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Vacancies in Kenya Airways, Nairobi

Integration Design Manager

The Senior Manager Integration Design will be responsible to design, deliver and quality assure all system integrations and the enabling technology in accordance with enterprise architecture roadmaps.
S/he will also be accountable for managing the delivery of Systems Integrator partners making sure that business requirements and applications are providing the necessary information data flow and functionalities.
This role will take ownership of assigned systems, processes, and technical requirements for the development of robust integration process methodologies. This role will be actively involved in the development, delivery, maintenance, and support of systems to provide excellent service with respect to in-house initiatives, new and legacy center processes, and project management tasks.
This role will be a blend of defining the architecture, project management and technical support for issues encountered engaging on the various interfaces, strategic integration development, support and escalation of any issues encountered both on the service or the ability for the partner to access the service and to provide insight into any weaknesses or improvements that can be implemented in order to develop the service further.
The role will also be responsible for creating and updating any Standard Operational Procedures to manage the service by working closely with other IT peers.
·         Provide roadmap, design, development, engineering, integration, and delivery of operationally viable applications, infrastructure, network, and technology solutions through delivery excellence.
·         Drive and support key architectural and technology decisions across KQ from demand intake to implementation.
·         Lead implementation activities of enterprise integration strategy.
·         Work closely with Project Managers and other leaders to deliver initiatives and solutions utilizing Agile project management methodologies
·         Ensure the implementation, support and management of the Integration Middleware and Enterprise Bus;
·         Provide Strong leadership skills and demonstrate ability to coach, inspire and mentor a team
·         Comfortably work on different projects simultaneously
·         Fully comprehend the Integration architecture paradigms, Solution design and SOA governance concepts
·         Design and optimize integration requirements between systems and between various clouds
·         Maintain the availability of relevant, current, validated, and reliable knowledge related to systems and solutions designs and patterns
·         Lower cost, improve quality, and accelerate integration development through process and technology automation practices
·         Ensure solution architectures are in line with architecture blueprints, principles, standards and guidelines.
·         A Bachelor’s Degree in a technical subject.
·         5+ years of experience in architecting, designing and implementing IT solutions in multi -vendor and cloud IT environment.
·         Conversant with middleware related development lifecycles and design patterns
·         Strong knowledge of IT architecture frameworks, concepts and best practices and strong strategic planning capabilities;
·         Good industry and business understanding/ knowledge;
·         Proven leadership and management skills;
·         Excellent grasp of emerging/advance technologies and platforms, specifically:     Cloud Architecture, Digital Architecture, Internet of Things and Cloud Services
·         Knowledge of Full stack architecture (Application, Integration & Data Architecture) with proven experience of architecting solutions reflecting availability, performance, load balancing, caching strategies, DR, Data privacy and compliance, resource elasticity etc.
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Head of Digital

As a direct report to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), The Head of Digital is the senior leader charged with creating a vision, plans, and drives the enterprise-wide digital strategy by providing technology that enables digital customer experience through web, mobile and social media platforms for internal use.
This position will be accountable for driving automation across the firm, improving developer productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction by extended use of same platforms where relevant to meet Kenya Airways’ internal requirements.
·         Oversee strategic design, acquisition, management, and implementation of an enterprise-wide technology infrastructure. Create a vision for and drive the enterprise-wide digital strategy. Lead the digital strategy execution including coordination and oversight of cross functional teams that deliver digital projects. Works with executive team and staff to develop and implement a culture of exceptional client service around technology and digital offerings.
·         Define project scope and schedule while focusing on regular and timely delivery of value; organize and lead project status and working meetings; prepare and distribute progress reports; manage risks and issues; correct deviations from plans; and perform delivery planning for assigned projects.
·         Assist in team development while holding teams accountable for their commitments, removing roadblocks to their work; leveraging organizational resources to improve capacity for project work; and mentoring and developing team members. Facilitate the scrum team for better creativity and works to improve the efficiency of the development team. Managing outside influencers. Remove the impediments for the scrum team.
