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Massive Recruitment in the Dairy Industry in Kenya

Our client in the dairy industry seeks to fill the following jobs based in Nakuru, Kenya:

DG / AC Technician

Job Responsibilities:
·                     Experience in installation and repair of split systems, multi-splits, v.r.f, v.r.v, chillers and closed control units.

·                     Maintenance, Repair and servicing of air conditioners, mechanical ventilation and cooling units
·                     Assemble and install pipe work for refrigeration / air-conditioning systems.
·                     Install or oversee the installation of refrigeration / air-conditioning systems.
·                     Check existing refrigeration / air-conditioning systems for leaks and faults.
·                     Repair and maintain refrigeration/air-conditioning systems.
·                     Test and balance systems once they are installed
Job Requirements:
·                     Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
·                     Minimum 5 years hands on experience in Electrical, maintenance and operation .
·                     Experience in food/beverage/bottling/ dairy/FCMG industry is an added advantage.
·                     Team player with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
Operator Blending

Job Responsibilities:
·                     The Blending Operator will be responsible for weighing and blending raw ingredients to produce dairy products.
·                     Use of different equipment like mixing equipment, filtration equipment, scales, handling equipment etc.
·                     Test chemical or physical characteristics of materials or products.
·                     Records specified time, temperature, pressure, and volume readings.
·                     Any other duties as assigned by your superior.
Job Requirements:
·                     Minimum 5 years hands on experience in Blending-Fruit/Pulp/Sugar/Powder
·                     Experience in food/beverage/bottling/ dairy/FCMG industry is an added advantage.
Yoghurt Packing Operator

Job Responsibilities:
·                     Make-certain that each packaging machine is in good repair and works in accordance to regulations set by the company.
·                     Handle startup and shut down duties pertaining to packaging equipment at the beginning and end of each shift.
·                     Responsible for packaging integrity and quality checks on each packaging order.
·                     Maintain a clean and orderly work area by ensuring that floors are clean and organized appropriately.
·                     Secure packaged items by gluing, tying, stapling or attaching fasteners.
·                     Create daily reports regarding packaged products and storage and delivery orders.
Job Requirements:
·                     Experience Hands on.
·                     Minimum 5 Years hands on experience in yoghurt/fermented products.
·                     Experience in food, dairy, juice, bottling, FMCG it’s a must.
Blending Supervisor 

Job Responsibilities:
·                     Directly supervise and coordinate the activities of production and operating workers.
·                     Direct and coordinate the activities of employees engaged in blending.
·                     Confers with management or subordinates to resolve worker problems, complaints, or grievances.
·                     Confers with other supervisors to coordinate operations and activities within departments or between departments.
·                     Demonstrates equipment operations or work procedures to new employees or assigns employees to experienced workers for training; train employees in work and safety procedures and company policies;
·                     Interprets specifications, job orders, and company policies and procedures for workers;
·                     Maintains operations data, such as time, production, and cost records and prepares management reports.
·                     Monitors quality and customer satisfaction; delivers to high standards; exercises good judgment in meeting customer needs.
Job Requirements:
·                     Degree or Diploma in Dairy Tech or Food Tech
·                     At least 5 years’ experience blending fruit/pulp/sugar/powder/Hands on.
·                     Preferably in a Dairy Industry.
Yoghurt Packing Shift Supervisor
Job Responsibilities:
·                     To take full responsibility of the shift in terms of management of staff, management of packaging and quality targets and to ensure the smooth running of the packaging processes.
·                     To take full responsibility of the quality of packaging that is produced within the shift in line with the companies’ quality systems, processes and procedures.
·                     Manage, develop and motivate direct reporting staff.
·                     To ensure good communication is given either verbally or written to all members of staff.
·                     To ensure that Health and Safety rules and regulations are adhered to during the shift and all matters relating to this are dealt with using the resources within the company in line with the companies Health and Safety policy.
·                     Problem solving and trouble shooting skills are used to ensure that all team members can identify root causes and take fast effective action to resolve the problems in hand.
·                     Maintaining high level of timekeeping is of the essence
Job Requirements:
·                     Degree or Diploma in Dairy Tech/Food Tech.
·                     At least 5 years’ experience in Yoghurt/fermented products processing and packaging.
·                     Worked in Food/Dairy/Juice/Bottling/FMCG industry
Filler Operator

