General Manager, Carduka, Job in Kenya

Job Purpose

The General Manager for our automotive ecosystem platform will play a pivotal role in shaping the vision and strategic direction of the product (CarDuka).

This role is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our platform’s operations, ensuring seamless collaboration and value creation among automotive value chain partners, which include car dealers, financing partners, garages, insurance companies, tracking companies, and spare parts suppliers.

The General Manager will lead a dynamic team, drive innovation, and facilitate partnerships to create a holistic and efficient ecosystem that enhances the automotive experience for consumers and businesses. Ultimately, the General Manager is entrusted with achieving sustained growth, profitability, and industry leadership while maintaining the highest standards of quality and user satisfaction within the automotive ecosystem.

Key Responsibilities

Vision and Strategy:

Develop and articulate a clear and compelling vision for the Carduka’s growth and impact within the automotive industry.

Create and execute a comprehensive strategic plan that aligns with the Carduka’s objectives.

Develop operational plans for product growth and improvement of sales. Ensure that all aspects of the business operate smoothly.

 Stakeholder Engagement:

Forge and nurture strong relationships with key stakeholders in the automotive value chain, including car dealers, financing partners, garages, insurance companies, tracking companies, and spare parts suppliers.

Leverage these partnerships to enhance the platform’s offerings and value proposition.

Team Leadership and Development:

Build and lead a high-performing team, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Provide guidance and mentorship to team members, promoting their professional growth and development.

Oversee the hiring, training and performance management of staff.

Be involved in staff  selection, training development, scheduling, performance management and ongoing professional  development of employees

Product Development and Innovation:

Oversee the development, enhancement, and optimization of the platform to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Drive innovation in product features and services to maintain a competitive edge.

Ensure a data-driven decision-making process across the organisation

Work closely with product owners to ensure product market fit

Financial Management:

Manage the Carduka’s financial health, including budgeting, and investment decisions.

Ensure financial sustainability and profitability.

Manage the annual budget to ensure objectives are met within financial and resource constraints

Marketing and Branding:

Develop and implement effective marketing and communication strategies to raise brand awareness and attract users.

Manage public relations, brand identity, and marketing campaigns. Implement brand strategies aimed at building the product’s brand.

Devise advertising and promotional plans and be involved in product positioning and global brand marketing development

Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

Ensure Carduka operates within all legal and regulatory frameworks.

Oversee contracts, agreements, and compliance matters.

User Experience and Satisfaction:

Prioritize a seamless and positive experience for all platform users.

Address customer feedback, resolve issues, and maintain high standards of user satisfaction.

Innovation and Research:

Stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies in the automotive industry.

Lead research and development efforts to enhance the platform’s capabilities.

Knowledge and Skills

Ability to define the long term business strategy while also addressing the  hands-on tactical needs of the business at all levels

Proactive, ethical, high energy, hands-on manager with great  interpersonal skills to function across all levels of the organization as well  as with external entities

Thoughtful and demonstrates good judgment and strong decision-making  based on accurate and timely analysis

Strong organizational and project management skills; attention to detail

Proven business management experience in an unstructured and fast paced environment

Proven experience building strong business partnerships and executive  presence; able to establish credibility and support with other stakeholders

Outstanding time management skills

Results-oriented approach to work; willingness to do whatever it takes to  help the team

Ability to identify and implement efficiencies and process improvements

Able to deliver highest standards of customer service

Strong problem solving and creative skills 

Understand the extended enterprise and have an appreciation for value creation based on understanding of overall vision for the business


Minimum of 12 years of sales and business development experience with increasing levels of responsibility

Proven track record of leadership in a dynamic and innovative environment, preferably in a tech or platform-based startup.

Strong understanding of the automotive industry and its value chain.

Exceptional strategic thinking and decision-making skills.

Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.

Financial acumen and the ability to manage budgets.

Demonstrated experience in building and leading high-performing teams.

A deep commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

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