·         Arranges daily stand-up meetings, facilitates and schedules meetings, demos and decision-making processes in order to ensure quick inspection and proper use of adaptation process. Conducts retrospective meetings, organizes and facilitates the sprint planning meeting and acts as safeguard for his team.
·         Managing stakeholder communications and helping to implement an effective system of project governance.
·         Partner with senior leadership across to advance the mission goals of airline with a focus on innovative technology solutions; including identifying opportunities and risks for delivering products and services digitally, as well as identification of competitive services, opportunities for innovation, and assessment of marketplace obstacles and technical hurdles to business success.
·         Accountable for successful planning and coordination of the execution of multiple complex, high risk and multi-dimensional infrastructure projects across the company related to Digital Transformation and will act as the primary liaison for the airline with strategic partners and vendors, ensuring alignment of efforts with the airline’s strategic objectives. This role will also function as a change agent for the airline by articulating the business needs and value of Digital Transformation initiatives effectively enterprise-wide, influencing support and driving adoption for digital-based initiatives.
·         Define and manage a well-defined project management process and champion ongoing process improvement initiatives to implement best practices for Agile Project Management. Is responsible for managing the scrum process with the coordination of the scrum team in agile methodology
·         Promote empowerment of the team, ensure that each team member is fully engaged in the project and making a meaningful contribution, and encourage a sustainable pace with high-levels of quality for the team
·         Remain current with technology standards, industry trends and emerging technologies, as well as product development and product management best practices while ensuring compliance with all regulations, policies, and procedures.
·         Strong understanding of the full software development life cycle, processes and procedures with an understanding of team needs, fundamentals of iterative and incremental development as well as Service oriented environments and Agile practices.
·         Ability to produce quantifiable metrics of performance and use these to maximize productivity.
·         Coaching capability on agile scrum with a Continuous improvement mindset – Must continually be growing one’s craft, learning new tools and techniques to manage oneself and a team. Must be able to lead and demonstrate value-add principles to a team.
·         High level of mathematical aptitude and strong problem-solving skills, Logical, analytical with an investigative creative mind and ability to handle complex information with accuracy and attention to detail. Knows and appreciates the value of metrics and incremental delivery.
·         Design thinking experience and/or training is desirable.
·         You strive in a culture of innovation – willing to say yes and try out new ideas and living outside your comfort zone.
·         You are comfortable handling multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment.
·         Deep understanding of how culture and team dynamics create exceptional teams.
·         Demonstrated experience developing and implementing organization-wide technological, and digital strategies aligned with organizational mission and focus on user experience.
·         Must be comfortable in an environment where limited support or information may be available, along with the ability to navigate seamlessly between setting a strategy and executing/implementing.
·         Demonstrated capability to lead and execute large scale, complex, and cross-functional work efforts across multiple disciplines with expertise and passion on understanding the needs of external Customers and working with internal Customers to understand their barriers to delivering service excellence.
·         High-level communication skills including experience in leading management teams towards a strategic technology vision.
·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills when working with both internal business and technical people with external customers, ability to solidify vague requests, explain issues, and guide to solutions.
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Domestic Outstation Manager

Ensure and maintain a healthy, Safe, Secure and Cost effective operation for Kenya Airways and customer airlines operations, in compliance with the relevant industry regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, and regulatory authorities in domestic stations.Overall accountable for planning, directing and controlling all ground handling aspects of Kenya Airways in Domestic stations.
Ensure punctuality and customer service are delivered to Customer airlines as per approved contracts and Service Level agreement and in accordance with the customer airlines’ policies and procedures.
·         Ensure the continuous implementation of the station management system and maintain at all times safety and security in the station. Ensure communication of these standards to all station staff and all other service providers, and adherence at all time.
·         Contribute to the definition and development of Kenya Airways Ground services product.
·         To plan, implement and consistently deliver high quality service in conformity with regulatory requirement, company policies and customer airlines procedures.
·         To ensure cost effective delivery of services within agreed scope and standards.
·         To provide for an efficient and effective organizational structure to deliver agreed scope and standard of service.
·         To ensure staff levels and shift patterns are optimized.
·         Routine monitoring of safety and quality critical activities within passenger and ramp operations.
