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NGO Jobs in Nairobi, Kenya - World Vision

Response Programmes Director

Purpose of Position
The Response Programmes Director oversees/leads the Sector Programming Team, including Program Officer(s), Design Monitor Evaluation (DME), Humanitarian Accountability and Information Management. The Programme Director supports the Response Director (RD) and Operations Director (OD) in designing the response strategy and operations plan and works in close coordination with both.
The Response Programmes Director is responsible to manage grant acquisition, assessments, monitor and humanitarian accountability and liaises with Support Offices (SOs), and international donors.
Response Programmes Director is part of the Response Senior Leadership Team. Response Programmes Director will coordinate/advise with Response Director (RD)/Senior Leadership Team (SLT) go or no go for proposals.
Establish, lead, resource and staff the programmes unit to meet response needs
·         Lead team/individual development and provide direction and support as needed to enable effective performance.
·         Contribute to National Office (NO) capacity building in the area of emergency response in coordination with NO leadership and Human Resources (HR).
·         Determine Programmes organisational structure and staffing plan with HR.
·         Work with HR to recruit and deploy Programmes staff and plan for capacity development.
·         Ensure Programmes staff handovers are conducted.
·         Develop Programmes budget in coordination with Finance.
·         Support RD and Finance in developing Response Budget, ensuring strong alignment and coordination with Operations team during budgeting and budget management process.
·         Plan for Programmes Unit transition/integration with NO, where applicable.
Lead the programme planning process to ensure alignment with context, humanitarian needs, response strategy as well as operational feasibility and technical quality
·         Support development of operational intent plan to align with funding allocations ensuring operational feasibility and
·         technical quality.
·         Support Sectors and Operations Director to draft response plan.
·         Work with Grants, Acquisition and Management (GAM) to coordinate grant acquisition.
·         Write Operational Intent inclusive of targets.
·         Prepare project RACIs (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) for new grants.
Oversee donor liaison and advocacy is undertaken to resource operations plan to address humanitarian needs. The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the GAM team undertake the following activities
·         Monitor and analyse donor opportunities to ensure they align with operational intent.
·         Communicate humanitarian needs identified through assessments, monitoring data and community feedback to in-country donors and Support Offices International Programmes Groups.
·         Represent World Vision with potential donors (ECHO, DFID, EU, OFDA, etc.) including bilateral, multilateral and corporate.
·         Collaborate with Advocacy to influence donor funding strategies when appropriate.
·         Liaises with SOs regarding donor priorities and opportunities for funding.
·         Support Finance in the allocation and tracking of response funding to ensure response strategic priorities are funded and effective leveraging of available funding.
·         Support mapping of all funding sources with Finance.
·         Support funding allocation process (Private Non Sponsorship & grant opportunities) in coordination with Finance, Response Director and Operations to reflect response strategic priorities, operational realities and ensure compliance with relevant funding regulations.
·         Support Finance to track donor funding allocation and commitments to ensure response strategic priorities are funded.
·         Oversee development and submission of project proposals to donors to resource operations plan.
·         Develop project proposals with Operations, Advocacy, Finance and relevant Support functions and ensure stakeholders have the opportunity to review proposals and raise issues prior to submission to donors.
·         Ensure proposals are aligned with the operational plan, sector DADDs and standards.
·         Ensure proposals are aligned with accountability standards and basic DME requirements.
·         Maintain donor and SOs communications to facilitate funding acquisition.
·         Support Finance to ensure an up-to-date funding matrix.
Ensure support for Finance to establish a grant management system to guarantee fulfilment of donor requirements
·         Support Finance to conduct grant orientation or grant start-up workshops for relevant staff.
·         Plan and manage donor reporting to ensure that all donor requirements are met.
·         Support Finance with monitoring of grants for compliance with grant requirements.
·         Oversee planning, implementation, analysis and sharing of findings from assessments and program monitoring.
The Response Programmes Director will ensure that the DME team undertake the following activities
·         Design and implement community consultation processes to ensure understanding of World Visions role, planned interventions and provide opportunities for input and feedback into programme and project designs.
·         Design and implement Information Provision plan to ensure that accurate and reliable information about the programme is made available and shared with communities in a timely and accessible manner.
Establish and support the implementation of complaint and feedback mechanisms
·         Document, implement and monitor complaint and feedback systems to ensure timely responses to communities.
·         Consolidate and analyse community complaint information to inform Operations and response management of key issues raised by beneficiaries.
·         Coordinate Humanitarian Accountability planning and learning with other accountability focused INGOs and LNGOs.
·         A minimum of 3-5 years in leadership role in the humanitarian assistance and development sector, with a significant portion of this in INGOs.
·         5 years experience in humanitarian assistance work.
·         Demonstrated understanding of key humanitarian principles, standards and best practices.
·         University degree in Humanitarian Studies or relevant field. Masters degree preferred.
·         Experience in program management and implementation of multi-sectoral emergency response projects.
·         Intensive experience in leading a multi-cultural team of professionals.
·         Experience working in a cross-cultural environment.
·         Experience working in war zones / fragile contexts.
·         Experience in engaging with governmental institutions and multilateral agencies.
·         Experience in managing humanitarian operations that facilitate innovation and calculated risk taking.
·         Work experience as Program Officer at least for 1-3 years in a country other than the home country.
·         Strong team leadership skills.
·         Emotional Intelligence (self awareness, managing emotions and those of others, remaining calm/composed, dealing with ambiguity and change).
·         Understand Humanitarian Industry and have proven experience within a relief setting.
·         Effective in written and verbal communication in English.
·         Ability to express ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively with senior internal and external stakeholders.
·         Previous experience working in complex emergency/rehabilitation settings.
·         Experience coordination with INGOs and other key stakeholders-High degree of negotiation and persuasion skills.
·         Ability to work with a reasonable level of comfort in high tension and high security risk situations.
·         Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts psychologically stressful environs and physical hardships.
·         Ability to facilitate the creation of cross-functional project teams and the development of national strategies.
·         Excellent time-management and prioritization.
·         Demonstrates openness and transparency.

