Field Manager Job in Kenya

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure project briefs supplied by the Research are well understood by the implementers (Research co-coordinators, supervisors, team leaders and interviewers/recruiters
  • Make recommendations on additional information useful for the project
  • Ensure that all trainings are conducted in accordance with the guidelines in collaboration with the Researchers.
  • Ensure that for all training sessions, the project coordinator has in place a checklist for all the training requirements before the training commences
  • Ensuring all questionnaires to be used in the field have been officially signed off by the executive concerned
  • Coordination of questionnaire translations by either facilitating it in-house or through sub-contractions to a third party. In all cases you are responsible for ensuring that translations done reflect the meaning of the original questionnaire.
  • Counter checking scripted questionnaire to be used in the field in terms of reflecting the final questionnaire.
  • Counter Checking Discussion Guides to ensure flow and that the layout is easy for the moderator to follow.


  • Degree in Marketing or a First degree


  • 3 – 4 years hands on experience on operational side of market and social research, preferably in full time positions
  • Proficient in excel
  • Improved quality in fieldwork – Reduced queries on data.
  • Improve on the turnaround time of project execution.
  • Increase Capacity in the Field Department i.e., the number of well-trained interviewers, supervisors, coordinators.
  • Working towards Zero reworks on all projects (Adopting the concept of Better, Quicker Cheaper).
  • Keeping fieldwork timelines on projects.
  • Maintaining Quality Control Processes on all projects.
  • Reduction of cases of falsified field receipts /financial misuse.
  • Keeping field budgets below 35% for local or domestic budget and 45% for international Markets
  • Conducting quarterly Interviewer refresher trainings
  • Observance of global Operations metrics- On time and in full delivery >95% and client satisfaction levels >8.5

How To Apply

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