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NGO Jobs in Kenya - FilmAid International

About FilmAid: FilmAid is a development and humanitarian communications organization that harnesses the power and influence of film and media to address critical social issues by creating multimedia content designed to inform, inspire and empower. 

FilmAid uses strategic and integrated approaches to distribution including broadcast media, mobile cinema, workshops, community- based screenings and digital media and works with communities to catalyze and drive social change.

FilmAid designs and implements communication initiatives on critical health, protection and environmental issues. 

FilmAid’s Theory-Of-Change is based on the integration of access, creativity and participation, which drive individual and community change, contributing to positive social impact. 

Underpinning this approach is collaboration; working together is fundamental to achieving change. FilmAid partners with communities, creators, NGOs, Governments, and the private sector to ensure a collaborative approach to this end.
FilmAid’s work falls into the four integrated components: Media Content, Communication with Communities (CwC), Communication for Development (C4D) and Skills Development that combine to support program delivery. 

FilmAid produces multiple forms of creative media, which is subsequently distributed through a variety of outreach channels, ensuring that target communities are reached. 

This CwC/C4D includes targeted screening events and workshops, radio, SMS, as well as digital media platforms. In addition, FilmAid builds skills within the community to deliver the media and outreach components. 

This participatory approach drives individual change, as well as ensuring community engagement and ownership of all interventions.

Job Title: Project Officer
Duty Station: Dadaab Field Office

Job Purpose:
 The Program Officer will ensure coordination and the implementation of FilmAid authorized outreach activities around Social cohesion and peace building in Dadaab.
Key roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Lead field implementation of peace building and social cohesion outreach activities (School based, out of school based, community based dialogue sessions) and cholera prevention activities (out of school-based).
  • Design, maintain and implement detailed work plans to ensure all outreach activities are completed in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate the day-to-day planning and implementation of outreach activities on peace building and social cohesion as well as on cholera prevention, liaising with the Field Manager, Outreach Officer, team leaders, the Security Officer and other relevant staff, ensuring an efficient and inclusive approach in the choice of locations for activities.
  • Ensure the right people are mobilized for the project’s outreach activities.
  • Assist the M&E team to conduct focus group discussions (FGDs) with relevant members of the community; religious leaders, community leaders, children & youth (both in and out of school), women and parents on topical issues of concern to the project intended to evaluate and measure impact.
  • Take lead in ensuring documentation of community feedback and communication of learning to the FilmAid team is done in a timely manner.
  • Be a liaison between UNICEF (the funder) and FilmAid in Dadaab.
  • Conduct (ToT) training to teachers, FilmAid facilitators and other community structures that FilmAid works with on the proper use of peace building and social cohesion materials developed.
  • Assist the M&E department to document capture relevant data and document success stories.
  • Assist the Creative and Content department to produce outward looking media materials on the impact of the peace building and social cohesion project activities.
  • Assist the Outreach team to design and plan for entertaining and engaging cholera prevention outreach activities for out of school children.
  • Assist the M&E team to review the progress of the project and contribute to the development of project-related reports.
  • Report regularly to the Field Manager the progress of the project.
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • A degree in Education, Community Development Social Science or Communications.
  • Background in communication for development (C4D) or social marketing will be an added advantage.
  • Experience working with children is a must.
  • Proven experience in project management, coordination, reporting, staff supervision and community engagement.
Key Skills and Competencies:
  • Demonstrable strong organizational and coordinate on skills.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Kiswahili is essential.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.
  • Good understanding of M&E.
  • Ability to work alone and in a team.
  • Proficient in MS Office Applications.
  • Good understanding of Security Procedures.
  • Good report writing and time management skills.
  • Planning and execution of laid down plans.
  • Commitment to humanitarian principles and action.

Job Title: Outreach Officer
Duty Station: Dadaab Field Office
Job Purpose: To coordinate the implementation of activities in Dadaab in timely manner through strategic distribution of content and skill development targeting community members and to coordinate and manage outreach operations and optimize the utilization of FilmAid’s resources.