Staff Capacity Development Coordinator

Purpose of the position
To coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of staff learning & development programs and lead the roll-out of talent management initiatives in line with the WV Partnership standards and People & Culture Priorities.
Learning Needs Assessment
·         Conduct annual staff learning needs assessment for the entire organization to establish staff performance gaps.
·         Categorize training needs of staff based on functions and office location
·         Liaise with Line Managers to develop annual departmental training plans
·         Liaise with departmental heads to develop training budgets to be incorporated in grant proposals and National Office budgets
Learning & Development programs
·         Identify and recommend development opportunities for all categories of staff aligned to individual development plans and organizational priorities
·         Facilitate and coordinate relevant in house training programs based on identified training needs and new partnership initiatives with a special focus on field based national staff
·         Liaise with external facilitators where need be to deliver trainings and team building sessions that may require external resource facilitation.
·         Monitor quality of training and post training implementation to identify gaps/issues that require refresher sessions or a new training methodology
·         Conduct in house surveys to assess effectiveness of various training programs and monitor change in behavior and competence
·         Use training evaluation data, including documentation of lessons learned and ensure future initiatives have incorporated the learnings
·         Prepare learning & development impact reports to be shared with World Vision senior management teams and Support Offices
Performance Management
·         Conduct periodic performance management trainings for new and existing staff and Line managers
·         Communicate partnership performance management guidelines to staff and managers
·         Monitor and report on submission of performance agreements, mid-year reviews and annual reviews
·         Educate Line Managers on how to reinforce a performance aligned culture through consequence management
Recognition schemes
·         Ensure roll-out of the staff recognition scheme
·         Coordinate the annual and semi-annual nomination & selection processes
Talent & Leadership Development
·         Liaise with Departmental Heads to identify potential talent for future management and specialist positions
·         Provide guidance, frameworks and tools to Departmental Heads on talent management, career path and succession planning
·         Consolidate talent pools per function and succession plans for mission critical roles
·         Liaise with World Vision International People & Culture teams to design and coordinate Talent development initiatives
Orientation /Onboarding
·         Liaise with Managers to develop an orientation handbook that will assist new international staff to understand the Somalia culture and customs
·         Organize and coordinate a comprehensive orientation program for new staff to support their smooth onboarding in the organization.
·         In liaison with Line Managers, prepare orientation materials and packs for new staff.
·         Ensure appropriate orientation documentation is filed in personnel files