·         To liaise with customer airlines, relevant authorities and ensure conformity with all regulatory requirements, organization standards and local procedures
·         Ensure participation in the deliberations of the AOC (Airline Operators Committee) and representation of customer airlines by delegation and as per their instruction.
·         Ensuring that all non-compliance reported from an evaluation process are closed within the time frame provided, action which should include identifying the root causes and the area of failure
·         Manage and support the development, implementation and maintenance of the Local Emergency Accident Procedures plan.
·         To ensure the company corporate strategy is developed and implemented at station level
·         Ensure the existence of the station facilities, workspace, equipment, supporting services, as well as work environment, necessary to satisfy operational safety and security requirements.
·         Promote a positive safety culture, a healthy and  secure working environment in compliance with relevant legislative/industry requirements
·         Ensure risk Management process is applied throughout domestic constantly review and adopt reasonable measures to improve safety and minimize risk and hazards.
·         Perform risk assessments and maintain a risk register.
·         Lead Adherence of KQ WAY principals and best practices in domestic stations.
·         University Degree or relevant professional qualification
·         Customer service experience hospitality/airline industry.
·         Financial awareness.
·         Process oriented.
·         Experienced planning and managing extensive human and materiel resources.
·         Experienced delivering service in demanding consumer perishable environment.
·         Financially aware
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Senior Catering Manager

Direct all in-flight catering services to ensure a cost efficient and high-quality provision of in-flight catering services including safety and security
·         Establish Catering Charter, policies and procedures, to ensure catering staff execute duties in accordance with professional standards and code of Ethics
·         Ensure all safety and security guidelines and regulations are observed and incorporated in all catering operations. Ensure that all Safety audit reports are closed within specified timelines.
·         Prepare and monitor an annual In-flight Implementation Plan to ensure efficiency of operations both at hub and out stations in line with catering business plans and the company budget.
·         Engage stakeholders in product development through negotiation and executing of catering contractual agreements to deliver the highest quality at favorable unit cost.
·         To lead, motivate, guide, support and develop the catering team to enhance productivity, efficiency and ensure adherence to budgeted provisions.
·         Ensure development and maintain an annual schedule of meal presentations and flight kitchen hygiene audits for all catering stations in the network. Lead in menu development and implementation on a rotational basis across the network.
·         Continuously evaluate at the strategic level the Kenya Airways (KQ) in-flight product to determine how well the products and services meet customer satisfaction using the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) data. Work with the Customer Experience Board (CEB) Team to ensure continuous product development.
·         Ensure completeness of supporting documents, correctness of expenditure estimates, availability of resources for proposed commitments and compliance with approved budget and work plans.
·         Monitor assigned projects and update reports on savings and other managed categories through Smart initiatives to support the business objectives.
·         Follow-up and ensure prompt response to all Opportunities to Improve (OTIs) and Voyage reports that affect catering, that appropriate action with the service provider is taken and all findings are closed.
·         Liaise with head of supply chain, to ensure proper procurement of catering in-flight products, stock levels and timely deliveries of all catering products both at home base and out stations
·         Monitoring of catering equipment requirements considering present operations and any planned network expansion.
·         Ensure that all contracts are binding, agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are being monitored and action taken in case of any infringement
·         Liaise with outsourced caterers and ensure that payment for services rendered is made within contractual obligations.
·         Create a schedule plan with related stakeholders for annual audits and meal presentations.
·         Degree in Hotel Management or related Business field with 8 years’ experience in Airline Food and Beverage related positions.
·         Excellent communication skills.
·         IT literacy including use of databanks.
·         Organizing and planning skills.
·         Knowledge of Food and Beverage Management (an advantage).
·         Experience in Lean Management.
·         Experience in airline galley operations and loading standards.
·         KQ Best practices (KQ Way).
·         Team leader and motivator.
·          Results focused.
·         Able to work and meet deadlines in a high operational environment.
·         High Integrity, Ethics and Honesty.
·         Building a results-oriented team.
·         Customer insight.
·         Communication skills.
·         Negotiator and financial know how.
·         Decision maker.
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Catering Operations Manager

Undertake the operation, evaluation and development of the catering processes by matching product, equipment and supplies for greater customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.
