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NGO Jobs in Nairobi - Kenya Red Cross Society

Head of Health, Nutrition & Social Services

Head of Health, Nutrition and Social Services
Programs – NAIROBI, NAIROBI, Kenya – Full Time
Reporting to:              Deputy Secretary General – Programs
Job Location:              Nairobi
Supervision:                Program Manager(s)
Job Description

Responsible for the design, development, implementation and evaluation of an integrated community-based health programme comprising first aid, blood donor, reproductive health, public health as well as emergency health care management. Other responsibilities include implementation of disease prevention and control measures to combat the spread of infectious diseases. In addition, responsible for creating collaborative partnerships and networks, mobilization of resources as well as lobby and advocacy aimed at improving access and public health emergencies preparedness and response.
·         Coordinate with Branches, Regions, communities and other stakeholders in order to develop a strategic community-based health plan and budget aligned to the Society’s strategic objectives as well as Government health policies and strategies
·         Develop and implement First-Aid training programmes to equip staff, volunteers and communities with skills that would enable them to respond effectively and efficiently to emergencies occasioned by disasters, emergencies and accidents 
·         Develop and implement strategies that integrate blood donor services within humanitarian relief activities to facilitate the collection of adequate and safe supply of blood for transfusion through recruitment and retention of voluntary unpaid blood donors
·         Develop and implement community-based safe and affordable water and sanitation programme as well as strengthen the community’s capacity to not only adopt water, sanitation and hygiene practices but also take ownership, operate, maintain and manage in a sustainable manner the installed infrastructural facilities
·         Develop strategies for integrating social service programme within humanitarian relief activities focusing on children’s homes, homes for the aged, prisons and refugee camps as well as rehabilitation of people affected by disasters.
·         Develop and implement integrated and sustainable community-based disease prevention and control programme encompassing reproductive health, public health, nutrition and hygiene promotion to prevent infectious diseases, reduce mortality and improve maternal-child health among vulnerable populations.
·         Develop and implement emergency health programme aimed at assisting refugees and internally displaced persons as well as victims of natural disasters and disease outbreaks.
·         Develop strategies for strengthening collaborative partnerships and networks with stakeholders, development partners, government agencies, the private sector and other players to ensure organizational effectiveness.
·         Develop and implement resource mobilisation strategies, including coordinating the preparation of funding proposals and appeals for material assistance 
·         Coordinate monitoring and evaluation of donor funded programmes by staff in order to evaluate progress, ensure accountability, determine impact and report on significant achievements to ensure organisational learning
·         Develop and implement lobby and advocacy programmes with a view to reform laws and policies that hamper the implementation of effective disaster management to ensure that KRCS is recognised as the leading player in the provision of humanitarian relief services.
·         Participate in the employment of staff in order to ensure that the candidates selected have the required job competencies and are provided with a job orientation and induction programme necessary for effective performance.
·         Review incidents of violations against organisational policy and regulations as well as handling employee disputes and taking appropriate action in line with approved policies, procedures and regulations.
·         Plan, monitor and evaluate the performance of programme staff against set targets and objectives, assess training needs and implementing development action plans aimed at building the capacity of individuals and multi-disciplinary teams.
·         Represent the Society at local, regional and international meetings, conferences and workshops and other forums to promote the activities of KRCS and articulate issues related to humanitarian relief.
·         Prepare concept papers, board papers, periodic progress reports and annual reports showing organisational achievements against planned targets as well as providing justification for performance variances and areas of improvement.
·         Broad knowledge of emergency and public health management, humanitarian relief issues, trends and goals at national, regional and international levels aimed at preventing and alleviating human suffering as a result of disasters.
·         Strong leadership, team building, conflict resolution and ability to deliver the Society’s articulated vision for change, create a sense of urgency around change and motivates staff to join change efforts.
·         Ability to initiate and manage change and to recognise and adjust to rapidly changing conditions in order to align programmes to the strategic plan.
