Programs Manager Job in Kenya

Vacancy: Programs Manager
Reports to: The Director
Purpose of the function: The Programs Manager is responsible for developing and realizing the organization’s outreach programs and services in order to achieve organizational results.
Result areas
1. Strategy
Based on context analysis and needs assessments, new developments, vision on programmes, services and practice, recognize issues, for which programme strategy should be developed.
To analyse and to give input from a programme point of view on the strategy and to develop the strategy together with the management team.
To subsequently develop the corresponding programme strategy for programme implementation.
To guard programme and service alignment with the context analysis and the programme strategy.
Result: The programme strategy is developed and kept updated, in order to realize the organisational results.
2. Implementation of programmes
To ensure good strategies for programme implementation as per Theory of Change and budget, in conjunction with the Area Manager.
To ensure implementation and execution of the programme strategy in each area with use of appropriate tools for monitoring and evaluation and guidance of staff.
To provide technical support and advice to Area manager and programs in charge as well as M&E In charge regarding area context analysis, programme procedures, tools and project management as well as M&E tools and outcome projections.
To ensure good beneficiary and partner networks and working relations.
To engage in troubleshooting amongst beneficiaries and partners or otherwise if necessary.
To ensure good quality of periodical reports and periodical plans and analyse the outputs and outcome against the strategic direction.
To maintain and improve desired level of quality of service delivery as required by the Area Manager and constantly work towards better service delivery by making improvements in existing services
Result: Improved quality of implementation and execution of the programmes by the organization in order to fulfil its vision and mission.
3. Programme development
To guard programme alignment with the area context analysis.
To take part in analysing and preparing proposals and area service requests against the policy- and strategic framework and reflect together with staffs on the direction or areas that need to be improved and approve proposals/service requests at area level as stipulated in the financial manual and service delivery manual.
To develop the programme budget, with the management team, on strategy and area programme needs.
To directly support the development of high quality and highly reliable beneficiaries interventions /activities at
the minimum cost possible, including challenging of requests /applications.
To network with donor and other stakeholder organisations for development of programs
Result: Improved quality of programmes services to maximise impact to beneficiaries
4. Representation / networking
To keep abreast of programming trends in relation to the TOC and identify and exchange information with relevant representatives of organisations/ institutions.

This should also be done in funding possibilities.To share the organization’s work and have an overview of the work of likeminded (I)NGO’s and government bodies operating in the different programmes; establish contacts and represent the organization in (I)NGO and government bodies that complement the work of the organization and/or partner organisations.
Result: Improved networking, learning and sharing of key developments across the organization.
5. HR & leadership
To lead, manage and guide staff in charge of various programmes in an inspiring way and in line with the organization’s HRM policy.
To promote the organisational values to the employees and lead by example.
To create a conducive working environment and keep staff up to date on the organisational developments.
To conduct performance appraisals of the staff in charge of programmes in line with the organization’s HRM policy.
Responsible for staff development and ensuring that all program staff have knowledge of all seven (7) working domains of the organization; i.e Food & nutrition, Health, Education & skills, protection, shelter, care and psychosocial support.
To consult the HR Advisor and ask for advice on HR issues, if necessary.
Result: An effective, efficient and high quality implementation of activities is obtained and continued and the team is led in an inspiring way and in line with the HRM policy.
6. Advice for the director and cooperation within the MT
As a member of the management team to advise the director, whether solicited or unsolicited.
To work together closely with the Director, Head of Finance, Head of Administration and the Area Coordinator as well as MCH manager.
Result: Advice is given and the management team works closely together, in order to realise optimal organization results and sustainable leadership to the organization
7. Other responsibilities
To supervise and approve operational budgets in line with the programme operational budget and in conjunction with the finance manager and director.
To perform other duties as relevant for the programmes department (e.g. to develop policies, provide strategic advice on programmes, provide feedback on annual plans or reports, contribute to other fundraising efforts) as per request.
From own practice formulate advices, solicited or unsolicited, for improvement of performance of the organization’s team and organizational improvement (for example on quality management and knowledge management) to work towards the organizational vision and mission.
Result: To contribute to improved quality in programme development and management.
Knowledge and experience
·         MA in Project Planning and Management or equivalent in a relevant field
·         At least 5 years of relevant work experience in programme development and management, including experience of raising funds from institutional donors and experience of managing funding contracts
·         At least 5 years of proven management experience
·         Knowledge of the social, religious and political structures of the respective the organization’s areas of operation
·         Excellent writing skills in English and computer skills is an asset
Core competency: SROI oriented – tactical
Core competency: Cooperating – tactical
Core competency: Acting entrepreneurial – tactical
Functional competency: Leadership – tactical
Functional competency: Initiative – strategic
Functional competency: Networking – tactical
Functional competency: Planning and organising – strategic
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Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.