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Boom!!!!Boom!!! It is 2011…Career projections

By now I expect that you have made a list of your own resolutions for the New Year. Some years back I used to make resolutions that I could not realize at the end of the year and an audit into the year’s occurrences, this was true. In terms of career it is hard to make realistic goals and projections into the New Year but I will try to guide you through how to make career projections in the simplest way possible. For all that is worth, look at career projections in a simple way as you should look at life. If you have a job and are not satisfied with it then this is the article for you, if you don’t have a job yet then this is an article for you and many others that really want something out of their jobs and careers.

I talked about how you look at life and how you lead your life determines a lot about your career and job aspirations. Life is simple and take it as it is. Sometime back we carried an article in this site about ‘good jobs, bad jobs’ and we talked about an employer versus an employee. The basic difference is that most employers will care little about how you do your job, he will wake up go play golf the whole day and discuss a few issues with politicians, then at the end of the year your boss will go see him at his Muthaiga mansion and tell him how the year has been and what are the profits for the financial year. Here I don’t mean your bosses or any senior guys above you who take home six figures, I mean those who when the profits of the company are read, they are directed to their accounts. These people live life in a simple way and take life very simple. On the other hand, an employee will live in a house paying rent with a third of his salary, has a small loan that take s a third of his net income, has a credit card that goes with around five thousand, an electricity that is off the roof, a car loan and sacco loan which finishes up all his net earnings. The following month he will leave by credit card. These are people who normally take life very hard and serious. Not all but when you are in this category I pray that you don’t fall victim of this lifestyle.
The year 2011 should have you targeting to be wealthy and not rich; there is a difference between the two. We will carry out an article later in 2011 about money matters. Here are the matters that I feel you should give your first thought not only career wise but also in your job and other personal life.
1.       Money matters: Make sure you improve your net earnings by getting a good job, better job, negotiating for a promotion and doing some other business.
2.       Educational: Improve your CV by attending some evening classes or other side course. If you cannot then make some time for conferences.
3.       Good Job or bad job: Get a ‘good job’ which can enable you be wealthy and an employer eventually and not to be in employment forever because if all of us decide to employees, then none will employ us.
4.       Enjoy life and make it simple: I have insisted before that take life simple and as it comes. In the morning God, Allah or Budha or whoever you believe in presents life to you and take it as he brought it. Don’t complicate it for yourself and then make it hard for others especially of you are a boss.
5.       Tour some places you have not before. This will make your life very interesting and you will view life differently by meeting other people. I don’t want to imply that you tour expensive places, no, just visit the zoo, Nairobi Park or some very cheap places. Refresh your soul.
6.       Love yourself so much: This is the biggest favor you can do for me. The moment you do this, the kind of confidence that will be in you will be immense, grow in stature and image. Be mean and love yourself for whatever reasons.
7.       Think positively: Imagine your life in the future positively, imagine owning large estates, in your dream office and your will attract those things to you.
8.       Be very religious: Whoever you believe in, be it God, Allah, Budha, Brahama, Krishna, traditional gods or any other, please continue believing in him/ her without ceasing. Believe me they make things happen. This applies also to those who believe in science like scientologists and atheists alike.
9.       Read, read and read: Make sure you know more than you knew in 2010 in various fields of your interest.
10.   Win, win, and win: This is a situation that we want you to be in. The year 2010 has had its challenges but don’t look back, forge forward and you will get what you want.
This marks our very first full year in operation as an office whose idea we believe is very noble. We know that in one year to come we will be on the verge of solving unemployment not to a good portion but we will try our best. You have been part of this and we believe that you will be part of it in the coming year.

We at HCC wish you all the best in 2011.

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