Job Responsibilities:
·                     Clean, set-up, operate and monitor equipment of the production line
·                     Monitor weights, seals, caps, and general packaging of product.
·                     Make adjustments to Filler timing and filling, & check mat as needed
·                     Ability to troubleshoot and resolve basic to moderate operating difficulties
·                     Collect required samples needed for Quality Assurance testing
·                     Ensure that the proper packaging materials are used for each product being produced.
·                     Ability to perform filler and filler line changeovers in a safe and efficient matter
·                     Complete cleaning checklist once line has completed run.
·                     Prepare equipment for next run to include size changes as needed.
·                     Maintain a clean, sanitary and safe work area.
·                     Responsible for adhering to food safety and quality system requirements by committing to meet all pertinent regulatory, customer and SQF requirements.
·                     Assist in identifying opportunities to improve processes.
·                     Learn and adhere to safety and security policies and procedures.
·                     Follow all sanitation and quality policies and procedures, and report any deficiencies.
·                     Clean Production filling equipment in the filler room
Job Requirements:
·                     Must have experience in operating & Maintenance fillers .

·                     Must have experience of 5 Years in a Juice & Beverage Company.
·                     Must have Diploma in Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering
Shrink Wrapper Operator

Job Responsibilities:
·                     Verify that the correct film is being used as directed by the Supervisor and schedule.
·                     Ensure all product transfer belts at the wrapper area are running and clean prior to product arriving and wrapping area.
·                     Inspect product packages to ensure product registration is within specifications; contact supervisor or maintenance staff is adjustments fail to correct registration.
·                     Monitor and inspect product package quality out of cutting head, ensuring film alignment and registration is with in specification.
·                     Monitor and remove scrap from wrapping machine.
·                     Operate wrapping machine at a speed relative to the number of bars moving through the wrapper so bar film is not wasted; monitor and record film roll usage throughout the shift.
·                     Assist Wrapper Feeders as necessary and relieve for breaks.
·                     Keep area clean and free of congestion, managing product overflow.
·                     Prevent any and all product from falling on the floor.
Job Requirements:
·                     Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical
·                     Minimum 5 Years hands on experience in shrink wrapper
·                     Experience in food, dairy, juice, bottling, FMCG it’s a must.
Quality Assurance Line Technician Aseptic
Job Responsibilities:
·                     Ensure that the production processes will result in preventing spoilage of products before their expiry dates.
·                     Helping with creating and maintaining a quality management system for the aseptic unit.
·                     Performing raw, intermediate and finished milk and product analysis.
·                     Assisting teams in applying information for process improvement and resolution of quality issues in the facility.
·                     Ability to troubleshoot and take corrective action on the line.
Job Requirements:
·                     Post graduate degree in Dairy Tech/Food Tech/Dairy Micro/Dairy Chem
·                     Minimum 5 years’ experience in UHT/Aseptic Testing/Processing & Packing
·                     Experience in food/beverage/bottling/ dairy/FCMG industry is an added advantage.
Quality Assurance Line Technician

Job Summary: S/he will be responsible for conducting test procedures during manufacturing processes to ensure that milk products comply with quality standards.
Job Responsibilities:
·                     Perform daily pre-operation checks which include proper cleaning and reporting any maintenance concerns to the Maintenance department.
·                     Perform Quality Assurance checks by enforcing good production practices, safety policies and all other food safety programs.
·                     Take the temperature of all coolers and freezers and calibrate all thermometers on a regular basis.
·                     Perform quality checks as product is produced (visual checks, weights and size) to ensure that each product meets specification.
·                     Assist/perform monthly safety checks.
·                     In addition, you may be required to carry out any other duties within your capacity which the Company may reasonably require.
Job Requirements:
·                     Post Graduate degree in Dairy Tech/Food Tech/Dairy Micro/Dairy Chem
·                     At least 5years UHT/Aseptic Testing/Processing/Fruit Pulp/Sugar & Packing.
·                     Experience in Dairy/Beverage/FMCG industry is an added advantage
Instrument Technician

