Intern, Service Delivery, Job in Kenya

The Intern will work closely with the Deputy Directors and Associates on dissemination of our mental health solutions to Kenyan high school youths. This will involve being part of recruitment processes to engage schools and applicants to our three-tier caregiving model (crucial in reaching as many youths as we can) and monitoring partnerships with other organizations disseminating our solutions. Over the course of their internship, projects are likely to be at different stages from long-term planning to on-the-ground overseeing of delivery. This will allow for the Intern to have a well-rounded experience of project management at different stages of a project lifecycle.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Take part in the lay providers recruitment process, including planning, application processing, and recruitment material preparation.
  • Take part in developing hub coordinators training materials.
  • Participate in developing implementation and recruitment reports and consumable decks as per the organization standards.
  • Collaborate with Service Delivery Team to develop recruitment-related budgets, operation plans, and Gantt charts for our programming.
  • Take part in preparing materials and facilitating Teachers’ awareness sessions as required.
  • Provide implementation support for Shamiri programs in line with the Organization’s strategic plan.


  • We are looking for an an enthusiastic team player with a passion for mental health that is ready to engage in different aspects of research. Ideal candidates should have baseline experience with handling data and would benefit from having strong scientific writing skills.

How To Apply

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