualification
·         Bachelor’s degree in any of the following areas: Accounting, Finance, Business or any related field.
·         Specialized Training/Professional Qualifications
·         CPA Part (K),
·         CISA/CFA/Certified Internal Auditor is an added advantage
Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Excellent communication and report writing skills
·         Strong critical and analytical skills and attention to details
·         Strong numerical skills
·         Strong interpersonal skills
·         Computer skills (MS Office Suite, DOS, Accounting packages)
·         Should be an active member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya.
·         High level skills in accounting in a computerized environment.(e.g. Net-suite Open Air/Enterprise Resource planning (ERP)
·         Proven financial management skills.
·         Should possess strong communication, negotiation, and administration skills.
·         Should have knowledge in general risk management and business management.
·         Exemplary level of personal and professional integrity
·         Good knowledge of KAS, IAS, IFRS and Tax laws
·         High level skills in accounting in a computerized environment.
·         Proven financial management skills.
 Relevant Job Experience
·         At least five (2) years relevant experience.
·         Must have experience in service industry

Security Officer

Main Purpose Of The Job
To enhance and promote efficient and magnificent secure flora and digital security
Key Objective
·         Responsible for creating and maintaining excellent relationship between the hospital and Government security agencies
·         Define and implement the security policies & procedures for the premises. Revision of these policies and procedures, as and when required is important, to improve the security processes. Training of security team on these P&Ps and safety aspects on a regular basis.
·         Ensure a safe and secure environment and the safety of patients, visitors, staffs and manage outsourced security provider and respond rapidly to security emergencies within the hospital.
·         Conduct routine audit of the processes involved and improvement in the access control process, implementation of cost control measures related with the access control in the patient floors and other strategic areas of the premises.
·         Perform regular occupational safety programs such as fire drills, child abduction, workplace violence, terrorism and loss prevention.
·         Implement the P&P on the material control in the premises and gate passes to achieve effective control over the material movement, routine audits of follow up process with the concerned departments on routine basis, training of the security manning the time office to control material movement in and out of the premises.
·         Carry out independent investigations into intended and actual breaches of security and taking comprehensive corrective action to mitigate the situation.
·         Ensure that there are effective and efficient security systems to safeguard Hospital assets and resources.
·         Participate in planning and coordinating security operations for specific events and participate in corporate risk management programs.
·         Collecting and collating intelligent information on current trends of crime and related matters that may affect the smooth running of the Hospital, inform the management and recommend appropriate measures.
·         Liaising with other operational areas within the hospital to ensure harmony, consistency, and quality, sufficient and timely services.
·         To ensure planning, cost control and cost effective operations of the department.
·         Liaising and maintaining regular contacts with Governmental security agencies.
·         Formation of the post instructions, various security processes and routine audit, formation of the SOPs and training of the security on all the operational aspects, documentation of the training records, training of departmental trainers to improve the security operating standards.
·         Perform any other duty that may be assigned by the Hospital administrator from time to time.
Level of Education/Academic Qualification
·         At least Secondary School Education (KCSE).
 Specialised Training/Professional Qualifications
·         Bachelors degree in criminology and security studies
 Other Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Skills in risk management
·         Skills in strategic and leadership management.
·         Must be vigilant.
·         Must be able to develop access and monitor policies.
·         Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
·         Strong report writing and presentation skills
·         Self-motivated and quick to take initiative
 Relevant Job Experience
·         Must have worked in a similar position for at least three years.

Marketing Executive

Main Purpose Of The Job
To provide and promote sales of the Jumuia Hospitals Ltd.
Job Objectives
·         Partner with the corporate marketing teams and sales team to develop the sales strategy for the hospital in order to achieve the revenue targets
·         Conceptualize new initiatives for increasing sales and top of mind recall amongst potential patients/customers and to leverage the Brand
·         Identify new markets; new engagements, new specialties and ways to drive future business
·         Manage the profitability of the unit by ensuring marketing spends are commensurate with the turnover achieved
·         Monitor the day-to-day operations of the sales & marketing team so that business and sales practices are conducted with great professionalism and integrity and comply with the Code of Conduct, company policies and ethical standards, and local, regional and national law, regulations and guidelines
·         Develop and manage the fiscal budget related to sales activities. Develop and execute plans within allocated budget. Ensure expenses remain within budgetary guidelines
·         Gather information related to sales & marketing best practices in the healthcare industry and incorporates into sales & marketing training strategies and programs at the hospital.
·         Implement and co-coordinate all marketing activities for the unit. Brief creative agencies regarding promotional and editorial materials. Provide inputs to corporate marketing team to further enhance the impact of marketing initiatives.
·         Design and implement a sales training curriculum to support the strategy, including new hire training, product and disease state information, selling skills and other skill development programs, and compliance training related to promotional practices.
·         Lead the Marketing efforts to Doctors (Doctor Marketing). Guide and direct team members on the right process to be followed for creating a doctors referral base. Define focus areas and ways to ensure greater conversion of doctors and enhanced referrals to the hospital.
·         Conceptualize and implement various direct sales initiatives to reach customers directly.
·         Take active interest in the recruitment, performance management and training & development of all team members. Appraise employee performance and facilitate team engagement activities.
·         Periodically analyzing MIS reports to draw inferences, trends and inputs to be used for marketing. Analyze advertising and marketing spends to ensure marketing budgets are utilized effectively.
Level of Education/Academic Qualification
·         At least Secondary School Education (KCSE).
 Specialised Training/Professional Qualifications
·         Higher Diploma in Business Administration / Sales and Marketing
 Other Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Bachelor’s Degree in a business related discipline
·         Over 4 years’ experience in a Senior Accountant position
·         Working knowledge of accounting systems,
·         Analytical, technical and logical approach to problem solving
·         Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
·         Strong report writing and presentation skills
·         Self-motivated and quick to take initiative
 Relevant Job Experience
·         Must have worked in a similar position for at least three years.