·         Develop and update on a bi-annual basis all Catering Loading Standards including Equipment, Bar, Dry Stores, Linen, Blankets, Headsets, Reading Materials and other Amenities
·         Ensure all safety and security guidelines and regulations are observed and incorporated in all assigned areas and stations
·          Review and update Catering Standards Galley Plans and Operations Manuals
·         Analyze consumption reports from Supply Chain and match to loading standards for waste reduction and efficiencies
·         Monitor product quality and specifications from all outstations catering stations
·         Liaise with outstation managers to ensure sure timely dispatch of flights and compliance to KQ catering specifications by all assigned Catering Units
·         Monitor over catering out of outstations, match as closely as possible to no show indices

·         Ensure compliance to catering audits and meals selections in outstations and ensure high hygiene standard are adhered to.
·         Continually evaluate the KQ product to determine how well the product and services meet customer needs
·         Follow up on CSI results, voyage reports and prepare quarterly reports for analysis purposes.
·         Lead team in customer experience projects and ensure deadlines are met on all related projects.
·         Participate in any assigned project or related committees on behalf of the catering team.
·         Constantly evaluate and appraise outstation catering suppliers’ performance to ensure high performance level in the catering product.
·         Drive assigned projects and monitor savings, improvement through Smart initiatives and KQ best practices to support the departments objectives.
·         Ensure follow-up on timely supply of catering equipment and supplies to all assigned catering stations. Follow-up on the extra stocks and action as per Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guidelines
·         Computer proficiency.
·         Degree in Food and Beverage or related field.
·         Good communication skills.
·         Organizational and analytical skills.
·         Experience of more than 5 years in airline catering.
·         Good knowledge of Catering product and development cycle.
·         HACCP or Food Safety knowledge.
·         Lead Auditor.
·         Proactive, creative and innovative.
·         Ability to work under pressure.
·         Strategic thinker and financial background.
·         Excellent communication skills.
·         Unquestionable integrity and ethics.
·         Team leader and player.
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Enterprise Architecture & Solution Design

The Head of Enterprise Architecture and Solution Design ensures business strategy and relevant trends are expressed in KQ’s technology. S/he will define and deliver IT enterprise architecture and architecture review processes and lead effective integration programs with other related business and IT processes.
This role is accountable for the development of technology principles, standards and patterns that are highly reusable across multiple enterprise solutions.
You shall lead Executive & Senior Management in organization-wide operations that will create substantial added value for the Enterprise. You will also lead design reviews of significant technology projects at defined tollgates. The role is also accountable for all solution design across the IT infrastructure and applicable enterprise.
Besides other duties, one of you key primary role is to define and deliver ensure that respective business, application, data and technology perspectives are in line with the company’s technology and governance strategies, policies and standards.
You will also interpret, use and apply information contained within IT architecture to inform a range of business improvement activities, particularly those involved in the implementation, design, development, enhancement and maintenance of ICT systems.
·         Direct the creation and evolution of the enterprise architecture function, including coordination of an appropriately balanced pursuit of enterprise business, information, technical, and solution architecture viewpoints.
·         Lead the identification and analysis of enterprise business drivers to derive enterprise business, information, technical, and solution architecture requirements.
·         Ensure that individual solution architecture design and analysis work (particularly as specific solutions are created or upgraded in projects by project architects or solution architects) is documented in a structured fashion matching the EA framework and is stored in a common place.
·         Partner with the Business Leads in activities that shall analyze, recommend and formulate design plans, development of architecture blueprints for related systems that shall transit into workable solutions that factors technology investments and risks while providing value to the company.
·         Oversee the process for choosing to buy or build technology solutions review vendor proposals and identify which promises the most value and the best return on investment for the Business.
·         Leads the development and execution of a communications and education plan and leverages metrics to assess achievement and impact.
·         Fosters a culture of engagement, holds self and others accountable through trust and authentic relationships.
·         Promotes a high-performance culture by cultivating and motivating direct/indirect reports through coaching, mentoring, and by providing regular and meaningful feedback.
