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Massive Recruitment at Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital

Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral and Research Hospital (KUTRRH) is a new State Corporation and is registered under Legal Notice Number 4 of the State Corporations Act Cap. 446 of 25th January 2019 as a Level 6 Tertiary Hospital and is now operational offering specialized referral services in Accident & Emergency, Oncology, Renal, Trauma & Orthopaedics.

The Hospital is seeking to recruit highly transformative and dynamic self-driven individuals with a high degree of integrity, result oriented, demonstrable professionalism, competence and impeccable capabilities to fill the following positions within its staff establishment: –
Radiation Therapy Technicians

5 Posts
Position Description: The person in this position is responsible for providing emotional support to patients and family members who are going through an extremely stressful process.
Job Responsibilities
·         Preparing treatment rooms for patients.
·         Processing, verifying and maintaining information relating to patients.
·         CT simulation and localization of volumes depending on the diagnosis.
·         Making treatment plans after CT simulation.
·         Prepare moulds for immobilization purposes resulting in accurate treatment delivery
·         Delivering treatment for patients.
·         Monitor patients on treatment for reactions.
·         To maintain an accurate database of patient information and treatment plans.
·         Perform quality assurance checks of the treatment unit.
·         To follow oncology and entire hospital policies and procedures for the interest of the patient.
Minimum Qualifications
·         Bachelor of Science in Radiography (Radiotherapy Option) or Diploma in Medical Imaging Science with Higher National Diploma in Radiation Therapy.
·         Minimum 2 years’ experience in radiation therapy.
·         Knowledge of working with linear accelerators and CT simulation will be an added advantage.

Palliative Nurses 
3 Posts
Position Description: The person in this position is responsible for coordinating palliative care and patient referrals as required.
Job Responsibilities
·         Coordinates and completes palliative care consults with patient’s doctors.
·         Available as a consultant to patients, families and staff (hospital and hospice) regarding end of life issues and palliative care.
·         Assisting with education and training of employees, nurses, medical students, residents, and visiting scholars.
·         Assists with education of hospital medical doctors, Nurses, social Services and Case Management.
·         Assists with education of the community regarding palliative care and associated services.
·         Collaborates with provider relations department to educate current and potential referral sources.
·         Adheres to the practice of confidentiality regarding patients, families, staff, and the organization.
·         On-call responsibilities as required.
·         Perform other duties as requested.
Minimum Qualifications
·         Registered Oncology nurse and possessing a valid license.
·         Minimum of two years’ experience in hospice care.
·         Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
·         Demonstrates knowledge about home care, hospice, palliative care, advance directives, pain management, symptom control, and discharge planning.

2 Posts
Position Description: Counsellors are mental health practitioners who specialize in treating patients with emotional crises, stress, anxiety and behavioral disorders.
Their primary responsibilities include offering patient consultations and implementing individualized psychological treatment.
Job Responsibilities
·         Scheduling patient consultations liaising with physicians.
·         Assessing patients and identifying their problems.
·         Engaging in discussion with patients and making them feel comfortable.
·         Implementing individualized treatment programs.
·         Undertaking psychometric testing.
·         Evaluating patient responses to treatment over time.
·         Organizing a long-term counseling plan that involves multiple visits.
·         Offering services to all age groups.
·         Offering both one-on-one and group counseling.
·         Keeping a detailed account of patient mental health history.
·         Being patient and building relationships based on trust Minimum Qualifications
·         Be a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling or a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling from a recognized institution.
·         A Master’s degree in the relevant field will be an added advantage.
·         Be a registered member of the Kenya Counsellors and Psychologists Association.
·         Minimum two years counselling experience from a recognized institution.
Other Requirements
In addition to the above requirements, an officer must have the following qualities:
·         Ability to get on well with the diverse workforce;
·         Effective knowledge in the professional field of specialization;
·         Effective communication skills;
·         Ability to take instructions;
·         Effective organizational and supervisory skills;
·         Ability to keep confidentiality of clients’ information;
·         Writing skills;
·         Able to maintain confidentiality and high standards of ethical behavior;
·         Team playing skills;
·         Accuracy;
·         Care for resources;
·         Manual dexterity;
·         Execution of instructions;
·         Interpersonal skills;
·         Analytical skills; and,
·         Records Management skills.

