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Assistant Research Officer

KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) is one of the leading research centres in Africa. The Programme engages in a wide range of research on the main causes of ill health in Africa.The Bioscience department, KWTRP is seeking to appoint a postdoctoral researcher to work in the Next Generation
(9 Months Contract)


To undertake sequencing and bioinformatics analysis for a project aimed at understanding the transmission pathways of respiratory viruses in Kenya.  Viruses under investigation include rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, influenza, coronavirus, and human metapneumovirus.
·         Implementing, optimizing and troubleshooting viral pathogen sequencing protocols
·         Developing a multi-species whole genome sequencing method for rhinovirus to investigate sequences in large archive of respiratory samples
·         Molecular diagnostic screening for a range of virus targets in archived and ongoing respiratory samples collections
·         Assembling viral sequence contigs from the raw sequencing reads derived from next generation sequencers
·         Performing phylogenetic analyses, producing reports and presenting arising results
·         Contributing to scientific manuscripts and other dissemination activities


·         BSc in Medical Laboratory Science and Technology, Molecular Biology Bioinformatics, or similar (Upper second honors or higher)
·         At least 1 year experience in virus molecular diagnostics
·         Experience in virus whole genome sequencing using Sanger and NGS methods
·         Previous experience in rhinovirus typing and sequencing
·         Capability in bioinformatics and phylogenetic analysis of sequence data
·         Undertaken a Post-Graduate Diploma in relevant subject area
·         Knowledge and capability in programming for sequence data manipulations (e.g. R, python)
·         A one-year research experience and evidence of scientific publication/contribution
Skills and Competence:
·         Understanding of virus sequencing including NGS and phylogenetics
·         The ability to plan own workload and keep accurate scientific records.
·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
·         Ability to organize work to changing priorities is essential
·         Working in collaboration with members of the Viral Epidemiology and Control (VEC) group (laboratory and research), and with relevant Programme scientists such as those linked to Kilifi Bioinformatics Core (KBiC).
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Early Post-Doctoral Immunologist
 KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme  (KWTRP) is one of the leading research centres in Africa. The Programme engages in a wide range of research on the main causes of ill health in Africa.The Bioscience department, KWTRP is seeking to appoint a postdoctoral researcher to work in the Next Generation
We are now seeking to appoint a biomedical postdoctoral researcher to work in the biosciences department in this position which is supported by “Making a Difference Project” funding under the Tackling Infection to Benefit Africa (TIBA) network aims to identify malaria parasite proteins that are targets for immunity using monoclonal antibodies as probing tool and to assess the suitability of the identified proteins for inclusion in a malaria vaccine. The candidate will work with head of Training Department Are The Principal Investigators Of The Project.

Key Responsibilities

·         Generate monoclonal antibodies from people have been identified as being immune to malaria parasites
·         Run various functional invitro assays using the monoclonal antibodies to identify their cognate malaria parasite protein  targets.
·         Support in the supervision and mentoring of students and research assistants work in the TIBA-MAD project.
·         Support the PIs in coordinating the TIBA-MAD project.


·         Doctoral research degree in biomedical science or other relevant subjects.
·         Proven record of laboratory- based research including running immunological assays and molecular biology techniques
·         Working experience in data analysis and use of statistical analysis software such as R
·         Experience in monoclonal antibody generation and malaria immunology assays will be an added advantage.
·         Keen interest in research
·         Excellent analytical and quantitative skills.
·         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills,
·         Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
·         Team working skills with the ability to work in a multi-cultural setting.
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Project Manager
 KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) is one of the leading research centres in Africa. The Programme engages in a wide range of research on the main causes of ill health in Africa.The Bioscience department, KWTRP is seeking to appoint a postdoctoral researcher to work in the Next Generation
Reference Number: PM-05092018
The position is responsible for oversight of research grant budgets and project assets.
The KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) based in Kilifi, Kenya, conducts high quality research focussing on diseases that present a significant burden on low and middle-income countries. KWTRP is a partnership between the Kenya Medical Research Institute, the Wellcome Trust and the University of Oxford, and a world-renowned health research unit. KWTRP works with scientists, health services and local communities to achieve better health, while developing local scientific leadership and infrastructure.
With 200 staff, 15-20 active research grants with a combined value in excess of £10m, the Epidemiology and Demography Department (EDD) is the largest department at KWTRP. EDD conducts multidisciplinary studies in three areas: Invasive Bacterial Diseases, Virus Epidemiology and Control, and Human Genetic Factors.  EDD is also home to the Kilifi Health and Demographic Surveillance System, a pioneer in the integration of field, hospital and laboratory surveillance data. Working predominantly in Kenya, EDD collaborates with partners in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Europe and the USA.
The EDD Project Manager will have specific responsibility for the new Application of Genomics and Modelling to Virus Pathogen Control (GeMVi) in East Africa grant, and play an important management role for other major grants within the Department.

