Country Director Job in Kenya

Job Summary:

The Country Director will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s operations in Kenya, from strategic planning and execution to operational management, talent development, financial oversight, stakeholder management, and compliance. This role requires a blend of leadership, technical expertise in the energy sector, business acumen, and cultural awareness specific to the Kenyan market.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Planning and Execution:

  •  Collaborate with the Group to develop and implement strategic plans for sustainable business growth in Kenya.
  •  Lead the Operational Management Team (OMT) to ensure alignment and smooth execution of strategic initiatives.
  •  Identify and mitigate potential risks during strategic plan implementation.

Process Optimization:

  •  Review and optimize organizational processes to enhance resource utilization, project management, and overall efficiency.
  •  Provide oversight and governance to ensure adherence to best practices and standards.

Operational Oversight and Leadership:

  •  Provide leadership, direction, and mentorship to the OMT, fostering a culture of excellence and accountability.
  •  Ensure successful delivery of commercial activities, projects, and client satisfaction.
  •  Identify and address training needs for the OMT to enhance performance and capabilities.

Talent Management:

  •  Identify and retain key talents within the organization, recruiting new talents as needed to support strategic objectives.

Financial Management:

  •  Oversee financial planning, budgeting, cost management, and reporting.
  •  Monitor financial performance against targets, implementing corrective measures as necessary.

Stakeholder Management:

  •  Strengthen relationships with clients, partners, government entities, and other stakeholders.
  •  Negotiate contracts and agreements to safeguard the company’s interests.
  •  Represent the company in key forums and meetings.

Compliance, Risk Management, and Quality Assurance:

  •  Ensure adherence to legal, regulatory, and industry standards.
  •  Lead internal and external audit exercises, proactively identifying and mitigating risks.
  •  Maintain a Risk Register and produce quarterly Risk Reports for review.

Market Analysis and Business Development:

  •  Analyze market trends and identify new business opportunities.
  •  Generate leads, collaborate with the Commercial Team to develop proposals, and close deals.
  •  Stay informed about industry developments and competitor activities.

Performance Management:

  •  Implement KPIs and monitoring systems to assess operational effectiveness.
  •  Review performance data and adjust strategies as needed.
  •  Provide regular reports to the Group on operational performance.

Crisis Management:

  •  Respond swiftly to crises or emergencies, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Key Competencies and Personality Traits:

Technical Competencies:

  •  Strong technical skills and experience in the Energy sector, including EPC, O&M, and Development.
  •  Strategic planning and execution expertise.
  •  Business and financial acumen.
  •  Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  •  Proficiency in English and understanding of Kenyan business culture and regulatory environment.

Personality Traits:

  •  Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  •  Self-driven and entrepreneurial mindset.
  •  Humility, kindness, and integrity.
  •  Resilience and adaptability to changing business environments.
  •  High ethical standards and professionalism.

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