UAS Flight & Ground Instructor Job in Kenya

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UAS Flight & Ground Instructor Job in Kenya

UAS Flight & Ground Instructor

Brief Description

The Incumbent will be responsible for the overall direction and performance of the UAS operations during ground and flight training including mission planning, execution and briefing, debriefing, aircrew resource management, ground and flight safety. This requires an understanding of and comply with KCAA Regulations applicable to the airspace where the UAS operates.

Detailed Description

  • An instructor’s primary duty is the safe and effective operation of the UAS in accordance with the manufacturers’ approved flight manual, KCAA regulations and company policy and procedures. He/ She must remain knowledgeable of all KCAA regulations; UAS manufacturer’s flight manual and bulletins and company policy and procedures.
  • Instruct students in curriculum using current instructional strategies appropriate to the subject matter to assure highest quality for both ground and flight instruction.
  • Ensure syllabus, supply list and lesson plans are current prior to each class taught.
  • Prepare and distribute syllabi which inform students about course requirements, grading requirements, testing assignments, attendance policy, and other information for each course assigned.
  • Organize concepts to be taught in a logical and understandable manner covering all objectives outlined in the course syllabus and use appropriate assessment tools to ensure learning.
  • Prepare, administer, and grade assignments and examinations in a timely manner to inform students about their progress. Submit and maintain accurate records of grades and attendance.
  • Defines, plans, organizes coordinates and executes flight plans, schedules airspace resources and other aspects of flight operations.
  • Utilizes various manuals such as the UAS User manuals and guides and other documents and reports to ascertain factors such as aircraft weight and balance, fuel supply, route, schedule, and mechanical reliability.
  • Develop and verify procedures for use with new aircraft features and participates in the development of operational and safety procedures and training syllabus coursework.
  • Maintenance of the UAS equipment and related equipment.
  • Provide technical and operational expertise for training hardware and software development, testing, and utilization.
  • Maintain current UAS certifications and other professional certifications as an instructor.
  • Performs other duties as assigned or required.

Job Requirements

  • A Diploma in any field.

  • A holder of KCAA or any ICAO Contracted state Remote Pilot License (Multirotor or Fixed Wing).
  • KCAA or any ICAO Contracted state Instructors Rating.
  • One (1) year experience in Training with UAS.
  • At least 50 logged in flight hours.

Additional Details

  • Relevant understanding of current KCAA UAS Regulations.
  • Good computer skills.
  • Ability identify and implement engaging teaching methods. Experience with online modalities preferred.
  • Must demonstrate effective people skills, communication skills and professionalism such as prepared, reliable, responsible, punctual, etc.
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain confidentiality and deal with crisis situations in an appropriate manner.
  • Must exercise tact, good judgment and sensitivity both in-person and on the telephone.


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