Accountant Job in Nairobi, Kenya

Salary: Ksh 50,000

We are looking for an individual who can maintain accurate financial records, prepare essential financial reports, and ensure tax compliance. The ideal candidate will prioritize adherence to accounting standards and regulations, demonstrate proficiency in using accounting software, and effectively collaborate with various departments to support informed decision-making.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Bookkeeping: Maintain accurate financial records, including data entry and reconciliations.

Financial Reporting: Prepare financial statements to provide clear insights into the organisation’s financial health.

Tax Compliance: Ensure tax compliance by preparing returns, calculating liabilities, and advising on tax planning.

Compliance and Regulations: Stay updated on accounting standards and regulations.

Software Proficiency: Use accounting software like QuickBooks efficiently.

Communication and Collaboration: Collaborate with various departments to support informed decision- making.

CPA part 2.

Bachelor degree in finance/ accounting.

How To Apply

Send your application and CV to Email; Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Deadline: Monday 3rd June 2024.