Visual Arts Teacher Job in Kenya

The position

We are currently recruiting a Visual Arts Teacher for the PYP and MYP (year 6 and 7) to join our team of experienced IB educators. The successful candidate will be responsible for coordinating arts related learning expeditions and partnerships with arts organizations as well as developing each student’s skills, understanding and confidence through practical activities. S/he will also be required to supervise Internal Assessment, Personal Project and Extended Essay.

Duty & Responsibilities

  • Plan curriculum documents in collaborative manner to reflect the standards and practices of the Academy in PYP/MYP.
  • Engage in effective teaching practice that embraces inquiry teaching and learning methods and differentiate activities to meet the needs of all students
  • Authentically access, record and track the progress of all students. Such information is to be communicated sensitively, effectively, and honestly with parents and guardians and be used to inform teaching practice
  • Communicate necessary programmes information to all stakeholders

  • Monitor all student’s behavior to ensure the core values, as expressed in the student handbook and discipline policy, are adhered to throughout the school
  • Contribution to the development of enrichment and residential experiences for students
  • Communicate academic concerns to relevant mentor/Head of year
  • Inspire and motivate students gain a deeper appreciation of Art


  • Bachelor’s degree from recognized university
  • Must have internationally recognized teaching qualification or a Bed/Med
  • At least 2 years of experience teaching in the subject area
  • Experience managing an international choir (Music Teacher Position)
  • Previous IB experience is preferred.

How to Apply


Job Expires