Key Responsibilities

·         Ensure effective project plans are in place for EDD projects, working with the Principal Investigator and project team to develop these and monitor their implementation from initiation through to implementation, monitoring, evaluation and closure; identify when projects are not running according to plan and initiate corrective action.
·         Take responsibility for the day to day management of specified EDD projects, working with colleagues in the EDD Operations team and central administrative functions, including finance, procurement, HR and IT.
·         Ensure that project reports, publications etc. are prepared, reviewed and submitted on time and in line with KWTRP institutional policies and external regulations.
·         Organise and maintain project information in a systematic and secure way, including contracts, standard operating procedures, regulatory documentation and reports to sponsors.
·         Work with the Department Accountant and KWTRP Finance function to ensure project finances are monitored and managed in accordance with institutional policies, and take steps to ensure that projects remain within budget.
·         Work with colleagues in EDD and the Research Office to prepare and submit regulatory documents to sponsors and regulatory bodies, obtain approvals for projects’ start, continuation and amendments, and ensure protocols are uploaded and kept updated on the KWTRP Protocol Tracking System.
·         Work with EDD data managers and the KWTRP data governance officer to ensure collection, storage and access to research data is in compliance with institutional, governance, funder and publisher requirements.
·         Manage internal and external communications for specific projects, including organising meetings and events, updating website content and engaging with the media working with the KWTRP communications department.
·         Manage information, prepare reports and have oversight of key operational processes in the Department, e.g. monthly management dashboard, proposals folder, staff contracts, risk register.
·         Supervise and mentor junior staff within the Department Operations team as required.
·         Assist and deputise for the Department Manager.
·         Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


·         Essential qualifications and experience
·         Masters Degree in a relevant subject, which may include medical or natural sciences, Business Management or administration.
·         Relevant Bachelors Degree.
·         At least eight years’ work experience in high-level administration/ project management, ideally in the academic, research or development sector.
·         Project management qualification.
·         Line management experience and/or matrix management of a team.
·         Experience of communications and information management.
·         Experience of regulatory and compliance issues in health research.
·         Experience of negotiating and/or reviewing contracts for research.
·         Experience of working in public health and an understanding of health systems.
Essential competencies
·         Exceptional project management skills, proficiency in using project management tools and the ability to manage multiple large projects simultaneously.
·         High level administration and management skills.
·         Exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to network, communicate, be diplomatic and maintain strong local and international relationships.
·         Evidenced ability to produce high quality written reports and presentations in English, with strong attention to detail.
·         Significant skills in leadership, organization, prioritisation, problem solving and decision making.
·         Financially literate with ability to produce budgets, financial reports and to manage resources.
·         High level of computer literacy with proficiency in Microsoft applications
·         Enthusiasm and willingness to get involved and support the work and life of the Department and KWTRP
Physical Environment/ Conditions:
·         Based at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya.
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Data Manager
 KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme (KWTRP) is one of the leading research centres in Africa. The Programme engages in a wide range of research on the main causes of ill health in Africa.The Bioscience department, KWTRP is seeking to appoint a postdoctoral researcher to work in the Next Generation
Reference Number: DM-4/09/18
Job Purpose: 
To work in team responsible for data capture, data quality and data analysis routines as part of a routine clinical surveillance/quality improvement project and a multicentre randomized controlled trial taking place in a number of hospitals in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The incumbent will be responsible for continued development of a set of analysis scripts using R that can be applied to data collected from hospitals and turning the raw data into informative visualizations. This work will be conducted with a larger group of analysts to provide hospitals with regular reports on their patient populations and quality of health care services. The post will require someone with skills in programming in R, some experience with web-based graphic libraries, conversant with the LINUX operating system as well as data management skills who is a good team player. Some support for data management and optimising operating environments is also anticipated.
REPORTS TO: Senior Data Manager, Senior Researchers
BUDGET AND RESOURCE RESPONSIBILITY Some responsibility for ICT hardware maintenance to support data collection and planning for updates / additions
Job Dimensions:
·         Ability to develop analytical code in R, Stata, or python
·         Ability to transform data and processes into informative visualizations
·         Responsible with Data Management and Analysis Team Leader for data archiving and documentation of analysis scripts (familiarity with Github an advantage)
·         Responsible with Senior Data Manager and Information Team Leader for production of regular hospital reports outputting analyses into MS Office or other documents
·         Ability to perform analyses on request for research team leaders
·         Understand and help configure the LINUX based operations on the servers (including managing data archiving, security etc)
·         Understand and help configure synchronization tools we use for peripheral sites to the server
·         Help upgrade our data management platform moving towards web-based systems if/when internet connectivity improves in sites
·         Understand and manage the statistical programming approach being used in R
·         Providing training / support to other staff and hospital collaborators
·         Good communication with senior personnel in the research team and with partnering hospitals