Main Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Maintain and work with holistic messaging committees comprising of representatives from the different sectors in Dadaab refugee camps comprising relevant stakeholders in WASH, health, food distribution, shelter, education, community leadership, youth, camp management and religious leader representatives.
  • Meet regularly with other messaging committees in Dadaab refugee camps, which comprise of members from the refugee community, UNHCR and partner agency staff, inform and involve them in all phases of the project.
  • Work closely with the camp team leaders and other relevant program outreach staff in discussing various issues of concern and also identifying approaches to addressing these problems within the communities.
  • Conduct focus group discussions (FGDs) on topical issues of concern.
  • Adapt information gathered from meetings with the messaging committee, focus group discussions and other reviewed data into tangible reports.
  • Support the program and production staff to select actors, interviewees, and locations, and organize with the community stakeholders for films to be produced within the target locations. They program are expected to work in a participatory manner to ensure timely and efficient execution of the program.
  • Coordinate the day to day implementation of outreach programs.
  • Assist in the development of relevant facilitation guides for films produced.
  • Assist in conducting facilitation and mobilization skills training for relevant community structures.
  • Support the design of information and dissemination plans for the films developed to ensure coverage of all areas and a variety of target groups.
  • Work closely with the Field Manager and Research & Learning Officer in providing regular updates of dissemination through quantitative and qualitative reports.
  • Work closely with the Field Manager and camp team leaders to formulate implementation work plans.
  • Supervise the camp based outreach staff and work closely with the research and learning department in keeping accurate statistics in all activities.
  • Hold regular outreach meetings at field level to monitor and collect feedback on dissemination activities.
  • Act as the liaison between FilmAid, the refugee community and other agencies in the camp on issues pertaining to information dissemination and community communication activities in the respective camps.
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in communication for development (C4D) and / or social marketing or relevant discipline.
  • Minimum four(4) years’ experience in Communication for social change
  • Commensurate education and years of experience
  • Experience running public awareness campaigns using community structures and mass media is desirable
  • Experience working within an international, multi-lingual environment.
  • Commitment to humanitarian principles and action.
Key Skills and Competencies:
  • Strategic Planning, leadership, management and supervision.
  • Networking abilities and relationship maintenance skills.
  • Highly developed communications skills and excellent command of English language, both written and spoken.
  • Programming and financial planning skills.
  • Problem solving & decision making skills.
  • Performance standard setting & monitoring skills.
  • Team player,excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.

Job Title: Film Editor
Duty Station: Nairobi Office

Job Purpose: To play a crucial role in the post-production process of films by digitizing and organizing raw footage into polished pieces suitable for broadcast and web and to work as an archive and data manager to make sure that all footage is on track.
Main Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Take a brief to grasp production team’s needs and specifications i.e. camera angles to take, create edit decision lists to correspond to the edge numbers.
  • Review shooting script and raw material to create a shot decision list based on scenes’ value and contribution to continuity.
  • Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of the film.
  • Work with and manipulate raw camera footage, insert music, sound effects, dialogues, graphics, special-effects and color-grading.
  • Create rough and final cuts.
  • Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running.
  • Consult with Producer and Director from production to post-production process.
  • Edit films, documentaries and promos.
  • Manipulate and edit film pieces to meet director’s specifications in a way that is invisible to the audience.
  • Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximize efficiency.
  • Work with the production team to create an organized archive and backup system following FilmAid’s procedure.
  • Be unfailingly sure that data has been downloaded and backed up in three parts.
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • Bachelors degree in Digital Media disciplines from an accredited institution and majored in motion graphic design, video editing or film direction
  • Minimum 3-5 years of video editing experience. Knowledge of digital photography, video production, post production and compression/conversation formats.
  • Experience in community media, communications for development, participatory education/media /development or related disciplines
  • Proficiency in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro/X, Avid and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Motion Graphics experience and proficiency required. Proficient knowledge of the following applications: Final Cut Pro/X and ADOBE Production Creative Suite. Proficient in production, animation and other special multi-media skills.
Key Skills and Competencies:
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to organize workload, manage priorities, meet deadlines and work well within a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment
  • Expert level experience with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro/X, After Effects and Adobe CC.
  • Extensive working knowledge of sophisticated editing software
  • Interviewing skills and ability to transform creative ideas and concepts into dynamic visual content.
  • Strong understanding of graphic design, color correction, audio mixing, and cutting music.
  • Highly collaborative and creative skills
  • Good presentation skills and ability to work with limited supervision
  • Script and/or voice-over writing
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize projects and communicate progress and expected milestones.
  • Ability to meet project deadlines, keep schedules, manage costs and perform to target levels in a fast-paced production environment without compromising quality.