·         Strong communication and presentation skills in both English and Kiswahili, including ability to develop reports and prepare relevant publications.
·         Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills including the ability to build collaborative relationships with sensitivity to cultural, ethnic and political issues.
·         Demonstrated ability to influence and resolve differences and conflicts.
·         Technical expertise in strategic management, project planning, budgeting and implementation ability as well as programme monitoring and evaluation.
·         Demonstrated competence in resource mobilisation including implementation of effective fundraising strategies to aimed at expanding financial resources.
·         Ability to develop and implement accountability and performance management systems, giving candid performance feedback and providing support for professional development efforts linked to strategic objectives.
·         Ability to maintain high standards of personal integrity; establishing straightforward, productive relationships; treating all individuals with fairness and respect, demonstrating sensitivity for ethnic, cultural and gender differences.
·         Demonstrated ability to establish flexible multidisciplinary teams in an environment conducive to continuous learning, creativity and innovation.
·         Ability to empower programme staff through coaching and counselling by emphasizing accountability and results oriented management rather than direct supervision and control of programme design and implementation.
·         Demonstrated proficiency in computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, data-base, email and utilization of the internet.
·         Ability to monitor project against milestones, double-checks the accuracy of information to discover weakness and strive for high quality performance.
·         BSc Public Health or Licensed medical doctor (MBCHB) plus a relevant post-graduate such as MSc in Public Health (MPH) or equivalent qualifications
·         Membership to relevant professional bodies essential
·         Over eight (8) years’ experience in planning, implementing and evaluating community-based public health programmes in emergency/relief context.
·         Demonstrate high levels of integrity.
·         Decision making.
·         Ability to interpret long term plans, programs and budgets developed at senior management level.
·         Interpersonal and leadership skills.
·         Business/Financial Acumen, Business Savvy, Innovative.
·         Project management skills.
·         Ability to develop plans, programs, SOPS, and coordination of workflows.
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Administrative Officer

Job Title: Administrative Officer
Department: Procurement & Logistics 
Location: NAIROBI, Kenya
Employment Type: Full Time
Job Description
To manage the facilities functions of the Kenya Red Cross, PNS support under the supervision of the Head of Supply Chain, as relates to office and residential accommodation, utilities and processing of Resident Permits.
·         Manage facilities function for Kenya Red Cross, PNS Support ensuring cleaning services for office facilities are undertaken as well as regular inspection for repair and maintenance of office facilities.
·         Processing of Resident Permits ensuring prompt and high quality service delivery.
·         Ensure that all in-coming international staff are well facilitated, and that they return all equipment, assets and any other property in their possession before they are signed off.
·         Ensure standardised filing and archiving system for all files relating to work permits, leases, utilities for ease of management, record keeping, timely retrieval of documents and reference.
·         In conjunction with IT department, ensure proper maintenance of office equipment including photocopiers as well as the provision of office consumables.
·         Maintain an up-to-date inventory of the moveable assets.
·         Coordinate management of telephone lines including direct lines and mobile phones, monitoring, monthly costs and liaising with senior IT on obtaining reports.
·         Coordinate Lease agreements for the houses, by keeping track of expiry dates, renewals, notice periods, payments, etc.
·         Ensure that all utility bills are settled in time and that there are no service interruptions.
·         Work with the Head of security to ensure proper custody of office keys and necessary duplications are being made.
·         Facilitate all the PNS procurements by being their Liaison with the procurement unit to ensure timely requests and deliveries
·         Keep statistics of the number, frequency and value of services rendered for cost recovery as well as information sharing.
·         Facilitate processing of courier services (DHL/FedEx) and capturing the records for cost recovery.
·         Carry out any other assignments that may be assigned by line Manager.
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, International Relations, Procurement/Logistics or any relevant field.