Focal Point – Learning Resources
·         Oversee the resource center and maintain a register of resources such as books, magazines, DVDs CDs that are available
·         Identify distant learning programs appropriate for relevant staff and validate authenticity of learning institutions.
·         Ensure identified facilitators in Somalia are equipped and certified to meet expected standards and quality of facilitation.
·         Degree in Human Resource management, Business Management or relevant field
·         Certified Trainer of Trainees as a subject matter expert
·         Minimum of 4 years’ experience as a competent Training Coordinator in an International Organization
·         Passionate about people development
·         Proven ability to coach and facilitate in-house trainings in a multi-cultural environment
·         Very good interpersonal skills and ability to engage and influence at senior level
·         Very good report writing and marketing skills
·         Excellent use of PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and Excel
·         Exhibit teamwork and high levels of accountability
·         Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information
·         Committed to excellence with a strong focus on customer service
·         Able to work in stressful environments and effectively manage stress
·         Ability to handle multiply projects and priorities with limited supervision

VisionFund International Regional Training Manager

Purpose of the Position
As part of its new strategy, Building Futures Together, VisionFund seeks to deliver holistic, integrated services for increased scale of impact. Additionally, VisionFund’s re-commitment to its values and culture has identified a need to have a common understanding about how our corporate identity is manifested to clients through our MFI staff members’ values, behaviours and communications.
This is an exciting new role in VisionFund’s Africa region that will create a regional strategy for learning and development, based on robust training needs analysis in the Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and contextualizing the global L&D standards of VisionFund for the region.
This role will manage all aspects of Technical Capacity Building in our MFIs in Africa in order to drive the behaviours and practices that will help the MFIs to achieve their double bottom line of social impact and financial sustainability.
This role will design and execute learning and development interventions (usually training) on technical topics in alignment with VisionFund International’s standardized training programmes, materials, and methodology.
This role will provide training and will work on developing capacity of; a) Front Line staff, including LOs and other branch staff, b) Middle Management including Branch Managers and Regional Managers, c) Other head office staff in MFI, d) Training Managers/Officers in MFIs. This role will have matrix management responsibility of Training Managers in the MFIs and will require a strategic thinker and skilled influencer who can ‘sell’ the value of investing in training.
The ideal candidate will be a proactive self-starter who brings knowledge and experience of both the microfinance industry and training. The impact of this role will be seen in behavioural change and skills development among MFI staff, positively impacting the double bottom line of VisionFund’s MFIs in Africa.
Leadership and Reporting of the Learning & Development (L&D) Function in the Region
·         Creates a strategy for learning and development for the region and proactively plans L&D for the region.
·         From the MFI leaders, gets approval and secures budget as needed for L&D activities.
·         Embeds a learning culture in the regional team and the MFIs.
·         Is a voice of influence on L&D within the microfinance industry in the region.
·         Ensures training needs assessments occur on regular basis in order to make adequate MFI and Regional Training Plans.
·         Develops a Template for Yearly Training Plan and Budget for MFIs and assists MFIs in the preparation of their Yearly Training Plan and Budget. Influences the content of plan and budget.
·         Proactively develops reports and other monitoring tools for tracking execution against plan, and measuring effectiveness of MFIs training activities.
·         Makes Monthly Reports on performance of the Training function to the Regional Team and to the Global L&D Team.
·         Creates a set of common internal and external trainings to be delivered to all MFIs in order to minimize training cost.
·         Conducts follow-up studies of all completed training to evaluate results and practise continuous improvement.
·         Assesses & validates learning interventions offered by external consultants / in-house staff in MFIs to ensure that the most effective methods of learning are used, bearing in mind VFI’s learning philosophy of 70:20:10 (70% learning
·         through doing, 20% coaching & monitoring, 10% classroom/conference training).
·         Reports proactively on the effectiveness of L&D interventions and adjusts the strategy based on the realities on the ground and changes in the external environment and overall organizational strategy.
·         Ensures that MFIs do annual training needs analysis and have Learning & Development plans for all staff.
·         Supports MFIs in determining learning priorities, roll-out plans, setting program deadlines, and ROI analytics.
·         Leads best practice sharing across the region to create a learning organization culture in the region.
·         Models best practices in learning and development activities.
