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The truth to avoid ……… Some funny job interview stories

Funny job interview stories are good for more than just a laugh. They illustrate the mistakes that many job candidates make, only make them in a much bigger and more obvious way. For instance, there's the story of the candidate who was asked to describe his ideal job. His response was that he didn't know, that he hadn't had it yet. This shows a serious lack of understanding of how to play the interview game. In that event, the best response is to simple describe the job that you are applying for. Or there's the story of the candidate who was asked what motivated him. He answered that he had a big house, a big car and a big credit card balance, so he was motivated by money. As honest as this answer is, most employers do not appreciate being told answers that honest. For one thing, it implies that the employee will leave for a more lucrative offer.

Another funny job interview story is of the job seeker who wondered aloud what would happen if she "woke up in the morning and did not feel coming to work." Even if that is a fit subject for philosophizing, it is not the sort of image of yourself that you would ever want to implant in the employer's mind. Another candidate was asked what he wanted to be doing in his next position. He said that he knew what he didn't want to be doing: sitting in boring meetings, doing grunt work and having to be nice to people all day long. Obviously, this employee didn't get the whole concept of pitching yourself as a team player during the interview. Whether or not he wanted to take the job eventually, he at least should have kept his mouth shut long enough to get the offer.

The Lessons of Funny Job Interview Stories

The main lesson to learn from funny job interview stories is that job interviews are games and rituals. For better or worse, they have rules and norms which are unique and even nonsensical compared to how people behave in their normal life. As a result, some behavior, specifically honesty and candidness are highly inappropriate in the job interview arena. Specifically speaking, the rules of the job interview ritual are that the candidate must pretend that he or she is scrupulously honest, motivated, loves performing the target job's duties, has been a stellar employee his or her whole career, and is taking the job for the professional and personal challenges that it offers.

Funny job interview stories result from when that fiction is departed from. What's not so funny about these stories is that they all represent someone who wanted or needed another job and didn't get it because of their mistake. Their hilarious stories should be a warning to job seekers. Whatever your personal feelings and opinions, the key goal of the job interview is to get the offer. Even if your interview convinces you that the company is not an appropriate fit for you, continue to do and say what is necessary to get the offer. You can always turn the job down later, but at least have the option of taking it if you decide that you want or need it.

We at HCC wish you all the best in your job interviews.

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