·         Define key solution portfolios and ensure they are managed – either by heading that activity directly or by establishing and then supporting portfolio management disciplines.
·         Understand and advocate the principles of business and IT strategies, as well as of EA development and service delivery. Be prepared to “sell” the EA process (overall), its outcome and ongoing results, and to lead the communication, marketing or educational activities needed to ensure success and use.
·         Collaborate with all relevant parties in order to review the objectives and constraints of each solution and determine conformance with the business needs by conducting post-execution reviews of installed applications to ensure effectiveness.
·         Provided guidance to team members (Project managers, Architects, and other IT Specialists, among others) in area of new and complex implementation and/or management tools and techniques.
·         Communicating design overviews to be executed and instructing organizational stakeholders on potential threats in order to gain support for information technology strategies
·         Guaranteeing application designs support the overall technological strategy by implementing training needs and provide reference manuals to make sure the solutions are supported and maintained appropriately after implementation is complete.
·         Ensure that the overall ICT architecture is maintained in a coherent manner and that appropriate considerations are made for its security and quality.
·         Utilize high level analytical ability and creativity to analyze complex/new situations, anticipate potential problems and future trends, assess opportunities, impacts and risks while developing and implementing plans and solution deliverables to Business needs
·         Ensure architectural design documentation relating to current implementations, prototyping, performance testing and providing growth and scalability plans for the system, provide production Support as well as design and deployment of advanced collaboration platforms within an Enterprise soft skill.
·         Ensure knowledge management, this will involve participating in, and/or being responsible for the creation, harvesting, protection, and reuse Kenya Airways’ intellectual capital. This will also include actively participating in knowledge sharing activities like communities of practice, forums, conferences and/or other knowledge exchanges.
·         Develop and execute road maps describing the evolution of assigned enterprise solution portfolios from current state to future state.
·         Understand and advocate the principles of business and IT strategies, as well as of EA development and service delivery.
·         Analyze enterprise business context (trends and business strategy), as well as change requirements in other EA viewpoints, to derive the enterprise architecture change requirements to guide solution decisions for the enterprise.
·         Consult with solution development projects to harmonize systems and/or infrastructure with the EA.
·         Guide solution decisions for the enterprise by analyzing technology and business trends and strategy.
·         Ensure that solution delivery life cycle efforts leverage all aspects of enterprise architecture (EA).
·         A Bachelor’s Degree in a technical discipline.
·         A minimum of 10 years’ experience in IT with at least 5 years in Enterprise Architecture and 3 years in Solution Design.
·         Experience using architectural design tools and frameworks e.g. (Java, .net, php, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Query).
·         Experience in the following technical disciplines; Application development, Network design, Servers and storage, Database management and Operations.
·         Knowledge of all components of a holistic enterprise architecture.
·         Demonstrated knowledge and experience with diverse corporate IT operations, major IT programs, systems integration and technical architecture at Enterprise and inter-enterprise levels.
·         Demonstrated knowledge of Enterprise Architecture frameworks, e.g. TOGAF, Zachman.
·         Demonstrated ability to influence senior leadership (including Business Executives, CIO and GMD &CEO) and be respected as a leader in advancing strategies across all of IT.
·         Experience in developing and implementing IT architecture plans, Enterprise Information Architecture standard and guidelines, software development methodologies and strategic plans.
·         Track record for remaining unbiased toward any specific technology or vendor and for being more interested in results than personal preferences.
·         Track record for thinking about more than technology issues, and for integrating the technical with the business and information aspects for complete solutions.
·         Strong leadership skills to indirectly manage across functional teams toward common solutions.
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills, able to explain and document the Enterprise Information Architecture to diverse audiences (technical, business, etc)
·         Expert knowledge across multiple Platforms, Processes and IT Architecture.
·         Agile and innovative mindset to drive business outcomes enabled by technology.
·         Ability to translate business needs into enterprise architecture requirements.
·         Strong background in understanding organizational resources, priorities, needs and policies, and use of the same in developing IT strategies and solutions.
·         Analytical with good project management and team leadership skills.
·         Excellent Presentation, communication, planning, organizational and negotiation skills.
