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NGO Jobs in Kenya – Adeso/ USAID

Terms of Reference for a Videographer: REGAL-IR Project
Organization: Adeso – African Development Solutions and the USAID funded Resilience and Economic Growth in the Arid Lands – Improving Resilience (REGAL-IR) project
Videography Locations: Various sites in Turkana, Garissa, Wajir, Isiolo and Marsabit

Position Type: Short-term consultancy
Photography Thematic Areas of Interest: Videography consultancy assignment for documentation of the resilience projects under the following thematic areas: diversified livelihoods, nutrition, peace, natural resources management, milk and livestock value chain and disaster risk reduction

Duration: Up to 20 days
Reporting To: Senior Communications Officer, REGAL-IR Project
Working With: County Senior Programs Officers, SPOs and Technical Advisors (T.As)
Starting Date: February 01st 2016
Vacancy Contacts: Please send applications to – Adeso will only respond to short-listed applicants.
Organizational Background
Adeso is an expanding and vibrant African-based international organization, working with communities to create environments in which Africans can thrive. 

We work to prevent and overcome situations that adversely affect community wellbeing by: reinvigorating the economy, developing skills for life and work, providing humanitarian aid, and influencing policy. 

Our belief that economic, social and environmental security is the bedrock of a healthy community drives the nature and intent of our programming. 

Adeso has been strengthening rural livelihood and delivering innovative humanitarian aid and development programs for the past 20 years. 

Currently, we have programs in Somalia, Kenya and South Sudan. Adeso is an exciting, dynamic organization experiencing managed rapid growth.

REGAL-IR is a 5-year, $45m project to reduce hunger and poverty among pastoral communities in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs). 

Implemented by Adeso and its five consortium partners, the program will strengthen social, economic and environmental resilience for some 558,000 people (93,000 households) in Isiolo, Garissa, Marsabit, Turkana and Wajir counties. 

These counties have the highest percentage of households in need of food assistance across Kenya and therefore offer the greatest potential for reducing food assistance in the arid lands. 

Recently, recurrent droughts and other shocks have made local populations in northern Kenya more vulnerable and dependent on food aid and emergency relief than ever before. 

From 2008-2011, drought decimated herds leaving nearly four million people in desperate need of assistance. 

Resilience and Economic Growth in Arid Lands was designed to decrease vulnerabilities, build resilience, and stimulate growth in selected ASAL areas. 

In the context of newly devolved political and administrative institutions, REGAL-IR will cooperate with the Government of Kenya, county governments and communities to reduce hunger and poverty, increase social stability, and build strong foundations for economic growth and environmental resilience among pastoral and transitional peoples.

The project “does business differently.” REGAL-IR empowers individuals, households and communities to improve their social, economic, and environmental resilience.

REGAL-IR embraces a people-centered approach that strengthens local institutions and builds local capacity, emphasizes self-reliance, and favors community-led, driven and owned market-oriented solutions for sustainable outcomes.
Scope of Work
The USAID funded REGAL-IR project implemented by Adeso and its partners is seeking the services of a videographer to visually document the current resilience activities in the program’s areas of operation, showing how we are supporting communities to build resilience to drought and other emergencies, how we are supporting their alternative livelihoods activities and the impact that is having on their lives, how the natural resource management, (NRM) initiatives are working, how we are improving nutrition for children under two in the arid northern Kenya, livestock value chain inclusiveness, and activities around peace in the five counties. 

The short videos will be used to create awareness about the project. 

They will be used on the internet, social media, print, online publications, posters etc.
The service provider will be expected to travel to the following counties; Turkana, Marsabit, Garissa, Isiolo and Wajir and produce five short videos (maximum two minutes each) that provide a compelling snapshot of REGAL-IR’s work. 

The short videos produced will be used to increase visibility of REGAL-IR’s work at field level, to entice viewers to learn more about our work.

