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One last step – The interview finale

Did you attend an interview and felt it went well only to be shocked not to hear from the panel again? There is only one way to finish an interview….sending a ‘thank you note.’ this is one little practice that is vital to generating the interest of potential employers. It is critical, but very few job seekers actually do it. Interview experts agree that every job hunter must send thank-you notes after every job interview. They also point out that most people completely ignore this bit of wisdom. In order to have a huge advantage over the other candidates for the job you want, send ‘thank-you notes’ to everyone you meet the day of the interview — administrative assistants, managers, interviewers, people you met who already do the job you are targeting, and so on.

Sending a thank-you note demonstrates that you are good with people. You employ the most basic of people skills—a show of gratitude. There are various reasons why a prospective employer but the most important one will always be about people issues. When attending an interview, demonstrate the will to be a team player and show gratitude.

If you're not convinced yet, the following reasons outline the significance of sending thank-you notes:

1.   Sending a ‘thank-you note’ demonstrates that you are good with people. You employ the most basic of people skills — a show of gratitude.
2.    It helps companies remember you after the interview. You can restate your interest in the position, especially if the interview went well.
3.    You can use the ‘thank-you note’ to summarize a few of the main points discussed at the interview. You can also add anything you forgot to tell them.
4.   It has the potential to increase your affinity with those who have the authority to hire you.
5.    It shows that you are serious about your career design.
6.   It indicates that you are organized and on top of details.
7.   It demonstrates that you went out of your way to show interest in the company and/or position.
8.   If they decide not to consider you for the position, perhaps they know of another opportunity that suits you. You can mention this in the thank-you note, asking them to keep you in mind.
The post-interview thank-you note doesn't have to be fancy. Have it plain and simple as a cover letter.  Now I know the question in your mind is, when will I send the note? After anyone has done you even the smallest favor during the job-hunt/career-design process, send the individual a thank-you note. This includes office administrators and any office staff. A thank-you note goes to everyone who helps you, gives you leads, or provides advice or guidance even in the most infinitesimal way. That includes friends, people at companies or organizations you've visited while doing your research, personnel, administrative assistants, receptionists, librarians, company employees...anyone!
The thank-you note is critical to your getting noticed and to the success of your job hunt. And because most people either forget or just plain don't do it, you'll find yourself at a significant advantage since less than 10% of interviewees ever follow-up with a thank you letter; doing so can help you stand out from the crowd.
How to write a ‘thank you note’
You should plan to send a thank you letter within 24 hours of your interview. While some professions would expect a mailed hard copy, in the technology industry, emailed thank you letters are considered the norm.
When you write your ‘thank you note’, use these guidelines while writing:
Ø  Express your enthusiasm: Convey your interest in and enthusiasm for the company and the position for which you interviewed. Try to be specific about why you are interested and how you are a good fit for the team.
Ø  Address unresolved points: Address any issues or questions that came up during the interview that you feel you did not fully answer. This letter is your last chance to make a positive impression on the interviewer.
Ø  Personalize it: You will likely be one of many interviewees, so you need to set yourself apart from the other candidates so they will remember you when you leave. In your letter, highlight a key point from your interview that you believe the interviewer will remember, and therefore remember you.
Ø  Reiterate your expertise: If the company communicated its specific needs, issues or challenges, use your ‘thank-you note’ to demonstrate how you can meet those needs.
Ø  Highlight your successes: Similarly, if the company communicated its ideal qualifications for a candidate, use your thank-you letter to outline how you meet or exceed those qualifications.
Ø  Proofread, and then Proofread again: Make sure your thank you letter conveys a professional image by ensuring it is free of typos and grammatical errors.
We have always insisted in doing the right thing to set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates. This will help especially if you do it the right way.
We at HCC wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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