Personal Attributes
·         Sensitive to cultural diversity
·         Able to work in a team and under pressure
·         High degree of integrity, discretion, and personal conduct
·         Flexible and adaptable to changing working conditions
·         Self-motivated, with good judgment and initiative
·         Advanced verbal and written communication skills
·         Good interpersonal skills
·         High level of attention to detail
·         Able to priorities and meet deadlines
·         Ability to work extra hours
·         5 years or more experience in administration in any other relevant office support areas
·         Demonstrated knowledge of customer care
·         Excellent computer knowledge
·         Basic knowledge of finance & accounting
·         Fluency in English and Kiswahili. Knowledge of French an asset
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Procurement Officer (2 Posts)

Procurement Officer (2 posts)
Procurement – NAIROBI, NAIROBI, Kenya – Full Time
Job Description
Responsible for monitoring all procurement activities that includes sourcing to contracting. Responsible for all international shipments which include permit applications and clearance in liaison with the clearing agents.
·         Prepare and review of bid documents
·         Process clearance and forwarding documentation for international shipments
·         Follow up and clarify specifications with user departments
·         Track deliveries and send feedback notifications on any delays
·         Create and maintain good relationship with suppliers
·         Carry out procurement activities for the different user departments
·         Undertake vendor rating to check consistency of supplier performance
·         Prepare contracting documents
·         Review tender evaluation reports
·         Facilitate local travel for all staff
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
·         Relevant professional qualification.
·         Member of a relevant professional body.
·         Minimum of three (3) years’ relevant experience
·         Ability to communicate both inside and outside the organisation, Formal presentation.
·         Analytical skills.
·         Quality work output, Contributes to team success, Initiating action, applied learning.
·         Negotiating skills
·         Demonstrate high levels of integrity.
·         Seeks continuous learning.
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Head of Supply Chain

Head of Supply Chain
Technology and Corporate Services – NAIROBI, NAIROBI, Kenya – Full Time
Reporting to:               Deputy Secretary General – Corporate Services
Job Location:               Nairobi
Supervision:                  Logistics manager
                                    Procurement Manager
                                    Clearing & Forwarding
                                    Warehouse Manager
                                    Administration Officer
Job Description
Responsible for the management and coordination of the supply chain, logistics and procurement functions to ensure efficient and effective acquisition and delivery of materials, goods and supplies in line with the public procurement act and regulations, and the KRCS procedures.
Strategic Planning:
·         Develop, implement and evaluate a strategic supply chain management plan and budget to support the execution of the Society’s strategic plan
·         Coordinate the design, development, implementation and evaluation of comprehensive supply chain management policy, procedures and systems which provides guidelines to line managers on cost-effective and timely acquisition and delivery of materials, goods and supplies
·         Coordinate the development, implementation and evaluation of an effective procurement plan and tender specification for purchasing supplies and capital equipment in line with the approved budget.
·         Provide direction, leadership and operational excellence within the department to ensure compliance with relevant government policies on procurement, supplies management and disposal
·         Coordinate business development initiatives aimed at expanding the Society’s financial resource base to support implementation of strategic objectives aimed at financial self-sustainability through initiation of supplemental income generation avenues.
·         Take an active lead in introduction, development and implementation of best procurement practices
·         Coordinate the procurement, receipt and verification of supplies, warehousing and inventory management
·         Develop and implement an effective procurement and warehousing management information system for monitoring and tracking costs of materials, goods and services in order to control expenditure and ensure efficient use of the organizational resources
·         Oversee the proper maintenance, storage and security of procurement, warehousing and logistics documents in order to ensure that they are properly filed, secured and readily accessible for action
·         Oversee the overall supply planning and logistics function and provide leadership on optimization of inbound logistics, warehousing and product demand fulfilment through a centralized process.
·         Coordinate the issuing of materials, goods and supplies against approved requisition orders; as well as maintaining accurate stock records in order to ensure security and availability of materials, goods and supplies
·         Participate in contract negotiations with suppliers and contractors and follow up to ensure that all contractual obligations are fulfilled and are cost-effective.
