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Massive Recruitment in Tuskys Supermarkets Kenya

Tuskys, the leading retailer in Kenya has adopted a new strategy, Tuskys 2.0 GOOD TO GREAT, running from 2016 - 2020. 

With this strategy we seek to strengthen our market leadership and to position the company for optimization of efficiencies and delivery of superior returns to shareholders. 

Part of this strategy is the attraction and retention of the best talent to drive this strategy. To this end, we have several vacancies within our leadership team and welcome all applications.

Job Title:
 Purchasing Manager

Job Code: HR/40
Report To: General Manager Supply Chain
Purpose: The Purchasing manager will oversee supply chain management and procurement activities, both locally and internationally, in line with Tuskys 2.0 - GOOD TO GREAT strategy.

The holder will man age the Head Office and Branch dynamic buying teams to deliver products according to the needs of our customers.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • To develop and execute a strong Purchasing Strategy in line with Organization’s objectives.
  • To conduct research to ascertain the best products and suppliers in terms of value, delivery schedules and quality.
  • To conduct continuous forecasts of levels of demand for products to meet business needs and while maintaining optimum stock levels.
  • Act as the main liaison person between the company and suppliers, manufacturers, relevant internal departments and selling outlets.
  • Act as custodian of all contract files between the company and outside parties.
  • Identifying potential suppliers and building and maintaining a good relationship with them.
  • To regularly conduct forecasts on price trends and their impact on future activities.
  • Leading a team of dedicated purchasing team to achieving set goals and objectives.
Professional Qualifications, Job Experience & Skills Requirement
  • A University degree in procurement and Supplies Management
  • At least four years’ experience ¡n supplies management in a senior management level.
  • Must be well versed with dynamics of the retail industry.
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Ability to lead teams in a multi-locational set up.
  • A Master’s degree in Supplies/procurement will be an added advantage.

Job Title: General Manager - Supply Chain

Job Code: HR/30
Report To: Chief Operating Officer
Purpose: Developing a winning supply chain strategy based on just-in-time purchasing and distribution in line Tuskys 2.0 - GOOD TO GREAT strategy. 

The job holder will be responsible for logistics planning and arrangements facilitating efficient procurement, transportation, storage and Distribution of supplies from the Main Distribution Centre and various suppliers to all company outlets.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Plan, organize and coordinate supply chain processes for the company such as purchasing, storage and logistics with the responsibility for ensuring the execution of all company rules, policies, procedures and programs in support of the goals and objectives established to avoid costly delays and lost sales opportunities.
  • Review monthly sales forecasts for the business and lay down framework of logistics required to avail the right mix of merchandize to all outlets.
  • Develop a system based dashboard for information sharing between the central warehouse, branches and operations department.
  • Coordinate budgetary planning in relation to supply and logistics and negotiate improved pricing, product quality and delivery times.
  • Oversee optimum monitoring of key supplier accounts to ensure sustainable credit levels, optimum stock holding and sound business relationship.
  • Negotiate quantity discounts, rebates and offer on behalf of the business. Ensure proper management and handling of promotional items/products including crafting and implementation of policy for excess promotional stocks.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive policy on reverse logistics. Ensure incorporation and implementation of Warranty Tracking System, for management of customer returns to suppliers via the company’s mainstream supply path.
  • Ensure that products are priced in line with prevailing industry prices; negotiate margins in line with pre-determined category requirements for the business; draw agreements with suppliers on handling of excess stocks, short expiries and damages.
  • Formulate isolated handling model for non-inventory items, consignment stocks, merchandize meant for production/fresh. Ensure proper accounting of all these classes of stocks, formulate logistics for the same.
  • Maintain stock holding and distribution costs at minimum. Develop efficient and effective ways of utilizing available trucks, warehouse space and labour.
  • Coordinate dissemination of services of assigned subcontractors and movements of materials/products to/from these subcontractors.
  • Provide guidance on product delisting, discontinuation and regular supplier performance review.
  • Anticipate through research possible supply shocks for crucial commodities and advise the business on timely basis. Develop back up distribution plans for peak seasons.
Professional Qualifications, Job experience & Skills requirement
  • A University degree in procurement and Supplies Management
  • At least five years’ experience in supplies management three of which must be in a senior management level.
  • Must be well versed with dynamics of the retail industry. Must be a member of Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (ISM).
  • A Master’s degree in Supplies/procurement will be an added advantage.

Job Title: Marketing & Business Development Manager

Job Code: HR/20
Report To: Head of Operations
Purpose: The Marketing and Business Development Manager ¡s responsible to manager all marketing and brand positioning activities of the company in line with our Tuskys 2.0 - GOOD TO GREAT Strategy!.