Central Sterilization Supply Department Supervisor
1 Post
Position Description: Sterile supply technicians also referred to as sterile processing or CSS (central sterile supply) technicians are medical support workers who sterilize and prepare equipment and instruments, such as surgical tools.
Job Responsibilities
·         Operating and monitoring all sterilizing equipment.
·         Ensuring the CSSD equipment are clean and ready for use.
·         Organizing surgical instrument trays.
·         Ensuring availability of sterile packs as required.
·         Recording sterilizer test results.
·         Stocking and inventorying of all instruments.
·         Ensuring timely calibration on the equipment.
Minimum Qualifications
·         Bachelor’s degree in nursing working in Central Surgical Sterilization Department (CSSD) or a Diploma in nursing with at least 3 years’ experience working in a busy hospital in the Central Surgical Sterilization Department.
·         Professional training in infection Control, theatre technique or hospital waste segregation handling will be an added advantage.
·         Must demonstrate ability to communicate effectively, can do attitude, and ability to give mentorship to teams.

Central Sterilization Supply Department Technicians 
8 Posts
Position Description: The job entails working in the theatre department to assist in patient induction and post-surgery handling of instruments.
Job Responsibilities
·         Ensures that operating table is set and ready for operation.
·         Ensure that the operation table is the right one for the operation.
·         Ensure that it is in good working condition.
·         Ensure that it is fully charged and the charging cable is disconnected.
·         Check the anesthetist machine as per the machine checklist before every operation.
·         Ensure the anesthetic machine is working.
·         Ensure that there is good supply of pipes gases.
·         Ensure that the pin index cylinders are mounted on the machine and have gases in them.
·         Ensure the anesthetic machine is serviced as per hospital Annual Planned preventive maintenance schedule.
·         Assist in wheeling patients to and from theaters.
·         Assist in positioning the patient on the operating table.
·         Assist the anesthetist intubations, maintenance and reversal of anesthesia.
·         Ensure that the anesthetic cart has sufficient drugs required for anesthetizing the patient.
·         Ensures that the consumables required for intubations are in theaters and ready.
·         Assist the anesthetist in reversing the patient.
·         Ensures he has a working suction unit ready.
·         Ensures that all drugs and consumables used by the anesthetist are recorded on the technician charge sheet.

·         Assist the other team members in cleaning theaters, surgical instruments and sluice room.
·         Ensures the operation table is clean and ready for the next operation.
·         Ensures the anesthetic drug and consumable used are replaced in the anesthetic cart.
Minimum Qualifications
·         Training in any medical related course, and 6 months professional training as theatre technician.
·         Ability to demonstrate excellent analytical skills, excellent interpersonal communication skills both in English and Swahili.
·         Must be highly presentable, hardworking and committed with ability to maintain strict confidentiality.

10 Posts
Position Description: The post holder will provide physiotherapy services to clients within a multi-disciplinary team which involves conducting in-depth evaluation and treatment of both in and outpatient referred for physiotherapy. He/she will be expected to participate in the development and monitoring of services in conjunction with the team. The post holder will also participate in training and research opportunities as required.
Job Responsibilities
·         Be a lead clinician in the physiotherapy profession and carry a clinical caseload appropriate to the post.
·         Be responsible for client assessment, development and implementation of individualized treatment plans that are client centered and in line with best practice.
·         Be responsible for goal setting in partnership with client, family and other team members as appropriate.
·         Be responsible for standards of practice of self and staff appointed to clinical / designated area(s).
·         Able to Communicate and work in co-operation with other team members in providing an integrated quality service, taking the lead role as required.
·         Document client records in accordance with professional standards and departmental policies.
·         Participate and be a lead clinician as appropriate in ward rounds, case conferences etc.
·         Work within own scope of professional competence in line with principles of best practice, professional conduct and clinical governance.
·         Provide weekend and on call service where it is a requirement of the post.
·         To perform any other duties as may be assigned in the area of care.
·         To maintain appropriate departmental records and statistics sufficient for the sectional unit allocated.
·         To actively participate in professional development through self-learning, formal courses, study days, formal and informal on the job training.
·         To participate in In-service training. To be involved in any relevant research or studies including evaluation of methods, equipment and research projects.
Minimum Qualifications
·         At least a Degree in physiotherapy with at least 1-year experience and/or a diploma in physiotherapy with at least 3 years’ work experience.
·         Higher Diploma in Physiotherapy (any specialty) is an added advantage.
·         Registered with the Kenya Society of Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Council of Kenya.
·         Good communication skills, Honest, Good interpersonal skills, Good supervisory qualities.