·         Data archiving and documentation of analysis scripts (familiarity with Github an advantage)

Key Responsibilities

·         Developing analytical code in R to provide routine reports and graphical displays of large hospital datasets
·         Working to ensure data appropriately managed and archived and that all analytic code is documented and archived with version control
·         Working with data managers and other researchers to integrate analytic tools with data collection
·         Performing analyses on request of senior team members and interpreting results
·         Providing training / support to other staff and/or hospital staff


·         Degree in Statistics / Computer Science (either Statistician with good programming skills or Computer Scientist with sufficient training in Statistics)
·         At least 1 year of relevant experience
·         Ability to program in R and clearly document code
·         Ability to use scripting languages
·         Data management skills – ideally experience with large databases including development of data dictionaries, data cleaning logs – (knowledge of REDCap an advantage)
·         Good level of ICT skill (understanding of basics of Linux and MySQL)
·         Good presentation and communication skills
·         Ability to work with limited supervision
·         Ability to meet deadlines
·         Good team player
How to Apply

Senior Data Manager
 KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme  (KWTRP) is one of the leading research centres in Africa. The Programme engages in a wide range of research on the main causes of ill health in Africa.The Bioscience department, KWTRP is seeking to appoint a postdoctoral researcher to work in the Next Generation
Job Purpose: 
Lead a team responsible for data capture, data quality and data analysis routines as part of a routine clinical surveillance/quality improvement project and a multicentre randomized controlled trial taking place in up to 15 hospitals around Kenya and three in Uganda and Tanzania. The work will involve use of REDCap and other data collection applications in multiple sites ; use of the statistical software package R and its related interface function R studio; use of LINUX as an operating platform; work with DHIS2 and interaction with providers of electronic medical record systems in Kenya including Open MRS to foster harmonisation of data collection.
Job Dimensions:
·         Supervise & mentor data management team, set objectives and help conduct appraisals
·         Preparing, updating and documenting systems requirements; overseeing design of data capturing systems and formulation of reports
·         Developing systems, QCs and tools for collecting, entering, editing, cleaning, storing, validation, archiving, retrieving, organizing, and transferring of data; and carrying out data review, validation, query generation and resolution, and report generation of all records generated from the database.
·         Assisting with development of screening logs and case report forms.
·         Conducting recurrent information queries and baseline statistical analyses and report results generated by study sites according to the project specification
·         Developing and implementing processes and procedures for data management and movement.
·         Implementing and enforcing regular data security activities such as storage, backups, archiving and user administration and resolving queries that arise
·         Liaising closely with programmers to create databases, and to test and implement the various case report forms as per the project requirements.
·         Providing a link between ICT and the department study teams and data managers
·         Overall responsible for training, supervising and managing the departments data management and processing teams and monitoring their performance.
·         Documenting system and data management procedures and processes in a manual and updating them periodically
·         Performing study specific data management duties as assigned
·         Responsible for preparing work plans and for managing QC of data and systems

Key Responsibilities

·         Coordinate roles and monitor progress of Data Management Team and Analytics team – build capacity of team through on-job training as required – provide at least monthly updates to PIs
·         Provide oversight of HSU team ICT requirements for hardware and software ensuring equipment fit for purpose including server management (Linux and other as required)
·         Lead implementation of progamme wide data governance / data management strategies – training team members as required – and liaison with Kilifi ICT / Data Management unitsDesign and develop adaptations to / programming enhancements to REDCap and participate in the REDCap user group and other forums to understand the latest developments Help develop strategies using R to improve data quality and perform data analysis routines that can be incorporated into routine reports, and clinical trial monitoring.
·         Develop and update web applications (supervising work of others as appropriate) maintained by HSU
·         Take the lead in and provide oversight of HSU project and data archive development and access – to include use of DataVerse, Github and other platforms as required and to enable team to deliver ‘Open Access’ to data and tools
·         Provide support in training of field data collection teams including developing training materials, preparation of hardware / software, training schedules and conducting training.
·         Liaison with companies / groups who are developing electronic medical records to foster harmonization of key data across EMR platforms
·         Maintain study databases as required including ensuring regular updates, cleaning, backups and archiving and ensure all related records and reports are handled and managed in line with data governance protocols.
·         Ensure compliance with programme ICT policies that span data storage, description, security e.t.c across the research team
·         And any other duties that may be assigned from time to time.


