Customer Service Trainee Job in Kenya

Mission Statement for the Role: 

To be the face of Poa Internet, on a daily basis for customers reaching out to us through our omnichannel customer experience channels.

Overall Responsibility: 

Receive, document and resolve inbound requests from customers, through all our inbound communication channels- voice, whatsapp, social media and chat on a daily basis.

Key SMART Results for A-Player Success

  • Poa customer experience is known across Kenya for being able to reached on any channel the customer needs to reach us, phone, social media, whatsapp, email or chat – By the end of 2024
  • Poa customer experience is known for their empathy, response time and ability to solve customer complaints clearly and efficiently – By the end of 2024
  • Poa customer experience shift teams are known internally as the teams that collaborate and seek help to resolve customer inquiries as rapidly as possible- By the end of 2024
  • Poa customer experience agents are acknowledged by our users on Social Media as a department that cares about solving their problems – By the end of 2024
  • Poa customer service teams follow a unified troubleshooting strategy for delivering consistent and measurable results – By the end of 2024

Department stage of development where this role sits


Key Competencies (H, M, L)

  • Clear, empathetic written and verbal communication skills – H
  • Ability to solve problems on multiple planes – H
  • Attention to detail: Troubleshooting and resolution is an observer game, being able to identify and spot problems is a key to success in the role – M
  • Time management: The ability to resolve specified tasks within the slotted times – H
  • The ability to ask for help: Knowing when and how to ask for help internally and with other departments to resolve a customer’s inquiry – M
  • Ability to remain calm even when the customer is upset. Keeping the tempo of the conversation positive in light of challenges – H
  • Digital and computer literacy – H
  • Social media competency – H

Mandatory Criteria if Any with no exceptions to hire

  • Must have a learning and growth mindset

How To Apply

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