Biomedical Engineer

Main Purpose Of The Job
This position is responsible for ensuring that all hospital equipments, electrical items, mechanical instruments and plumbing items are well maintained (Biomedical & MEP)

·         Conduct pre installation works
·         Install and commission medical equipment and plants;
·          Conduct repair of highly complex medical equipment;
·         Perform preventive maintenance of highly complex medical equipment;
·         Conduct performance and safety test and calibration of highly complex medical equipments
·         Conduct fairly basic facility and utility repairs;
·         Operate highly complex medical and general plants;
·          Technical advice including outsourcing technician to repair complex equipment.
·         Prepare technical specification for spare parts, consumables and materials required;
·         Order spare parts, consumable and materials required for maintenance and repair of equipment and plants
·         Maintain a record of spare parts, material and consumables purchased and utilized in the workshop
·         Ensure Hospital engineering functions comply with medical, certification, legal and safety standards.
·         Facilitating trainings and continuous professional development activities within the department.
·         Ensure all Engineering operations within the Hospital run at optimal level.
·         Ensure that all warranties and maintenances contract for all equipments and plant are in place
·         Implementing medical engineering programs and projects.
·          Collecting and collating information for research on Bio medical engineering services into integral health information.
·          Over see technicians on how to assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.
·         Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus, and components, using test equipment and hand tools, to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.
·         Connect wires to circuit breakers, transformers, or other components.
·          Inspect electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair, and to ensure compliance with codes.
·         Advise management on whether continued operation of equipment could be hazardous.
·         Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system.
·         Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment and fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes.
·         Direct and train workers to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures.
 Their work typically involves:
·         Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance
·         Responding to breakdowns
·         Diagnosing faults
·         Repairing equipment
·         Supervising engineering and technical staff
·         Obtaining specialist components, fixtures or fittings
·         Managing budgets
·         Maintaining statistical and financial records
·         Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation
·         Creating maintenance procedures
Level of Education/Academic Qualification
·         At least Secondary School Education (KCSE).
Specialised Training/Professional Qualifications
·         Diploma in Biomedical engineering
 Other Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Knowledge in Biomedical equipments
·         Knowledge in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing equipments
·         Self-motivated and quick to take initiative
Relevant Job Experience
·         Must have worked in a similar position for at least three yea

Pharmaceutical Technologist

Main Purpose Of The Job
Role involves providing guidance and leadership to the laboratory section and ensuring provision of quality and timely services
Job Objectives
·         Quality and timely service
·         Cost effective use of resources
·         High levels of health and safety practices
·         Creation of a conducive work environment
·         Continuous quality improvement
·         Timely reports
·         Team player
These objectives will be met through the following key tasks:
·         Daily stock checking
·         Dispensing drugs to the patients
·         To provide an error free drugs to patients by ensuring no errors during the process of dispensing by ensuring a hassle free environment for staff.
·          Go through the prescriptions carefully.
·          If in doubt, check with the senior in the department or with the referral doctor.
·         Clarify the quantity required and the dosage required with the patients.
·         Prepare the bill for the quantity required and inform the patient / customer about the bill amount.
·          Generate the bill in duplicate.
·         Take the medicines from the respective racks in accordance with the bill and the doctor’s prescription.
·          Check the medicines physically for batch no, expiry quantity with the bill and prescription and approved by the pharmacist.
·         Pack the medicines along with the prescription and the original bill. If patient prefers, counselling on dosage and regimen, explain and counsel them on how it needs to be taken and the reasons for the medications.
·         Lifesaving drugs availability, non-moving drug monitoring, short expiry drugs removal before 6 months of expiry.
·          Ensuring that proper storage conditions are maintained for all the drugs.
·         Inventory management – physical stock and computer stock maintenance.
·         Co-ordinate with in charge to ensure availability of drugs and surgical products at any given point of time.
·         Arranging the non-available medicine if required, request the concerned doctors for alternate medicines.
·         Prepare the short-expiry medicines list hand over to the In charge once in a month.
·          Receive the prescriptions from the patients/customers.
Level of Education/Academic Qualification
·         At least Secondary School Education (KCSE).
 Specialised Training/Professional Qualifications
·         Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
·         Management training / experience
 Other Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Supervisory skills
·         Excellent negotiation skills
·         Analytical skills
·         High levels of integrity and confidentiality
 Relevant Job Experience
·         Must have worked in a similar position for at least three years.

