Data Analyst Job in Kenya

 Job Title: Data Analyst

Hiring Organization: Boma
Location – Locality: Nairobi
Location – Region: Kenya
Industry: Non Profit Organisation
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: KES Competitive
Date Posted: 03/30/2024

BOMA is working to lift 3 million people out of extreme poverty by 2027. BOMA’s mission is to provide the people and governments of Africa’s drylands with economic inclusion programs that increase resilience to multiple crises. Founded 15 years ago to eliminate extreme poverty among pastoralist women in Kenya, BOMA has since transformed the lives of more than 704,352 women, youth and refugees in the drylands of Africa. BOMA stands out for its focus on last mile populations of the drylands of Africa, who are most at risk to shocks from climate change and COVID-19, tech savvy and data driven approach, impressive graduation rate and 99% local structure based in Africa.

Job Summary

The Data Analyst define user reporting needs, data requirements, storage and management and undertake the required analysis and visualization across functions in BOMA based on the defined requirements and frameworks. They will work closely with specific functions in BOMA to identify, specify, acquire, maintain, and optimally use data to drive business/ program insights. He/She will facilitate the development and documentation of requirements, design and development of solutions to those requirements and training and championing the use of the solution to entrench data driven operations and decision making in BOMA.

Key Responsibilities

  • Exploration, testing and deployment of intelligent data management tools – Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Drive progressive change in data literacy and use within BOMA.
  • Data Consolidation and Reporting
  • Conducting analysis of current and historical program data to identify trends that inform implementation choices.
  • Interpret and provide insight from the analysis done and enable the business/ program decision making.
  • Working jointly with the M&E teams, assist in the development and maintenance of a Standard Data Management Manual and oversee its organizational implementation including DQA protocol.
  • Development of M&E reporting templates and other Standardized tools to enhance monitoring and reporting.
  • Working jointly with the M&E teams, assist in the development/reviewing of survey manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for existing and new data collection tools.
  • Reviewing quality of data sent by enumerators/FOs/M&E Officers and timely reporting to the supervisor on any issues that need to be addressed (Anomalies & irregularities).
  • Technical Set Up of Data Management Infrastructure and Tools
  • Configuration of databases for the storage and management of data.
  • Configuration of data pipelines and/or Extracting, Transforming and Loading (ETLs) from data sources to the consolidated database. This includes the management of the configured pipelines.
  • Set up and use of data visualization tools. This includes the development of reports, visualizations to answer specific business questions and requirements.
  • Set up and application/ use of data intelligence to improve the value of data to the business decision making – application AI to current and future data.
  • Training, Capacity Building and Technology Support
  • Identify technology issues that Enumerators/Field Officers/M&E Officers may have and that may be causing difficulties/ inefficiencies in the data collection processes and recommend and/or execute actions to address in consultation with IT.
  • Actively seek and log all M&E and Technology challenges the field teams including the cluster office teams are experiencing for resolution.
  • Play a central coordinating role in the reporting and resolution of M&E and Technology issues in the field office.
  • Provide the first level support for both M&E and Technology issues including hardware and software.
  • Analyze, compile, process and present data in a structure that can easily be understood.
  • Assisting in use of program generated data to identify program gaps and trends to improve quality of delivery and respond to current needs.
  • Capacity Building of Field M&E team and other Field Program Staff on data collection, analysis and management. Also train them on existing M&E analysis and monitoring templates and technologies supporting M&E.
  • Program Innovation
  • Innovating new ways to visualize data in form of dashboards/charts and in accordance to agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to aid in data for decision making.
  • Preparing management and user reports based on outcome of the surveys and donor reports as requested.

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor of Science required in, Information systems, Business Information Technology, statistics, business, development economics, business/project management, or similar.
  • A postgraduate IT Certification where the first degree is none technical will be an added advantage.
  • Required Qualifications
  • At least 2-3 years’ experience as a Data Analyst
  • Proficiency in Microsoft desktop technologies, Salesforce, Data analytics and visualization tools and technologies such as Microsoft Power BI, STATA, and digital data collection.
  • Proficiency and interest in data analytics programming languages (Python, SQL, R, JavaScript)
  • Practical understanding and experience of Databases, data pipelines, ETL pipeline and data warehouses.
  • Naturally curious and analytical; able to sort through extensive data and craft hypotheses.
  • Strong writing skills with experience preparing reports and technical documents.
  • Hand-on experience on use of data visualization tools (Tableau and Power BI)
  • Strong organizational, communication and writing skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and adhere to project timelines.


  • Database management and programming languages such as SQL, Python, PHP, C#, R
  • Experience using electronic data collection platforms such as Taroworks or ODK.
  • Experience using Salesforce.
  • Experience using GIS systems.

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