Plumber Job in Kenya

Job Description

Responsible for performing work necessary to keep the plumbing infrastructure and fixtures to Fairmont Engineering Departments standards. To carry out daily preventative tasks, emergency and planned troubleshooting and repairs, new installs and retrofits of any space within the hotel property as directed by the Director of Engineering or designated Engineering Managers.

Responsible for troubleshooting and carrying out all repairs to all equipment, machinery, valves, pumps and building systems related to the water/sewage/steam piping in the hotel including but not limited to chilled water system, potable water system, sewage water system, hot water system, condenser water, return water and steam lines, kitchen equipment, laundry equipment, valet, chillers and the HVAC system.

Execute work as assigned in a PM program that will ensure all the plumbing systems, machinery and equipment are routinely inspected, repaired as required and are in good running order and condition.

Where necessary, implement temporary safe solutions to minimize the impact of work at the hotel to guests.

To oversee any plumbing work carried out in the hotel. To ensure that all work is completed as per Hotel standards and meets the regulation standards.

To respond to guest requests and to carry out repairs and maintenance in guest rooms and public areas including, however, not limited to unplugging toilets, bathtubs & sinks, changing light bulbs, a/c unit, TV, remote controls, windows and furniture.

Responsible for maintaining an adequate stock of plumbing supplies and parts such as lights, valves, elbows, caps, copper & pvc connections, traps, repair kits, needed in day-to-day maintenance.

Good upkeep, repair and maintenance of all Kitchen equipment including, but not limited to freezers, coolers and cooking equipment.

Responsible for working with contractors and in-house staff on renovation and remodelling requirements and prepare a materials list and pricing for the project.

Responsible for ensuring supplies are stored and organized in a manner where inventories can be maintained. Ensure tools and material minimum levels are maintained so that ongoing, routine work can be completed.

To attend all training courses, workshops, seminars or schooling to ensure that you are current on all mechanical technology related to your job.

Perform other related duties as assigned.


Certified plumber under the Apprenticeship and Tradesmen Qualification Act or equivalent experience.

Five (5) years’ experience in a similar role.

Working knowledge and ability to repair the HVAC, mechanical and electrical equipment systems within the hotel.

Excellent guest service and be able to communicate in English.

Physical Aspects of Position (included but not limited to):

Constant standing and walking throughout shift.

Frequent lifting and carrying up to 30 lbs.

Constant kneeling, pushing, pulling, lifting.

Frequent ascending or descending ladders, stairs and ramps.

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