Accountant II Job in Kenya

Duties and Responsibilities

This is the entry and training grade for the accountants cadre. An officer at this level will work under the guidance of a senior officer. Duties and responsibilities will entail: 

Receiving and compiling financial reports from public sector entities

Collecting and maintaining a data base of the public-sector entities

Preparing payment and receipt vouchers; capturing data

Maintaining primary records such as cashbooks, ledgers and vote books

Receiving duly processed payments and receipt vouchers

Writing cheques and posting payments and receipt vouchers in the cash books

Balancing and ruling of the cash books on daily basis

Capturing authority to incur expenditure (AIE) in the system and filing returns

Preparing appropriation in aid (AIA) returns

Preparing payment advice (PA) forms

Raising accounting debt entries

Processing payments, reimbursements and disbursements

Preparing annual final accounts

Verifying invoices and preparing accounting reports

Defining employee and supplier details

Uploading and capturing accounting data into the system; and providing user support and help desk management.

Requirements for Appointment

Be a Kenyan citizen

Bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields: Commerce (Accounting or Finance option), Business Administration (Accounting Option) from a recognized institution or any other relevant equivalent qualification; and

Certificate in computer applications skills.

How To Apply

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