·         Develop and implement a responsive distribution and transportation system to ensure timely delivery of materials, goods and supplies to designated Regions and Branches according to order specifications
·         Coordinate logistics to ensure timely distribution of relief supplies to regions and branches
Warehouse Management:
·         Coordinate the development, planning and implementation of warehouse activities, involving receipt of goods and supplies, verifying information on delivery notes and supply requisitions in order to establish the accuracy of orders.
Fleet Management:
·         Coordinate effective maintenance and repair of the Society’s fleet of motor vehicles and related machinery to ensure optimum utilization of motor vehicles. 
·         Coordinate the investigation of motor-vehicle accidents, providing estimates for repair and maintenance costs as well as following up with garages and insurance companies to ensure the availability of high quality motor-vehicle transport fleet.
·         Coordinate risk assessment and ensure that the Society’s properties and assets are properly insured for damage and loss. In addition, lodge insurance claims and follow up to ensure that compensation is paid on time.
Relationship Management
·         Coordinate and manage facilities functions of the Kenya Red Cross PNS support with relation to office, residential accommodation, utilities and Resident permits
·         Coordinate the organization of fundraising events, effective property management as well as developing effective corporate partnerships to maximize opportunities for generating additional financial support.
·         Cultivate a network of strong and lasting partnerships with stakeholders in the NGO humanitarian sector and relevant Government agencies to ensure continuing support to the Society’s mission and strategic objectives.
·         Represent the Society at meetings, conferences and workshops and other forums to promote and articulate issues related to humanitarian relief
Financial Management
·         Budgeting, reporting and analysis of procurement costs to ensure high visibility and control of procurement related expenses.
·         Manage the operational expenditure of the department.
·         Coordinate the organization of fundraising events, effective management of commercial First Aid and property management as well as developing effective corporate partnerships to maximize opportunities for generating additional financial support
Facility Management
·         Planning and coordinating all installations and refurbishments
·         Managing the upkeep of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards
·         Inspecting buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations
People Management
·         Provide technical leadership to multidisciplinary teams to enable them develop, implement and evaluate strategic management plans and budgets aimed at improving performance standards and organizational effectiveness
·         Initiate and participate in organizational performance reviews, and business process improvement programmes, as well as undertake special investigations aimed at improving organizational effectiveness
·         Participate in the recruitment and selection of procurement, warehousing and logistics staff to ensure that candidates selected have the required job competencies and are provided with orientation and induction programme necessary for effective job performance
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
·         Relevant professional qualification.
·         Member of a relevant professional body.
·         Minimum of ten (10) years’ relevant experience with five (5) years managerial level
·         Procurement Principles – Familiarity with public procurement guidelines and procedures as well as donor agency procedures and regulations for acquisition and disposal of assets
·         Administration and Management — Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation and human capital management
·         Property management skills
·         Skills in transport, distribution, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
·         Proficiency in word processing, databases, spreadsheet applications and computerized supply chain software packages
·         Multi-tasking / Planning and Organizing – Ability to organize large volumes of procurement requirements for a broad range of operational needs.
·         Inspiring Trust – Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information appropriately.
·         Negotiation:  Exploring alternatives and positions to reach outcomes that gain all parties’ support and acceptance; striving for outcomes that are a win-win for all parties involved.
·         Determining Financial Impact:  Understanding the financial consequences of decisions; understanding economic value for the system; acting as an owner of the business and making decisions that ensure long-term value for the organization.
·         Monitoring Information.  Establishing and using ongoing procedures to collect and review information necessary to manage projects or ongoing activities
·         Understanding the Business:  Uses knowledge of the value chain to achieve profitable volume growth; perceives the impact and implications of decisions on the value chain and on the competition.
·         Putting customers first – listens to and understands the needs of customers. Reviews service levels, evaluates feasibility and profitability of service. Makes sure the team focus on delivering customer needs.
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