Medical Physicist
2 Posts
Position Description: Reporting to the Oncologist, the Medical Nuclear Physicist job exists to use analytical and applied scientific technical support to medical specialists for safe nuclear radiology diagnosis and radiotherapy treatment of patients in the hospital, and advise the hospital and the public on the same at KUTRRH.
Job Responsibilities
·         Apply their knowledge of applied physics, mathematics and biomedical technology to specialized medical equipment that helps examine, diagnose and treat cancer patients in the hospital.
·         Use a variety of analytical computer aided and bioengineering techniques such as x-ray imaging, ultrasound, tomography, radiology, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and lasers to support radiologists and radiographers and ultra-sonographers in making very precise diagnosis among patients in the hospital.
·         Use analytical, computer-aided and bioengineering techniques such as radiation therapy to support radiation oncologists and other radiotherapists in treating their patients in the hospital.
·         Work with patients and with a wide range of medical, technical and administrative staff in applying their analytical skills in detecting and preventing radiation leak, exposure and poisoning in the hospital.
·         Work in radiotherapy, nuclear technology or medical imaging in order to ensure optimal equipment performance in order to advise and help protect against radiation hazards in hospital.
·         Conduct research, develop, implement and evaluate new analytical technology and techniques of new instrumentation or imaging techniques and write reports, and advise the on the same in the hospital.
·         Conduct research and training and updating nuclear diagnosis and treatment healthcare, scientific and technical staff, interns and students in the hospital.
·         Manage radiology, nuclear imaging and radiation therapy machines and equipment in the hospital.
·         Formulate, review, manage, implement and evaluate, and sustain nuclear, radiology and radiotherapy quality assurance programmes in collaboration with the Radiation Safety Officer of the hospital.
Minimum Qualifications
·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics, or its equivalent from a recognized institution.
·         Must have training on medical physics
·         Registration with Radiation Protection Board.
·         At least one year working experience as Medical Nuclear Physicist in reputable hospital.
·         Computer literate.
·         Knowledge of relevant legislations and professional standards.
·         Proven track record of clinical research and training in a reputable institution.
·         Soft skills: Communication skills, Analytical skills, Observation skills, Team player, Compassionate

