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Intern Career Opportunity

Job Position: Communications Intern 

Job Start Date: 
01 March 2012

Commitment Required: 3 Months

Compensation: 800 KES/Week for Transportation and Phone

Hours: 3 four-hour segments of work/week to be scheduled between the hours of 11am and 7pm on Tue/Wed/Fri/Sun.

Organizational Summary

Be the Change - Kenya (BTCKE) exits to reduce the number of children living in poverty through building the capacity of local leaders and local institutions.

Our strategy permeates multiple levels of the local community. We develop the capacity of local organizations by forming two-year partnerships with local organizations that provide direct aid to children living in poverty. Partners participate in a multi faceted management-training program that includes a collaborative management-training program, executive mentorship and access to a network of pro-bono advising services.

We understand that individual organizations alone cannot change a community; therefore we enlist young adult leaders to advocate for local support of our partner organizations. Young adults are trained in Leadership and Organizing Material developed by a network of resources including the Harvard University Faculty, School of Servant Leadership, Episcopal Service Corp and more. Young adult graduates from BTCKE’s form teams that recruit donors, volunteers, resources, corporate sponsorship, clinical services and more for our Partner Organizations.

Our training programs not only develop capacity, they awaken directors, young adults and members of the local community to a renewed sense of power and agency. Furthermore, BTCKE bridges a formally divided community to create a cohort of partners working together for long-term change. Sustainable long-term change must include the support of the Kenyan Government. BTCKE intends for this body of leaders, created through our programming, to become active advocates and proponents of policy reform that supports children living in poverty.

In all our endeavors we maintain our core ideals: interdependent community, sustainable and scalable impact, human capacity and holistic well-being.

Job Summary

BTCKE’s third value, shared responsibility inherently demands the development of relationships with all our partners and donors. The BTCKE Communications Intern will work to keep our international donors updated on the progress of our work through our media communication outlets. This includes managing the overall strategy of our various media systems (their independent/collective purpose) and reporting their success to BTCKE Staff.

Job Responsibility 

(1) Manage WordPress Blog by BTCKE 

Appx hrs/month (10)

(1a) Edit/Prepare/Publish Blog Entries 

  • Receive blog entries from BTCKE team members in Kenya
  • Read and edit entries so they communicate the desired message. This includes grammar, punctuation, spelling and ensuring the message fits in an international context.
  • Publish entries to wordpress blog 3x/week
(1b) Suggest material/content for blog 
  • Maintain an overall idea of the effectiveness of the blog
  • Suggest desired content to BTCKE staff
(2) Manage Facebook Account for BTCKE 

Appx hrs/month (4)

(2a) Create schedule for reporting from BTCKE Young Adult Members 

(2b) Manage submission of Facebook posts – ensure work is done properly and report any issues to BTCKE Staff

(3) Manage BTCKE Website 

Appx hrs/month (6)
  • Update material as needed
  • Weekly updates of blog links, news or photos to show newest activity
(4) Manage BTCKE Youtube Account 

Appx hrs/month (4)
  • Take weekly videos from BTCKE events and post onto Youtube account
  • Use Youtube network to recruit new viewers to our site
(5) Assist in Publication of BTCKE Mail 

Appx hrs/month (5-10)
  • Read and edit (grammar/punctuation/spelling) all material that is included in monthly newsletters
  • Complete responsibility for the ‘read more’ section of the email newsletters.
  • Format email newsletters on Mailchimp using online program, cut/paste material into program and make ensure visual formatting is done well
  • Help with publication of quarterly ‘e-magazines’
(6) Attend events and write bi-monthly reports on work being done by BTCKE 

Appx hrs/month (6)

(7) Prepare weekly metrics summary for BTCKE Director showing Media Use 

Appx hrs/month (5)
  • Create chart, log or graph showing effectiveness of Media Outlets
  • Monitor outlets and track their effectiveness
  • Prepare weekly reports for directors of BTCKE
(8) Edit formal communications from BTCKE (press releases, organizational documents) 

Appx hrs/month (5)

Total Expected Monthly Hours (45 – 50)

  • Passionate about developing the capacity of Kenyan Non-Profits/Leaders
  • Skilled in English Arts – writing, speaking, grammar, spelling, punctuation
  • Well versed in Microsoft Word
  • Able to use online programs: google docs, dropbox and mailchimp.
  • Familiar with youtube, wordpress and facebook media sites.
  • Proficient in the English Language
  • Capable of acquiring new computer skills quickly.
To Apply:

Please send the following to
  1. Current CV
  2. Cover letter
  3. Copy of a recent writing sample (an essay or report you have written)
  4. The following assignment - Edit the below material as if it was to be posted on the BTCKE Blog.
Benjamin Frankline once said “it is pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness, poverty and wealth have both failed” it is The joy of knowing That somebody out There cares for you and they are doing their best to make your life worth living comfortable, provision of basic needs and many more. Friday The 19th We visited Kibera slums and what we saw made us be greatful for what we have like Mother Teresa said Our life of poverty is a necessary as The work Itself only In heaven will we see how much we owe to The poor for helping us to love God better because of them. The shaks tell a story of women who want to help the orphans but have no means of doing so the environment it self is not conclusive for a child to even play, toilet are a luxury, They barely even afford food to eat. When they saw us and heard what we are about, they were filled joy and hope of a better future, Though not many of them know how to go to the Internet and write us an email They said They would try and ask for assistance because this, BTCKE maybe there only hope. Join us so we can make a difference together. Be the change that you would love to see Mahtma Gandhi

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