Medical Officer 

Main Purpose Of The Job
Responsible for provision of personal, family, whanau and community orientated comprehensive primary care medical services to individuals. As part of the general practice team he/she is responsible for providing patient-centered, culturally appropriate, and individual holistic care to a defined population.
Curative Work
·         The Medical Officer will organize the dispensary, outpatient department and will allot duties to the other staff to ensure smooth running of the OPD.
·         Ensure suitable arrangements for the distribution of work in the treatment of emergency cases which come outside the normal OPD hours.
·         Organize laboratory services for cases where necessary and within the scope of his laboratory for proper diagnosis of doubtful cases.
·         Make arrangements for rendering services for the treatment of minor ailments at community level and at the PHC through the Health Assistants, Health Workers and others.
·         Attend to cases referred to him/her by Health Assistants, Health Workers, ASHA / Voluntary Health Workers where applicable, Dais or by the School Teachers.
·         Screen cases needing specialized medical attention including dental care and nursing care and refer them to referral institutions.
·         Provide guidance to the Health Assistants, Health Workers, Health Guides and School Teachers in the treatment of minor ailments.
·         Cooperate and or coordinate with other institutions providing medical care services in his/her area.
·         Organize and participate in the “health day” at least once in a month.
 Preventive and Promotive Work
·         Ensure that all the members of his/her Health Team are fully conversant with the various National Health & Family Welfare Programs including NRHM to be implemented in the area allotted to each Health functionary. He/she will further supervise their work periodically both in the clinics and in the community setting to give them the necessary guidance and direction.
·         Prepare operational plans and ensure effective implementation of the same to achieve the laid down targets under different National Health and Family Welfare Programmes.
·         Conduct field investigations to delineate local health problems for planning changes in the strategy of the effective delivery of Health and Family welfare services.
Reproductive and Child Health Programme
·         The MO will promote institutional delivery and ensure that the PHC has the facilities to act as 24×7 service delivery PHC.
·         Family Planning
·         Universal Immunization Programme (UIP)
·         National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) Malaria
·         Control of Communicable Diseases:
·         National Programme for Prevention of Visual Impairment and Control of Blindness:
·         Training
Administrative Work
·         Supervise the work of staff working under him/her.
·         Ensure general cleanliness inside and outside the premises of the PHC and also proper maintenance of equipment under his/her charge.
·         Eensure to keep up to date inventory and stock register of all the stores and equipment supplied to him/her and will be responsible for its correct accounting.
·         Get indents prepared timely for drugs, instruments, vaccines, ORS and contraceptive etc. sufficiently in advance and will submit them to the appropriate health authorities.
·          Check the proper maintenance of the transport given in his/her charge.
·          Scrutinize the programmes of his/her staff and suggest changes if necessary to suit the priority of work.
·         Get prepared and display charts in his/her own room to explain clearly the geographical areas, location of peripheral health units, morbidity and mortality, health statistics and other important information about his/her area.
·         Hold monthly staff meetings with his/her own staff with a view to evaluating the progress of work and suggesting steps to be taken for further improvements.
·         Ensure the regular supply of medicines and disbursements of honorarium to health guides.
·         Ensure the maintenance of the prescribed records at PHC level.
·         Receive reports from the periphery, get them compiled and submit them regularly to the district health authorities.
·         Keep notes of his/her visits to the area and submit every month his/her tour report to the CMO.
·         Discharge all the financial duties entrusted to him/her.
 Other expectations
·         Team player: Work collaboratively with Senior Management Team and Department staff in team assignments;
Level of Education/Academic Qualification
·         At least Secondary School Education (KCSE).
 Specialised Training/Professional Qualifications
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery from a recognized university.
·         At least two years’ post internship experience in medical practice in a busy Health Facility.
·         Must be registered with the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board Kenya.
·         Must have a course in life support.
·         Must have a valid practice license.
·         Must know professional standards.
·         Must be computer literate.
 Other Competencies/Abilities/Skills Required
·         Good communication skills.
·         Good observation skills.
·         Analytical skills.
·         Good problem solving skills.
·         Good team player.
·         Ability to work under pressure.
Relevant Job Experience
·         Must have worked in a similar position for at least two to three years in a similar position.
How To Apply 
Interested candidates should click here to download the NCCK Job Application Form. The Application Forms to be sent to and received not later than 12.00 noon on 29th November 2019. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email.
Please note that NCCK does NOT charge any fee whatsoever for application, processing, interviewing or securing employment.

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