Advertisement for Medical / Surgical Consultants
Specialists Positions
1. Anaesthesiologists (Sub-specialists) – KUTRRH/CONANAE/207
2. Cardiologists – KUTRRH/CONCARD/208
3. Dentists – KUTRRH/CONDENT/209
4. Dermatologists – KUTRRH/CONDERM/210
5. Emergency Medicine Specialists – KUTRRH/CONEM/211
6. ENT Surgeons – KUTRRH/CONENTS/212
7. Family Medicine Specialists – KUTRRH/CONFM/213
8. Gastroenterologists – KUTRRH/CONGASTRO/214
9. General Surgeons – KUTRRH/CONGS/215
10. Hematologists – KUTRRH/CONHEM/216
11. Intensivists – KUTRRH/CONIVS/217
12. Maxillofacial Surgeons – KUTRRH/CONMAX/218
13. Neonatologists – KUTRRH/CONNEON/220
14. Neurologists – KUTRRH/CONNEURO/221
15. Neurosurgeons – KUTRRH/CONNEUROS/222
16. Obstetrician & Gynecologists – KUTRRH/CONOBSGYN/223
17. Oncologists – KUTRRH/CONONCO/224
18. Ophthalmologists – KUTRRH/CONOPTH/225
19. Paediatrician – KUTRRH/CONPAED/226
20. Pathologists – KUTRRH/CONPATHLM/227
21. PET/CT Scan Specialists – KUTRRH/CONPETCT/228
22. Physicians – KUTRRH/CONIM/229
23. Plastic Surgeons – KUTRRH/CONPS/230
24. Radio Pharmacists – KUTRRH/CONRPHARM/231
25. Radiologists – KUTRRH/CONRADIO/232
26. Renal Physician – KUTRRH/CONNEPHR/233
27. Trauma & Orthopedics Surgeon – KUTRRH/CONTORTH/234
28. Urosurgeons – KUTRRH/CONUROS/235
Duties and Responsibilities
The main duties and responsibilities of the consultants will be to:
·         Reviewing patients and instructing in writing and ensuring all the recommendations are carried out.
·         Undertaking on call duties including clerking, investigating and managing patients.
·         Conducting ward rounds, clinics and theatre days as scheduled/directed.
·         Conduct medical research
·         Training, supervising and mentoring Clinical Officers, Medical Officers, Medical Interns and other students.
·         Providing anaesthesia for elective and emergency surgeries/procedures (For Anaesthesiologists)
·         Undertaking medico-legal duties including filling of P.3 forms and court attendance.
·         Undertaking medical examinations and preparing Medical Reports.
·         Participating in community outreach duties including care and treatment.
·         Ensuring data and information is collected, transmitted and utilized to the benefit of the customer and service provider.
·         Conducting disease surveillance, prevention and control.
·         Carrying out health education and promotion.
·         Refer patients to other medical specialists for further diagnosis of complex or unclear disorder or disease within the hospital.
·         Establish plan of care for patients, centered on slowing the progress of their disease or disorder, and incorporate diet and lifestyle changes, as well as monitored medications within or without the hospital.
·         Any other duties as directed by the Head of the Department.
Qualifications Knowledge and Skills:
a) Minimum level of academic qualifications required:
·         Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from a recognized institution
·         Master of Medicine in one of the stated specialized discipline from a recognized institution
b) Professional qualifications and Compliance required:
·         Registration with the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council
·         Valid Practice License
·         Professional Insurance Indemnity Cover
·         Specialist Recognition
c) Minimum level of knowledge required:
·         Computer literate
·         Knowledge of relevant legislations
·         Knowledge of professional standards
·         Proven track record of medical research and training
d) Soft skills required:
·         Communication skills
·         Organizational skills
·         Leadership skills
·         Observation skills
·         Analytical skills
·         Compassionate
·         Ability to work under pressure
Relevant Work Experience Required
The job holder is required to have minimum two years working experience as a medical consultant/ specialist in a reputable hospital
Application Procedure
If your background and competencies match the specifications of any of the posts above, please apply online via
OR send hard copies of your Application Letter, Curriculum Vitae and Filled Application Form addressed to:
The Chief Executive Officer
Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital
P.O. Box 7674 – 00100 GPO
Nairobi Kenya
For all applications please indicate the subject as follows: – JOB APPLICATION – [JOB/ CADRE REFERENCE NUMBER]
The deadline for the receipt of all applications is Tuesday 31st December 2019.
Persons living with Disability, Women, Youth, persons from minority and/ or marginalized groups who meet the requirements of the advertised positions are encouraged to apply.
Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews.
All shortlisted candidates MUST fulfil the requirements of chapter six of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, and will be required to produce the following documents;
·         Certificate of good conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations
·         Clearance Certificate from the Higher Education Loans Board (for graduates only)
·         Tax Compliance Certificate from the KRA
·         Clearance from Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission
·         A Clearance Certificate from an approved Credit Reference Bureau
Please take note that all communication to potential candidates is specifically through the following email address:
Please note that any form of canvassing will lead to immediate disqualification.
KUTRRH is an equal opportunity employer

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