Credit Operations Officer Job in Kenya

Job Title: Credit Operations Officer

Hiring Organization: Old Mutual
Location – Locality: Nairobi
Location – Region: Kenya
Industry: Microfinance
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: KES Competitive
Date Posted: 03/18/2024

Old Mutual Kenya is based in Nairobi and is part of a larger group that offers solutions in long-term savings, asset management and investment. We offer solutions to individuals and corporates underpinned by our core values which are: Respect, Integrity, Accountability and Pushing beyond boundaries.

Job Description

To ensure compliance with internal credit operations policies and procedures, best practices and CBK prudential guidelines to facilitate management of credit risks within tolerable levels.
Originates all credit facilities disbursements for all segments and syndicated loans while ensuring absolute data integrity when capturing the credit facilities in the company’s core banking system.

The role handles all credit disbursement and repayment for all products sectors in the company by following the laid down procedures and completeness off all credit documentation so as to safeguard the institution.

The holder also handles Group Cover Insurance Fund (GCIF) related duties including placement of first-time loan covers, GCIF renewal for existing loans, and refund for unutilized GCIF premium.
To prepare and submit Credit Operations reports within agreed timelines.

Key Measurable Goals

Compliance reviews.

Loan Disbursements

Portfolio Monitoring & Revenue Assurance.

Credit facilities Documentation.

Credit Operations Reporting.

GCIF reconciliation

Key responsibilities

Compliance reviews

Detailed checks on physical approved loan applications before disbursements.

System check of Cash collateral loans to ensure the collateral exists before the loans is disbursed

Continuous review of system modules related to loans to ensure proper functionalities.

Review of loan limits and other product fact sheet provisions to ensure proper set.

Loan Disbursement

Processes all approved credit facilities in all sectors within the business.

Ensures accuracy in data capture in the system to ensure that the reports being generated are of quality.

Generates all system entries in regards to capturing of Overdraft facilities and System review of MOUs to ensure they are properly configured as per the approved documentations.

Review of loan limits and other product fact sheet provisions to ensure proper set.

Monitor and ensures that there are un-authorized transactions within the system.

Analyze and review loans related issues and seeks waiver and adjustment

Ensures to process all loan repayment general ledgers as per the provided files.

Monitor and review problematic loan contracts and recommend a solution.

Process Reviews & Controls Monitoring

Monitor and review adequacy of internal controls (e.g. documentation requirements, approvals limits and thresholds,

Continuously review Credit operations processes to ensure efficiency(

Portfolio Monitoring & Revenue Assurance

Revenue assurance tests to ensure loan set up fees, GCIF and chattels mortgage are Duly collected as per the provided documentations.

Recomputation of loan schedules for testing accuracy

Ensures that all interest waiver amount debited from PL account are credited back as expected when processing top up or buy off cases.

Ensures that the clients are charged the rightful interest amount when processing top ups and buy off loans.

Review of interest rates, repayment frequencies, days of arrears, and other loan fields.

Review list of recovered loans and ensure recovered amount as per right off cases are posted to the correct accounts.

Ensures to countercheck on the refund documentation provided from the branches before the same is posted into the system to minimize on risk of overfunding the company’s funds.


Ensures that all documentation in regard to loan processing are filled as per the required processes to as to easen retrial purposes once the physical application is required.

Maintains a proper filling systems for all refund and posting documentation provided.

Credit Operations Reporting

To prepare for review the various Credit Operations Reports within the agreed timelines.

(Reports include but not limited to; Daily Disbursement reports, Branch performance trend, Cash Collateral Loans Report, Branch disbursement Ranking Report, Disbursement per segment report.)

GCIF Reconciliation.

Review of new loans booked within the month and have the GCIF covers placed.

Have the covers for existing loans renewed at anniversary.

rocess refunds of unutilized premium for paid off loans.

AML KYC & CFT Responsibilities

Monitor, on a continuous basis, all transactions to ensure that unusual and suspicious transactions are reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)

Implementing and enforcing the board approved AML, KYC & CFT policy in as far as is applicable within my area of responsibility


Degree in Business

ICT & Banking Operations


Degree & Credit Certifications and Operations

Knowledge and Skills

Analytical skills

Financial Management and accountancy

Reporting writing skills

Proficiency in T24 skills with practical experience in Lending

Excellent Computer packages knowledge

Working knowledge of Emerge T24

Report writing abilities


At least 2 years’ experience in Credit operations and GCIF reconciliation in a financial institution

Practical experience in Credit Operations lending and Group Cover Insurance Fund (GCIF) reconciliation.

Personal Attributes

Assertive with excellent interpersonal skills

Honest and high degree of confidentiality

Analytical mind with vast knowledgeable on the Financial services sector


Speed and accuracy highly valued

Highly organized, Creative and Innovative

Proactive and fast decision maker

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