The job holder will lead a team of professionals in the marketing department to ensure that efforts are directed towards achieving corporate goals.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Developing the marketing strategy, prepare a core brand message for the company in line with business objectives.
  • Develop market entry strategies for new stores
  • Co-coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities.
  • Overseeing the company’s marketing budget.
  • Creation and publication of all marketing material in line with marketing plans.
  • Planning and implementing promotional campaigns.
  • Manage and improve lead generation campaigns, measuring results.
  • Overall responsibility for brand management and corporate identity
  • Preparing online and print marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor and report on effectiveness of marketing communications.
  • Creating a wide range of different marketing materials and apply these into all aspects of media.
  • Working closely with design agencies and other external partners ¡n outsourced marketing activities.
  • Assist in regular contact with all major industry magazines to supply any required promotional material.
  • Make regular contact with all major industry digital media sources to supply any required promotional material.
  • Oversee market research for strategic business growth and consolidate information relevant to new store launches.
  • Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives.
  • Analyzing potential strategic partner relationships for company marketing.
Professional Qualifications, Job Experience & Skills Requirement
  • A degree in marketing from a recognized university.
  • At least 5 years relevant experience in a senior marketing position.
  • Must be well versed with dynamics of the retail industry.
  • Must be a member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  • MBA in Marketing will be an added advantage.

Job Title: Revenue Accountant

Job Code: HR/70
Report To: General Manager - Finance
Purpose: The holder will take charge of all accounts receivables in the company. His/her job will entail ensuring that all revenues are recognized timely, accurately and in compliance of accounting standards. 

In addition the person will ensure all revenues are banked as soon as possible after realization.

Key Objectives;
  • Ensure complete and correct recognition and realization of revenues on a daily basis
  • Reconcile and report on all customer deposits, rewards & refundable on weekly basis.
  • Ensure stable cash inflows by way of preparation of weekly receivable income plans.
  • Support operations by ensuring provision of loose currency on daily basis.
  • Achieve optimum staff productivity by implementing monthly performance measures.
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Ensure all sales proceeds are banked timely and accurately
  • Ensure procedures are followed while handling cash & cash equivalents including CIT services.
  • Implement and maintain a petty cash imp rest system in all branches to achieve intact revenue banking
  • Facilitate provision of adequate coins for change in the branches.
  • Maintain Custody of GVs and manage their usage
  • Manage and report on a monthly reconciliation of Gift Vouchers
  • Manage and report on a weekly reconciliation of all merchant tender proceeds from the branches
  • Manage and report on a weekly and monthly basis on debtors activities including credit purchases and subsequent payments
  • Establish a proper procedure on handling miscellaneous incomes including sale of Gondolas, sale of waste and after promotion compensations.
  • Manage the customer reward processes, Maintain and report on a full reconciliation of loyalty points.
  • Manage the customer E-coins, Maintain and report on a full reconciliation of E-Coins.
  • Participate in preparation of weekly, monthly and yearly cash flows plans
  • Perform all other duties that may be assigned by Management
Professional Qualifications, Job experience & Skills Requirement
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management/Business Administration
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPA-K)
  • 2- 3years experience in a finance department
  • Attention to details
  • High level conception and analytical capacity;
  • Ability to work in a team and judgment on when to brief supervisors and other stakeholders;
  • Good interpersonal skills: team player;
  • Good problem solving skills;

Job Title: HR Business Partner / Training Manager

Job Code: HR/60
Report To: General Manager -HR
Purpose: Reporting to the GM HR, the successful candidate will be responsible for Development of a winning Human Capital pool through continuous training and motivation. 

Providing support to operating units through workforce planning, resource optimization, performance monitoring and variance analysis aimed at aiding management in decision making and optimal utilization of the work force.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Manage a robust and effective training program for the entire business
  • Liaise with outsourced firms in scheduling of outsourced labor
  • Oversee the development and implementation of effective workload forecasting and shift scheduling for branches through approving leave schedules for all the staff and ensuring that space and resource planning are adequately catered for;
  • Continuous development of the HRM system to accommodate emerging needs in the business.
  • Formulate Space Planning Utilization summaries as part of the Workforce Budgeting.
  • Ensure any change to plan is justified, supported by facts and is approved before implementation;
  • Communication to staff on all workforce related issues is done within agreed SLA
  • Ensure policies and procedures related to workforce management are accurate, updated and made available onto the Intranet;
  • Make recommendation on improving scheduling efficiencies, and follow through on their implementation and measure of success while ensuring that the plans are realistic and match current trends;
  • Conduct performance tracking through variance analysis of Workforce plans and performance evaluation;
  • Communicate promptly on sudden changes in customer flow and recommend appropriate actions to be taken;
  • Periodically review routing strategies and recommend improvement to achieve optimization;
  • Translate adherence statistics for business decision;
  • Communicate agreed performance standards and targets; Review targets every six months and communicate within agreed timelines;
  • Identify weak areas, implement training needs and coaching plans and follow up to ensure weak areas have been covered within the team;
Professional Qualifications, Job Experience & Skills Requirement
  • An honors degree from a recognized university preferably in Human Resources.
  • Possession of an advanced degree is preferable.
  • At least 3 years’ experience in a similar role within a workforce planning environment.
  • Must have experience in workload forecasting, shift scheduling, performance analysis and costing for a large organization
  • Must have experience preparing, monitoring and reviewing budgets and forecasts in a large company.
  • Experience in a telecommunications company is preferred.
  • Experience in financial modeling and forecasting.
  • Good experience in MS office tools.
  • Good planning skills with ability to meet strict deadlines.
  • Innovativeness and willingness to propose new and effective ways of running the business. Ensure the highest level of accuracy in financial/HR analysis and feedback.