Job Title: Senior Producer
Duty Station: Nairobi Office with Travel to Field Offices

Job Purpose: A Senior Producer will take leadership responsibility for the management and delivery of creative projects and overall success of the production projects within FilmAid Kenya.
Roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • To plan and execute clear production strategies and timelines driving production processes end-to-end
  • Managing small and large scale production projects
  • Leading and motivating the production team members, setting tasks and monitoring output
  • Devising timescales and ensuring production projects stay within a designated budget
  • Structuring production projects and devising efficient processes
  • Liaising with the Programs Management and creative team to ensure production projects run smoothly
  • Signing-off production work that is of the highest quality 
  • Providing knowledgeable creative input to all campaigns to ensure it delivers on the project objectives 
  • Responsible for the attraction, recruitment and retention of top talent within the Creative and Content/Production Department.
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • Bachelors degree or higher degree in Communications or Media related field or any other relevant discipline
  • Minimum five(5) year’s experience in broadcast journalism, preferably as Senior Broadcast Journalist or Producer
  • In-depth knowledge of established production techniques and a highly developed technical and editorial understanding of lighting and sound issues
  • Strong track record of reconciling editorial aspiration with financial constraints of planning and revising schedules and delivery of programmes on time
  • Ability to work on own initiative and organise time effectively within a range of often conflicting deadlines
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Problem solving & decision making skills
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and influencing skills
  • Creative and strategic thinking skills
  • Excellent scripting and narrative skills
  • Experience of working in all creative disciplines
  • A full knowledge of digital production processes
  • An in-depth understanding of both technical and creative processes
  • A proven track record in fast paced environments
  • The ability to push a team to deliver high quality work
  • A pro-active approach to new creative opportunities
  • Significant industry experience
  • Solid team management and leadership experience
  • Capacity to juggle competing priorities in and outside the time frame to meet deadlines.

Job Title: Finance Manager
Duty Station: Nairobi Office with Travel to Field Offices
Position main function: Efficiently and effectively co-ordinates the financial functions of the organization as to meet overall FilmAid’s goals.
Main Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
I. Finance

a. Systems, Compliance and Procedures
  • Ensure the existence of proper financial systems that facilitate the recording and production of accurate financial reports, meet FilmAid’s internal control requirements and safeguard its assets.
  • Ensure that financial procedures are followed by all programmes, and systems developed to accommodate the needs of those programmes
  • Continually review and manage implementation of financial management strategies, policies and procedures.
  • Continuously review and communicate cost control systems and procedures, including expenditure, authorisation protocols and monitor operations to ensure compliance
  • Ensure compliance with taxation and statutory requirements including preparing and managing VAT, PAYE and other statutory requirements to ensure compliance.
  • Document practices including up to date finance and procurement manual in consultation with Senior Operations Manager.
b. Budgeting and reporting
  • Coordinate the timely, accurate and complete annual budget submissions and revisions.
  • Monitor expenditure against such budgets and highlight/address over-budget expenditure situations.
  • Prepare financial reports, both internal and donor, according to internal and donor standards.
  • Oversee the posting of budgets and entries, timely and accurately
  • Oversee cost allocation systems in accordance to donor regulations
  • Verify system’s reconciliation and verifying system’s balances
  • Verify monthly bank reconciliations by the 10th of each month
  • On monthly basis, meet with Senior Operations Manager to review overall performance and implementation levels and discuss short term strategies
  • Report monthly on the financial status of programmes to the Senior Operations Manager.
c. Cash Management
  • Consolidate monthly cash requirements for all locations and ensuring timely information to the Senior Operations Manager.
  • Ensure smooth cash flow between HQ, country office and the field offices
  • Signing of petty cash for field operations.
  • Prepare monthly Nairobi cash forecast with Admin Officer and Senior Operations Manager.
d. Auditing
  • Lead preparation for internal and external audits, financial reviews and external audits
  • Reviewing and addressing questions of concern from auditors in consultation with Senior Operations Manager.
2. General Duties
  • Ensure good external communication including with auditors, partners and funders 
  • Key in developing the organization’s overall strategy and drive FilmAid’s mission.
  • Perform any other duties and represent the Senior Operations Manager as necessary
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting or Finance
  • Qualification in certified public accounts (CPA)or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • At least 4 years’ experience of financial management preferably with a humanitarian organization
  • Extensive understanding of donor/partner requirements, regulations and agreements.
  • Commitment to humanitarian principles and action
  • Budgeting and budgetary control
  • Financial reporting skills
  • Decision making and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and attention to detail
  • Ability to use various finance programs (QuickBooks, Ms Word, Excl)
  • Good planning skills, honest and reliable
  • Very good reporting skills
  • Ability to work alone and in a team
  • People management skills
How to Apply
Interested and qualified persons with the required experience are invited to submit their applications with only Cover Letter, CV and 3 references to Email address: on or before 9th February 2016 and clearly indicate on the subject line as ‘Finance Manager ’ and stating your expected remuneration for this role.

Note that applicants who send letters of references, testimonials or any other documents apart from those requested will be automatically disqualified.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

FilmAid is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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