For the video production, REGAL-IR will provide a draft storyboard, but the service producer will also be expected to contribute to the creative story-telling process. 

Specifically, the service provider will be in charge of the artistic direction of the film and the development of the final detailed storyboard, based on initial inputs provided by Adeso. 

A first storyboard-writing meeting will be organized after the signing of the contract and another meeting will be scheduled throughout the production process.

The service provider takes full responsibility for the technical part of the video production including the shooting and conducting of interviews, filming B-roll, and sourcing of royalty-free music to accompany the video, if needed.

Consultancy Period: The production of the videos will take place between February and May 2016. 

The work will entail up to twenty days of fieldwork. 

The work will also include up to nine days of preparation, editing and reporting.

Travel days to and from field sites in Kenya will not be remunerated. All travel, accommodation and meal expenses will be covered by Adeso.
1. Five short videos in HD
a. Video shooting and editing
b. Translation and subtitles (in English), where needed
c. Narration, if needed
d. Full usage rights for music (or music for which copyright has been granted)
e. Five fully-produced clips of approximately two minutes in length in 1080p (HD) resolution
f. All B roll footage
2. Report

a. A detailed report on all filming locations, including names and contact details of all individuals interviewed and original copies of signed consent forms filled out by each interviewee.

Adeso’s Imagery
We use a reportage style for all of our photography and videography to ensure authenticity and re-enforce our honest values, alongside the meaning and conviction behind our thinking. 

Our videography style should tell a story about the function of our aid and services and not be superficial with an over use of added effects. 

Please ensure your images are not contrived and have an inspirational, positive feel to them. 

We want to illustrate the positive impact our work has with people and Africa as a whole.

·                     Outstanding videography skills, and access to professional-grade camera and audio equipment;
·                     Outstanding video editing skills;
·                     Minimum five years’ experience carrying out similar projects in the East Africa region;
·                     Experience producing short videos for non-profit organizations;
·                     Experience working in remote areas, experience in Kenya preferred;
·                     Proven ability to work in multicultural environment.
Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights
In consideration of the fees paid, the consultant expressly assigns to Adeso any copyright arising from the works the consultant produces while executing this contract. 

All images (whether used for online or print purposes) must however bear the consultant’s photo credit, as specified by international intellectual property rights. 

The consultant may not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such works without prior consent from Adeso.

Application Process
Applications should be submitted by January 22nd 2016 to 

The selection committee will review all applications as they arrive.

All applicants must meet the minimum requirements described above, and those unable to meet these requirements will not be considered. 

Adeso is an equal opportunity employer.

Each application package should include the following:
·                     Technical proposal on how they intend to carry out the assignment, including a production calendar to show the number of days needed and activities.
·                     Detailed cost per day for fieldwork and editing.
·                     A minimum of three samples of recent work: online portfolios and links to video work are preferred.
·  Updated CV and two references.

Vacancy: Senior Project Officer, REGAL-IR

Reporting to: Deputy Chief of Party
Working with: All program teams as well as line management of staff
Programme / Duty station: Isiolo
Duration: 1 year renewable
Starting date: ASAP
Salary Grade: Grade D

Organizational Context: Adeso is an expanding and vibrant African based international development and humanitarian organization. 

At Adeso, we work with African communities who are yet to realize their full potential; working inside these communities to create environments in which Africans can thrive. 

Our belief that economic, social and environmental security is the bedrock of a healthy community drives the nature and intent of our programming. 

We work to prevent and overcome situations that adversely affect community well-being by: reinvigorating the economy, developing skills for life and work, providing humanitarian aid, and influencing policy.

For the past 20 years we have strengthened rural livelihoods through environmental awareness, training, technology transfer and innovative humanitarian projects in pursuit of a peaceful, self-reliant, and greener future. Currently, Adeso has programs in Somalia, Kenya and South Sudan.
Adeso is an exciting and dynamic organization experiencing managed rapid growth. 