Job Responsibilities:
·                     Inspects tests, adjusts, and repairs electric, electronic, mechanical, and pneumatic instruments and systems used to indicate, record, and control generating operations in conventional or nuclear power electric generating plant: Inspects meters, indicators, and gauges to detect abnormal fluctuations.
·                     Tests accuracy of flow meters, pressure gauges, temperature indicators, controllers, radiation counters or detectors, and other recording.
·                     Traces out and tests electronic solid state and vacuum tube circuitry and components to locate defective parts in analog and digital, protection, or radiation monitoring systems, using test equipment, schematics, and maintenance manuals.
·                     Removes defective instruments from system, decontaminates, disassembles, and cleans instruments, and replaces defective parts.
·                     Reassembles instruments and replaces instruments in system, using hand tools.
·                     Lubricates instruments and replaces defective wiring and tubing.
·                     Calibrates readings on instruments according to standards and adjusts phasing and aligns stages to ensure accuracy of recording and indicating function.
·                     Records calibrations made, parts and components used, and inventory of parts on hand.
Job Requirements:
·                     Degree/Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
·                     Minimum 5 Years hands on experience in Instrumentation maintenance and Trouble shooting.
·                     Experience in dairy, food, beverage, FMCG is an added advantage.
Quality Assurance - Microbiologist

Job Responsibilities:
·                     Monitoring of OPRP 1, (Inspection and analysis of all incoming material] raw/packaging materials).
·                     Monitoring CCP1 [Pasteurization]
·                     Daily Calibration of all thermal equipment.
·                     Monitoring of CIP AND COP at the section OPRP1 and CCP1
·                     Monitoring and adjusting the CIP Chemicals.
·                     Facility temperature monitoring.
·                     Full participation in Food Safety and QA team activities
Job Requirements:
·                     Bachelor of Science in Microbiologist
·                     5+ years working experience in quality in Dairy industry.
·                     Strong organizational skills and interpersonal skills.
·                     Ability to work with minimal supervision
Quality Assurance Supervisor Process
Overall Purpose of the Job: To ensure the quality of milk the society receives from farmers is of the highest quality standards, prepare and submit monthly quality reports to management team.

Job Responsibilities:
·                     Distribute milk cards and milk journals to milk transporters and milk recorders on a monthly basis
·                     Ensure that all milk received and sold by the plant satisfies the pre-scribed quality requirements of the Dairy Plant and its customers
·                     Ensure that the appropriate tests on milk, water and chemical reagents are carried out and recorded;
·                     Dispatch milk to the processor
·                     Liaise with transporters and milk recorders to ensure milk is properly tested at the farm level;
·                     Ensure strict inventory control on milk received from farmers;
·                     Ensure that all milk transport journals are delivered on a daily basis and handed over to the Dairy Accountant;
·                     Ensure proper handling of plant machinery in accordance with the defined operation and maintenance procedures;
·                     Advise management of any machinery breakdown and due dates for maintenance;
·                     Receive, store and ensure adequate supplies and monitoring of quality control inputs such as filters and chemicals;
·                     Supervise the cleanliness of the laboratory, plant area, equipment and machinery;
·                     Supervise and co-ordinate work and staff in the section, including milk transporters and field assistants;
·                     Assist and relieve milk graders/field recording clerks;
·                     Offer technical assistance and advice to farmers whose milk has been rejected;
·                     Any other duties as assigned by the Dairy Manager and Management Committee.
Job Requirements:
·                     Degree in Dairy Micro/Dairy Chem.
·                     At least 5 years’ experience in QA –Milk/Juice/Beverage.
·                     Worked in Dairy industry is an added advantage.
·                     Good analytical skills and the ability to work accurately with numbers.
·                     Must be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with a wide variety of Company personnel and others
Shift Supervisor UHT

Job Responsibilities:
·                     To assist in the achievement of & improvement of standard utilization of UHT packaging in the area.
·                     Ensure good communications are maintained within area / shift and across all departments. Communications also required to external suppliers, auditors & customers, these too need to be good, professional & representative of the Company standards.
·                     Requisitions containers and other supplies for delivery to work stations.
·                     To assist in ensuring good hygiene and housekeeping practices are maintained at all times in area.
·                     Inspects products prior to packaging and returns rejected products to production departments.
·                     Observes packaging operations and inspects containers to verify conformance to specifications.
·                     In addition, you may be required to carry out any other duties within your capacity which the Company may reasonably require.
Job Requirements:
·                     Degree or Diploma in DairyTech/Food Tech.
·                     Minimum 5years In UHT/Aseptic processing &Packing.
·                     Experience in Dairy/Beverage/FMCG industry is an added advantage.
How to Apply

If qualified, please send your CV to [email protected]

MUST indicate the job title in the subject of your email.

Deadline: 20th October 2017.

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