·         Exposure to multiple, diverse business and technical configurations, technologies, and processing environments.
How to Apply

IT Security

The Head of IT Security reports to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and leads the development and implementation of a comprehensive Cybersecurity program that facilitates information security governance.
In this role, you will be accountable for the specification and delivery of all products, services and materials required to operate best practices of cybersecurity for Kenya Airways.
You will also maintain current knowledge of cybersecurity and the changing threat landscape; track new developments in rapidly changing information technologies and implement improvements to all layers of security related to the Kenya Airways’ perimeter, network, endpoints, applications, data, monitoring, incident response, disaster recovery, business continuity, and enterprise risk management.
The position requires a leadership approach that is engaging, imaginative, and collaborative, with the ability to work with other leaders to set the best balance between security strategies, general controls, compliance, and other organizational priorities.
·         Lead and motivate the IT Security team to help ensure the company continues to operate in a secure, stable, and compliant environment.
·         Amend, implement and monitor a comprehensive enterprise data security program to ensure the integrity, availability and control of company, customer, and government information and technical data.
·         Lead the development of up-to-date information security policies, procedures, standards and guidelines, and oversee their approval, dissemination, and maintenance.
·         Ensure that the Company’s security plan is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual requirements. This includes maintaining current knowledge on changing regulations specific to security, identifying appropriate implementation plans, and ensuring requirements are met.
·         Responsible to manage the daily operations for IT Vulnerability assessment, Data Leakage, Firewall reviews and providing timely updates, support issues regarding to endpoint’s vulnerability, patch, and security configuration scanning and providing solution recommendations to avoid repeated issues.
·         Defining procedures and standards related to the management and resolution of vulnerability, patch, security configuration and other security assurance services.
·         Communicate IT security risk through effective engagement with all stakeholders for agile decision making and awareness.
·         Provide support, guidance, mentoring and education, to ensure that appropriate monitoring and controls are in place for compliance with established security policies and procedures
Serve as subject matter expert on security standards, best practices and business aligned best practices.
·         Evaluate and implement new technology or process solutions to ensure appropriate security considerations are addressed.
·         Create and manage information security and risk management awareness training programs for employees, contractors, vendors and/or clients.
·         Facilitate and identify acceptable levels of risk and establish roles and responsibilities with regard to information classification and protection.
·         Oversee incident response planning and the investigation of security breaches, review investigations after security incidents, including impact analysis and recommendations for avoiding similar vulnerabilities.
·         Work with Internal and External Auditors on security and system access reviews.
·         Lead the designing and implementation of IT controls designed to mitigate identified risks and ensure they are monitored for continued effectiveness.
·         Lead and manage the implementation of COBIT (Control Objectives for Information Technology).
·         A Bachelor’s degree in a technical subject.
·         A relevant IT Security professional qualification.
·         At least 10 years’ experience in similar role in IT Security Services coupled with a strong knowledge of security architectures and technologies including assessment, methodologies, compliance standards etc.
·         Hands on experience of forensics and methods of security penetration eg hacking, phishing etc.
·         Knowledge and experience of cloud identity and access management solution.
·         Good working knowledge on security incident and event management solution for cloud and BYOD environment.
·         Experience in managing information security across majority cloud estate.
·         Solid knowledge of Security standards, IT security regulatory and compliance regulations and standards like PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, ISO 27001, NIST, CSF, COBIT, ITIL, SANS 20 and so on.
·         Knowledge of risk assessment procedures, policy formation, role-based authorization methodologies, authentication technologies, and security attack pathologies.
·         Strong leadership, analytical, problem-solving, written, verbal and presentation skills.
·         Extensive interpersonal skills with the ability to work effectively with end-users, IT peers, managers and vendors.
·         Prior experience working with external auditors and regulators.
·         Strong business acumen, people management skills, conflict management & resolution skills, negotiations skills.
·         Demonstrated proven success in working in a team as well as independently and exhibit follow-through to understand root causes of issues.
·         Strong leadership, analytical, problem-solving, written, verbal and presentation skills.
·         This position calls for an individual who exhibits thoughtful introspection but is also able to assess a broad spectrum of issues.
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