Finance Manager Job in Kenya


This is a high-impact role reporting to the Finance Director and below will be your responsibilities

Budgeting & Financial Planning: Preparation, supervision, and tracking of capital and operational budgets as well as financial analysis, forecasting and modelling

Financial reporting – responsible for monthly performance briefs, quarterly management accounts, and annual audited accounts as per investor, Donors, and other stakeholder requirements

Finance Operations: Oversee the finance processes including improving our controls from procurement to payables processes

Finance Risk Management: including currency risk management, credit risk management, liquidity risk management, and operational  development and implementation of the investment policy

Financial systems infrastructure: Initiation and implementation of internal procedures and controls, including purchasing, payments to suppliers, payroll and expenditure

Receivables management: Supervise collection of company debt and maintenance of debt accounts

Finance Team Management and leadership

Monitor the banking activities of the organization

Ensure adequate cash flow to meet the organization’s needs including cash flow management, forecasting, and planning

Monitor and control expenditures and budgets

Monitor and analyze monthly operational results against periods and budget issue reports to management

Oversee Compliance with the Income Tax Act, VAT ACT, and other statutory deductions across Africa  and other regulations when making payments to employees and suppliers of goods and other services across

Develop new and review existing finance / accounting policies and procedures and ensure any gaps are sealed


Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a related field. MBA preferred.

Analytical and problem-solving skills

Computer skills

Communication & interpersonal skills

Detail oriented

Qualified Accountant

At least 7 years of work 

Atleast4 years experience in a management 

Financial Modeling 

SAGE ERP experience and finance systems  automation 

Multinational company experience across Africa, Asia and Europe is an added advantage team for the implementation of the solution.

What Pula will bring to the table?

Growth potential: With an untapped market of 1.5 billion smallholders worldwide, on track to doubling the number of farmers insured in 2021 and Pula’s global leadership in Agriculture Insurance, our new staffers have a tremendous upside growth potential.

Market Leader: Not only is the opportunity massive, but Pula is by far the market leader in it’s category with 11m farmers insured as of 2023.

Solid: Pula has been funded by leading venture capital investors (Omidyar Network, ACCION, MercyCorps) and global philanthropic institutions (MasterCard Foundation, CGAP/World Bank as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). Pula closed a  $6m series A funding in December 2020 in the right in the middle of the pandemic a clear testimony of the opportunity that Pula is going after.

Respected: Winner of the Singapore FinTech Festival 2019, Winner of The InsureTech of the Award, Africa. Featured on TED talks, The New York Times, The Economist.

Impact and creation: This is a high-impact role, that offers a unique opportunity to bring the company to the next level, whilst developing new strategies, approaches and ideas.

Leadership: The founders & CEO foster a culture of transparency, respect, high performance, pragmatism, execution and personal development.

Purpose: It is rare to find a professional opportunity that offers accelerated professional development and a life purpose. Pula is going through a second phase of accelerated growth that will naturally provide professional development, whilst contributing to the financial stability of small farmers in the emerging markets.

Remuneration: Competitive base salary accordingly with seniority and experience, commission on closed sales and an employee share option plan that offers an attractive equity upside.

How To Apply

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