It offers sound employment conditions with opportunities for personal growth and development.
Project Summary: The REGAL IR program is a 5 year initiative aiming to reduce hunger and poverty, increase social stability and build strong foundations for economic growth by strengthening social, economic, and environmental resilience in pastoral and transitioning communities in Kenya’s arid lands.

It has six strategic objectives including diversifying livelihoods, Livestock value chain Inclusiveness, natural resource management, conflict management, disaster risk reduction, and improving nutrition. 

The program is implementing activities in Isiolo, Garissa, Wajir, Marsabit, and Turkana.

Position Purpose:
1.          Lead teams of Project Officers (PO) and Community Facilitators (CF).
2.          Ensure regular planning and high quality project implementation in line with the overall REGAL-IR strategies, approach and methodology.
3.          Ensure regular monitoring, documentation, and reporting.
4.          Liaise and coordinate with government, development and humanitarian agencies, private sector, and other stakeholders at county level.
Specific Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Lead teams of Project Officers (PO) and Community Facilitators (CF).
·                     Support recruitment of POs and CFs and ensure adequate implementation structures are fully operational that are capable to implement project operational plans in time and with high quality.
·                     Ensure that all POs and CFs are sufficiently skilled to perform their work. 
·                     Assess POs’ and CFs’ capacity building needs, jointly develop capacity building plans and supervise their implementation.
·                     Mentor POs and CFs. Provide on-the-job capacity building for POs and CFs.
·                     Supervise and backstop POs regular field work.
·                     Coordinate directly with Field Operations Assistant, Technical Advisors, Operation Manager, Communication Officer, M&E, and other REGAL-IR staff to ensure smooth technical field implementation and operation.
2. Lead and Coordinate REGAL IR implementing partners’ county plans and target achievement.
·                     Support implementing partners in their development and adjustments of up-to-date work plans and budgets;
·                     Provide regular technical backstopping and supervision;
·                     Foster thematic integration, ensure harmonized approaches, promote synergies and complementarily in programming and implementation;
·                     Conduct regular reviews of partner implementation progress and reports;
·                     In collaboration with REGAL-IR project partners, coordinate with private sector actors, other projects and government partners;
3. Ensure regular planning and high quality project implementation in line with the overall REGAL-IR strategies, approach and methodology.
·                     Lead regular monthly planning as well as development and use of weekly work plans by all PO’s.
·                     Support PO’s to develop CFs’ work plans.
·                     Ensure that all work plans in the county are in line with the overall REGAL-IR work plan. 
·                     Ensure that work plans are coordinated across all implementation sites in the county for avoiding duplication and for making use of complementarities and synergies.
·                     In cooperation with TAs ensure that all field work is implemented in line with REGAL-IR’s approach and implementation methodologies. 
·                     Ensure high quality standards of field implementation that achieves measurable impacts at target group level.
·                     Establish transparent and accountable mechanisms for targeting and ensure appropriate targeting as per REGAL-IR strategy. 
·                     Report errors of inclusion and exclusion.
·                     Ensure that project implementation is community-led and driven and follows evidence-based better practices and approaches.
·                     Ensure mainstreaming of gender equality, focusing on the enhancement of women’s economic and social empowerment.
·                     Lead sector/theme integration at field level.
·                     Support needs assessments and other missions for the development of additional proposals, which are integrated in REGAL-IR, e.g. Crisis Modifier.
·                     On the basis of the REGAL-IR sustainability strategy, ensure project implementation adequately incorporates impact sustainability.
·                     Contribute to internal learning, quality enhancement (technical, operational) and cross county learning through feedback, sharing of better practices and lessons learned as well as suggestions for improvements.
4. Project activity implementation and financial management.
·                     Provide guidance in implementation of all financial and administrative activities in the county.
·                     Ensure monthly budget forecasts are prepared and funds sent to the county are spent expeditiously.
·                     Liaise with elders and other community representatives.
·                     Facilitate PLPA processes with communities.
·                     Lead transparent and accountable participatory targeting of project target groups and beneficiaries.
·                     Assess capacity building needs.
·                     Organize capacity building events and processes.