·         Evaluates the MFI training needs assessments and plans, ensures they are in line with the needs of the MFI for the year, and recommends to the MFI leaders and regional leaders how the training will be delivered (in house, external, capacity building, secondment, etc).
Developing the L&D Capabilities in the MFIs
·         Assists MFIs in recruiting training staff and matrix manages the MFIs’ training managers.
·         Participates in Performance Appraisal of Training Staff in MFIs.
·         Develops Training Capacity in MFIs. In case that there is no training unit or full time training staff within MFI, proactively identifies and trains several staff members to serve as trainers.
·         Delivers training of trainers in Africa MFIs.
·         Builds a Pool of potential part-time trainers in each MFI.
·         Develops the knowledge and skills of MFI staff in how to not only plan and run effective training but also how to assess learning needs and how to evaluate the effectiveness of training.
Hands-on Execution of Learning & Development Plan
·         Plans, organizes and facilitates employee development projects (usually training) in alignment with VisionFund’s standardized training programmes, materials and methodology including new curricula and refresher trainings.
·         Proactively develops customized training curricula for training needs that are identified in Africa MFIs and collaborates with MFI and regional staff and subject matter experts to ensure MFI staff develop the required technical skills to ensure effective microfinance programmes.
·         Identifies the most effective mix of internal and external trainings for MFIs, always practising wise stewardship.
·         Champions the appropriate use of technology for L&D and is subject matter expert on L&D for the region.
·         Maintains updated curriculum and training records.
·         Liaises with MFI leadership teams to coordinate training events and supports financial objectives by recommending training budget items.
·         Identifies important gap areas in the MFIs and as needed designs/rolls out and provides ToT on these areas, then ensures proper roll out to the branches before handing it to operations and compliance department (for example, in the areas of rotation, bonus systems, creation of a debt collection unit, etc).
·         Uses accepted education principles, keeps up to date with L&D innovations, trends and technology and implements new L&D methods and techniques as appropriate.
·         Provides matrix management, coaching, mentoring and spiritual nurture to the training managers in MFIs, encouraging their development and providing performance feedback.
·         Represents the WV Partnership with technical donors.
·         Represents the WV Partnership with the microfinance industry in the region.
·         Carries out additional responsibilities and projects as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
·         Minimum education of a Bachelor’s degree and proven ability to think strategically, plan proactively, manage multiple simultaneous projects and evaluate results.
·         Knowledge of adult learning principles and experience of applying them.
·         Advanced facilitation skills to foster employee engagement in learning events.
·         In depth knowledge of microfinance industry best practice and performance drivers gained through formal study and work experience in microfinance.
·         Exceptional interpersonal skills including a track record of influencing, negotiating, developing people and inspiring people.
·         Demonstrated commitment to a Christ-centered life, passion for VisionFund’s mission and vision and ability to apply the Core Values.
·         Intercultural sensitivity, interdenominational sensitivity and ability to apply Biblical principles to learning and development interventions.
·         Demonstrated skill and understanding in cross cultural communications and demonstrated commitment to valuing diversity and creating an inclusive environment.
·         Clear thinking and compelling communication, with ability to influence regional leaders and MFI leaders to take appropriate action to meet the learning needs.
·         Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
·         Problem solving ability and tenacity in the face of setbacks.
·         Self motivated and able to work in a virtual team.
·         Previous experience of at least 5 years in a Training role.
·         Microfinance experience of at least 5 years.
·         Experience in monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of L&D activities, with ability to proactively propose adjustments/new solutions.
·         Demonstrated proactivity and technical ability in identifying learning needs.
·         Demonstrated ability to teach and train in both formal and informal processes.
·         Demonstrated excellent analytical skills and facilitation skills.
·         Self-motivated and proven ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
·         Experience organising business events, trainings, conferences, celebrations and similar.
·         Demonstrated ability to successfully mentor and coach staff for performance improvement (ideally including people management experience).
·         Fluency in written and spoken English and French, including for training facilitation and negotiations.
Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience
·         Proficiency in eLearning design software, particularly Articulate Storyline, is desirable.
·         Previous experience in financial services technical operations training in an African context.
·         Experience working and communicating at a distance in a multinational environment.
Work Environment/Travel
·         The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 50% of the time, mainly within the Africa region with some travel outside the region occasionally as needed.