·         Master’s Degree in Data Management /Information Science or Computer Science
·         At least three years’ experience as a Data Manager in a similar position in a research or health institution.
·         Demonstrated competence in information management and statistical analysis
·         Excellent skills in systems analysis, data management, database design and structures
·         Excellent computing skills, including LINUX, REDCap, OpenClinica and R and other Open Source software
·         Experience in managing multisite, distributed data collection and integration
·         Experience of developing system documentation
·         Business analysis and basic SQL skills
·         Ability to handle large databases and troubleshoot issues involving complex data integration
·         Expert knowledge of maintaining and debugging live software systems and of writing and editing program documentation
Desirable Criteria:
·         Experience with data management for large multi-centre clinical trials
·         Experience with report development for data quality assessment
·         Experience with use of R for statistical programming and R Studio
·         Experience with GitHub
·         Prior work related to health care and ideally experience of analysing health data and writing research reports
·         Solid understanding and experience with MySQL, PHP. Knowledge on Python would be an added advantage.
·         An interest in developing team management skills
·         Experience in eHealth and web development
·         Experience with report writing for data quality
·         Experience in server management
·         Experience in using LINUX, MySQL and version control
·         Experience in using data collection tools preferably REDCap, ODK, openClinica and openMRS
·         Experience in managing multisite, distributed data collection and integration
·         Excellent skills in data analysis preferably R, STATA, Python.
·         Understanding of database design and maintenance, quality control and data cleaning
·         Well-developed troubleshooting capacity and clarity of thought
·         Excellent customer support and communication skills
·         Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment and to multi-task
·         Ability to interact with users/ office colleagues in simple non-technical language
·         Good communication and interpersonal skills (verbal and written)
·         Team worker, able to work in a multi-cultural environment and with multi-disciplinary teams
How to Apply

Policy Engagement Officer
 KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme  (KWTRP) is one of the leading research centres in Africa. The Programme engages in a wide range of research on the main causes of ill health in Africa.The Bioscience department, KWTRP is seeking to appoint a postdoctoral researcher to work in the Next Generation
Job Description
The KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme is well known internationally for its work in improving global health. The Programme has a diverse clinical research programme that includes clinical trials of disease prevention, vaccines, management of acute illness, basic science and translation of research finding into global health policy.
The Programme is searching for a qualified, dynamic and motivated person to fill the following position:
Job Dimensions:
Policy Engagement:
·         Work with programme scientists to map policy stakeholders relevant to the programme’s work, and develop a policy engagement strategy aimed at these stakeholders
·         Lead the implementation of the programmes policy engagement strategy
·         Work with identified stakeholders to map local and international policy engagement spaces (e.g. meetings, technical working groups, policy development processes) identify relevant engagement spaces, and facilitate programme’s engagement in these spaces
·         Engage proactively with local, regional and international stakeholders, through dissemination of key results, organization of formal and informal exchanges, and ensuring needs and priorities as identified by policy makers feed into research processes
·         Expand the programme’s policy links through the establishment of contact with relevant national and sub-national policymakers and regional/international networks.
Research Uptake:
·         In consultation with the programme scientists, develop and implement plans for the synthesis, dissemination and uptake of research amongst key stakeholders, both nationally and internationally
·         Support programme researchers in the development and implementation of research uptake plans for specific research projects
·         Identify and pursue opportunities to promote programme research; facilitating and contributing to the use of research evidence by policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders
·         Develop and disseminate user friendly/lay research uptake materials – Policy briefs, Research briefs, infographics, podcasts, videocasts etc
·         Develop research dissemination content for the programme’s website – news stories, research bulletins, etc.


·         A relevant Master’s degree (e.g. Public health, Health policy, Public policy, Science communication, Policing and Governance) will be an added advantage
·         A first degree in Public health, Health policy, Public relations, Public policy, Journalism, Communications or related field;
·         At least 5 years’ relevant experience preferably in a health research or health development institution and 3 years of which in a key role in policy engagement, science communication, or research uptake.
·         Experience in designing multimedia research dissemination outputs (e.g. Policy briefs, infographics, podcasts, short videos and other web-based materials)
·         Excellent writing and communication skills in English
·         Graphics and web design skills
How to Apply

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