Mail Assistant Job in Kenya - UN


Outbound Process:

Date-stamp received items prior to distribution.

Delivers special mail and packages weighing up to 35 lbs.

Assists in coding, sorting, processing, and looking-up address, where insufficient.

Delivers x-rayed packages.

Ensures that outgoing pouches and courier shipments are processed to meet pick-up schedules.

Delivers mail to specified units, agencies and missions and delivers balance to common sorting area.

Processes all outgoing official correspondence, publications, and informational material.

Checks that outgoing mail is official and is dispatched by the most efficient mode.

Returns to staff members mail/pouch items deemed to be private in nature.

Ensures that mail is clearly and correctly addressed.

Weighs the mail in order to determine the postage and to frank accordingly.

Ensures timely distribution of conference documents.

Delivers urgent mail/messages.

Ensures prompt delivery of urgent mail.  

Inbound Process:

Ensures safety and security of items received in area, i.e., that all items are x-rayed and date-stamped prior to distribution.

Logs incoming items and raises discrepancies to supervisor, e.g., missing pouches, incoming mail items, incorrect pouch numbers, misrouted pouches etc.

Receives incoming pouches, incoming mail, express mail, and parcels; verifies airlines and courier documents.

Assists in tracing items and is accountable for actions taken.

Compares incoming log sheet against the number of pouches or specials received from couriers, contractors, and the government postal service.

Ensures that incoming pouches/courier shipments are processed in a timely manner.

Assists in unloading containers. 

Assists in x-ray, and pre-sorts.

Operates tow motor, forklift, or other equipment, as needed by unit.

Records Management and Reporting:

Prepares accounts, statistics, and other reports.

Prepares weekly activities report for management.

Ensures that reports are completed on time.

Determines and apportions freight charges proportionate to usage by other UN agencies.

Tracks the distribution of all mail, as well as the pouch service.

Establishes the degree of mail priority based on considerations such as cost effectiveness and schedules.

Checks and verifies invoices for payment.

Assists in preparation of yearly budget for Registry sub-unit in relation to pouch, overnight express service, and mail.

Signs the credit memos, and summary of enclosures and Diplomatic Pouch tags.

Records and calculates the daily postage charges for individual UN offices.

Assists with the collection and analysis of data as well as preparation of data presentations and reports for information sharing, responding to queries, knowledge management, planning and decision making.

Assists with visualizations and updating information material such as web pages or brochures.

Other Duties:

Assists in training new staff and provides guidance to other staff on the proper use of diplomatic pouches or other mail service.

Maintains petty cash to pay for surcharges of official incoming correspondence, which do not have sufficient postage.

Monitors the petty cash balance.

Answers inquiries with regards to international postal services, and the UN pouch service and regulations.

Liaises regularly with postal and courier services to keep abreast of new developments in the industry.

Rotates services between various sub-units.

Responsible for the Unit’s stationery store.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Competencies and Qualifications


Completion of a high school diploma or equivalent is required. Supplementary technical training in information management and courier services is desirable.

Work Experience

A minimum of three (3) years experience in handling mail, pouch, registry operations or related area is required.

The minimum years of relevant experience is reduced to one (1) year for candidates who possess a first level University degree.

Experience in supporting more than one entity or multiple clients simultaneously is required.

Experience providing services to the United Nations Common System, or a comparable international organization is desirable.

Knowledge of United Nations administrative procedures, safety and security regulations is desirable.

Experience in courier services and information management is desirable.

One (1) year or more of experience in data analytics or related area is desirable

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