·                     Coordinate relevant stakeholders and service providers to deliver trainings to project beneficiaries
·                     Provide technical advisory assistance.
·                     Organize exchange visits.
·                     Conduct regular supervision and monitoring of field implementation.
·                     Build CF’s capacities in order to enable them to catalyze community learning and action plan implementation, including planning, facilitation, monitoring, and documentation.
·                     Liaise with other POs for cross-learning.
5. Ensure regular monitoring, documentation, and reporting.
·                     Lead field work for baseline, annual/mid-term/end-term evaluations and other surveys at county level.
·                     Lead regular project monitoring at field level. Coordinate monitoring with M&E and other TA’s.
·                     Lead project documentation (e.g. success stories, photos, case studies) at field level.
·                     Coordinate documentation with Communication Officer and TA’s.
·                     Ensure timely, comprehensive and complete monthly reporting from POs and CFs.
·                     Review and validate PO reports.
·                     Prepare project monthly county reports and other documents. 
·                     Ensure reports and documents reach the M&E TA and/or other users as per agreed deadlines.
·                     Lead regular and timely early warning information sharing.
·                     In cooperation with M&E TA ensure up-to-date and accessible county data base for all project activities and sites. 
·                     Take appropriate measure to avoid data, information and document loss.
·                     Translate conversations and documents for non-local language speaking staff to English when required.
6. Liaise and coordinate with government, development and humanitarian agencies, private sector,
and other stakeholders at county level.
·                     Liaise regularly with communities, elders, local authorities, private sector enterprises and other agencies operational in project counties in North Eastern Kenya to ensure coordination and effective implementation of intervention activities.
·                     Participate in stakeholder coordination meetings and pro-actively contribute to county coordination.
·                     Represent REGAL-IR at county level.
·                     Lead practical cooperation between REGAL-IR and government programs, REGAL-IR and other USG-funded projects as well as REGAL-IR with other projects in the county.
·                     Ensure organizational security protocols are strictly followed for county level operations and guide field staff and others concerns on security management issues.
·                     Support organization of visitors’ and other trips at county level.
·                     Support organization of workshops and meetings.
·                     Any other duties as required.
Skills and Qualifications:
·                     University degree and or Diploma in Agriculture, Livestock, Entrepreneurship, NRM, DRR or related livelihoods field and at least 10 years’ experience working in similar projects.
·                     Minimum 5 years’ experience with NGO/ Government or UN agency in ASAL.
·                     Ability to multi-task and effectively handle stressful situations.
·                     Ability to manage own workload and juggle competing priorities in order to meet deadlines.
·                     Strong proficiency in capacity building,( training and mentoring ) to project staff and partners.
·                     Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Fluency in English and fluency in the specified County dominant language is essential.
·                     Strong interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations within a team and with other stakeholders.
·                     Proven problem-solving and negotiation skills, and evidence of successful team leader and player;
·                     Proficiency in computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, power point, etc.
·                     Strong report writing skills;
·                     Ability to live and work in an isolated ASAL area in conditions of limited comfort.
·                     Willingness to travel frequently.
·                     Driving licence for motorcycle and ability to use motorcycle in the project area.
Application Process
This is a challenging opportunity for a dedicated and highly motivated professional.

If you would like to join this dynamic team and help contribute to better resilience and economic growth for African communities, please submit your application to, quoting the position in the email subject matter by 29th January 2016. 

Kindly note that applications screening and interviews will be on a rolling basis.

Each application should be addressed to the Human Resources Director and include the following:
·                     An updated CV; and
·                     An application letter which should include cover letter, remuneration requirements and contact information for three work-related referees.
Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed. 

We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Adeso is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on one's background, beliefs, gender or sexual orientation.

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