Job Title: Corporate Communications Officer

Job Code: HR/50

Report To:
 Working in the CEO office
Purpose: The PRO will help to develop and execute proactive PR plans that support and enhance the brand positioning in line with Tuskys 2.0 - GOOD TO GREAT strategy.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Developing a winning Internal and External communication strategy that correctly addresses of all business stakeholders primarily staff, customers, suppliers and wider public
  • Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies.
  • Liaising with colleagues and key spokespeople.
  • Liaising with and answering enquiries from media, individuals and other organizations, where need be.
  • Work with implementing a strong web presence and all industry leading blogs, forums and channels
  • Researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media.
  • Constantly analyzing media coverage and advising top management on best media engagement practices.
  • Assist in all aspects of printed media working with the art team and other departments to make material available to the PR agencies and directly to the media - Brochures and Mini Brochures, Press advertising, Press releases, Posters, Photo etc.
  • Writing and editing in-house magazines, case studies, speeches, articles and other publications that aim at winning positive perception amongst staff.
  • Preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programs.
  • Organizing events including press conferences, exhibitions, open days and press tours.
  • Providing and editing information that is updated on the organization’s website.
  • Managing and analyzing internal information flow and engaging with users on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Commissioning market research on brand strength, acceptance and perception.
  • Fostering community relations through events such as open days and through involvement in community initiatives.
  • Managing the PR aspect of a potential crisis situation.
Professional Qualifications, Job experience & Skills requirement
  • A bachelor’s degree in Public Relations/Business management or Mass communication.
  • At least 4 years relevant experience in the field of public relations.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work in a busy multi-locational organization.

Job Title: General Manager Human Resources


Job Code: HR/10
Report To: CEO  

Purpose: To develop and lead a winning HR policy driven to attract, train and retain the best talent in line TUSKYS 2.0 GOOD TO GREAT! 

The job holder will oversee all functions of the department and ensure proper processes are followed in selection, recruitment, training and remuneration. 

The Human Resource Manager will ensure optimum placement of staff members in various departments and outlets.
Duties & Responsibilities
  • Develops and maintains overall Human Resource strategy for the business in line with the business growth objective. 
  • Breaks down the overall strategy into day to day objectives and leads teams in achieving the same.
  • Maintains organization staff by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; counseling departmental managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes.
  • Maintains the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions.
  • Constantly reviews relevance of various positions in line with business objectives.
  • Prepares employees for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.
  • Manage the Human Resource budget in the most efficient survey method possible. 
  • Ensure business gets real value for resources invested in people and guide Human Resource spending in line with overall company strategy.
  • Maintains a pay plan by conducting periodic pay surveys; scheduling and conducting job evaluations; preparing pay budgets; monitoring and scheduling individual pay actions; recommending, planning, and implementing pay structure revisions.
  • Ensures planning, monitoring, and appraisal of employee work results by training managers and departmental heads to coach and discipline employees; scheduling management conferences with employees; hearing and resolving employee grievances; counseling employees and supervisors.
  • Maintains employee benefits programs and informs employees of benefits by studying and assessing benefit needs and trends; recommending benefit programs to management; directing the processing of benefit claims; obtaining and evaluating benefit contract bids; awarding benefit contracts; designing and conducting educational programs on benefit programs.
  • Ensures legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource requirements and best practices; conducting investigations; maintaining records; representing the organization at hearings and forums with employee unions, labor offices and the Ministry of Labor.
  • Maintains management guidelines by preparing, updating, and recommending human resource policies and procedures.
  • Maintains historical human resource records by designing a filing and retrieval system; keeping past and current records.
  • Completes human resource operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results.
  • Maintains human resource staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees based on merit. Foster counseling and disciplining employees; planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive performance management system. Ensure continuous and regular performance evaluation of employees in various levels, departments and branches and proper documentation of performance records. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Develop performance reward system for all employees to recognize effort and success. Also develop and maintain a comprehensive performance improvement plan for underperforming employees - facilitate counseling and motivation.
Professional Qualifications, Job experience & Skills requirement
  • Holder of a University degree in Human Resources Management.
  • At least seven years’ experience in HR, four of which must be in senior management position.
  • Must be a practicing member of The Institute of Human Resource Management.
  • Must be well versed with Kenya and International Labor laws.
  • A Master’s degree in HRM will be an added advantage.
How to Apply

If you meet the above requirements send your CV to 

For ease of processing all candidates should quote the JOB CODE on Subject line of the email application.

Application deadline is Wednesday, 10th November 2015 at 5:00pm.

Late applications will not be considered. 

All applicants must quote job ref on the subject line at the email.

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