Project Officer

Purpose of the position
To plan, implement, monitor and document all the Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) activities within Soin Area Development Program as per the proposal. Provide necessary technical support, related training, follow-up, and guidance to the staff and farmers youth and women groups under FMNR and provide feedback and reports to the Project manager and Cluster manager including National Office as when required.
In order to successfully do so, the project officer – FMNR Project must be able to effectively Communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.
Project Implementation and Monitoring 65%
·         Responsible for the in the implementation of the all activities in the FMNR project
·         Train the partners, selected groups and community members on the various recommended focal areas (FMNR, Climate smart agriculture, Sustainable energy options, soil and water conservation, advocacy and policy influence etc).
·         Contribute to effective and timely implementation of all FMNR level interventions and initiatives with communities and partners;
·         Provide supervision to – Community Mobilizer – and effectively manage performance – to ensure FMNR project objectives are met
·         Ensure that all FMNR initiatives within the project’s area of influence meet or exceed planned outcomes and are implemented in full compliance with the projects guidelines;
·         Collaborate with Project manager, Regional M & E and Capacity Building Coordinator, and the Technical Specialist – Environment and Climate Change to effectively support the project to carry out all measurements – baselines, assessments, designs, monitoring and evaluations – in accordance with WV established standards, policies and procedures;
·         Coordinate with the Project manager and Regional M & E Coordinator to ensure that appropriate controls, monitoring and evaluation tools are in place and being utilized in a timely manner in every FMNR measurement ,
·         Support the Area Development Program with FMNR project and region in the event of any disaster and/or crisis response when called upon to do so;
·         Monitor and support the timely and appropriate utilization of budgeted resources for all FMNR related project interventions as well as ensure effective and timely response plans to all financial audit findings of FMNR initiatives and take the needed measures to prevent such findings from recurring in the future;
·         Conduct on site FMNR trainings.
·         Organize and coordinate farmers FMNR exposure tours
·         Support community/ Farmers Capacity building on alternative livelihood options.
·         Participate in proposal development and resource mobilization.
Reporting and Documentations 30%
·         Compile the necessary monthly, quarterly and annual reports for forwarding to the Project manager, Livelihoods & Resilience Officer and National Office
·         Attend the regular weekly and monthly planning meetings at called upon.
·         Regularly document success stories/innovation for sharing across the partnership
·         Develop context specific electronic and live media communications on FMNR and NRM activities.
·         Ensure the Project design document is updated as per Design, Monitoring and Evaluation standards.
Others 5%
·         Carry out any other duties as may be assigned by the Cluster manager, Project manager or designee;
The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:
·         The job holder must have at least a Degree in Natural Resource Management or Agro-forestry or related
·         At least two years’ on job experience on Natural resource management or Agro-Forestry and with some experience on Agriculture.
·         Experience working with NGOs will be an added advantage.
·         Must have a good understanding of the different systems of extension delivery.
·         Computer literate
Other Competencies/Attributes
·         Self-driven and able to work under stress
·         Ability to work with minimum supervision.
·         Compatible with WV mission, ethos and core values.
·         Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
·         A good communicator who is willing and able to work as an active member of the Sub branch / Response team.
·         Has the ability and willingness to work with different communities. Should be self-motivated and able to work without supervision

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