Director of Maintenance Job in Kenya

Role Purpose Statement:

Under the general guidance of the CEO the Director of Maintenance is responsible for providing strategic leadership and management oversight for all activities within the Maintenance department. This role ensures the highest levels of safety, compliance, and efficiency in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul activities, in alignment with Jambojet’s goals and objectives. The role aims to meet the company’s objectives of sustainable and profitable growth.

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

Develop and implement the maintenance strategy for Jambojet to meet the shareholder growth and profitability requirements.

Ensure strict adherence to safety protocols, KCAA regulations, and other relevant regulatory bodies. Set goals for safety performance and validate the effectiveness of risk controls.

Implement and oversee quality assurance programs, ensuring that required standards of quality are achieved in accordance with KCAA and company procedures.

Prepare, monitor, and control the annual maintenance budget, ensuring cost-efficiency while maintaining safety and quality standards.

Lead, manage, and develop the Maintenance department staff, ensuring they are competent, adequately trained, and fully conversant with any new types or variants of aircraft operated by the company.

Ensure the highest levels of safety within the Maintenance department by setting clear objectives, promptly reporting any significant safety changes, and implementing comprehensive safety training programs for staff.

Collaborate with the Safety Department to identify and monitor key safety performance indicators, including hazard identification and risk assessment, and take appropriate corrective actions to maintain safety standards.

Oversee relationships with external vendors and service providers, ensuring high-quality and cost- effective services. Ensure third-party service providers are compliant with regulatory requirements and contractual obligations.

Continuously assess and improve maintenance processes and procedures for efficiency and effectiveness, including fault reporting, troubleshooting, and defect rectification.

Ensure accurate and timely reporting of maintenance activities, including compliance reports, safety audits, and performance metrics.

Evaluate and implement new technologies to improve maintenance efficiency and safety. Ensure effective systems and controls are in place to minimize cabin deferred defects levels.

Oversee the overall mandatory and or regulatory training of all maintenance staff and the maintenance of subsequent records.


Know-How: Expertise in maintenance procedures and regulations specific to low-cost carriers.

Problem Solving: Quick, effective issue identification and resolution in a fast-paced setting.

Accountability: Directly responsible for safety, compliance, and efficiency of the maintenance

department reporting to the CEO and regulatory authorities.

Problem Solving

Thinking Challenge: Responsible for solving multifaceted technical and regulatory issues, requiring critical, data-driven decision-making.

Thinking Environment: Operates in a high-pressure, fast-paced setting, necessitating quick and adaptable problem-solving while aligning with long-term objectives.


Freedom to Act: Full autonomy in Maintenance decision-making, subject to regulatory constraints CEO and board oversight

Magnitude: Decisions have a direct impact on the safety, compliance, and operational efficiency of Jambojet, affecting both human and financial resources.

Impact of Decisions: Consequential effects on Jambojet’s reputation, financial performance, and regulatory standing. Responsible for risk mitigation and ensuring the long-term sustainability of Jambojet.


Education: University degree from a recognized university, preferably Engineering, Aviation Maintenance, or related field. A graduate degree is preferred.

Experience: At least 10 years in progressive maintenance leadership roles, preferably in the aviation industry.

Certifications: KCAA or equivalent certifications in Aircraft Maintenance.

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