Cluster Accountant Job in Kenya

Key Responsibilities:

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Post financial data transactions into the accounting system.

Consolidate and submit accurate project funding requests.

Ensure timely preparation and review bank reconciliation statements.

Prepare and consolidate accurate financial analysis for management decision making.

Prepare Core/Logframe Combined Financial Reports.

Ensure timely review and recording of Employee Expense Reports.

Ensure timely review and reconciliation of the balance sheet items.

Consolidate periodic Cluster compliance reports.

Accurate data in Sun system

Maintained cut off periods.

Adequate funds available for project implementation.

Bank reconciliations prepared by the 5th of every month

Clean bank records maintained.

No over and material under spending (over 10%) in projects on a monthly basis.

Relevant and accurate reports submitted to the relevant users in good time.

Advances accounted within the finance policy terms.

Properly aged and accurate balance sheet accounts maintained.

Program reports prepared in time.

Planning, Budgeting & Budgetary control

Prepare accurate Program budgets  

Ensure accurate and quality budgets are uploaded into existing databases and systems.

Ensure compliance with grant guidelines and other standards

Participate in proposal writing and grant budget development.

Conduct financial analysis for management decision making.

Monitor and timely communicate changes on Project Budget and Actuals System (PBAS) commitment.

Develop realistic cash flow forecasts in line with the plans.

Quality and realistic budgets prepared and finalized in good time.

WVI & donor budgeting guidelines and standards are adhered to.

Properly maintained records for decision making.

Up to date PBAS maintained and reconciled with relevant reporting and accounting systems (e.g. horizon and Sun System)

Target low maintained.

Risk Management

Ensure Finance and administration risks for the Cluster are identified, recorded in Riskonnect and mitigation measures put in place.

Provide timely support and coordination to all Finance and Accounting related internal and externa audits

Ensure timely implementation of Finance and Accounts audit recommendations in the Cluster

Ensure adherence to internal controls and WVK Policies as relates to Finance and Administration are adhered to by all staff in the region and any non-adherences are noted in a timely manner for correction and process improvement 

Ensure timely production and review of monthly report to address any variances in a timely manner.

Internal Controls are adhered to by all the staff.

Programmes Cash and Assets are well managed and accounted for by staff and Partners.

Programme Audits successfully coordinated and the prior Audit issues are implemented on time.

Understanding of approaches in responding to risks through integrated risk management solutions platform.

Balance sheet accounts are updated and reconciling.

All finance related risks are identified, recorded and mitigated.

Cash Management, Payments and Coordination

Ensure maintenance of up to date records of cash disbursement.

Cash flow management to ensure compliance with target low.

Ensure timely supplier invoice payment and staff disbursements.

Coordination of all accounting functions in the cluster.

Provide technical support and leadership to staff within the Cluster

Proper records of accounts kept.

Maintained target low. Clean asset register maintained at all times

Supplier and staff disbursements made in a timely manner.

Seamless functioning within the cluster.

Project operations within the cluster adequately and effectively supported.

Office Administration.

Ensure that the Cluster is safe for occupation as per OSHA requirements and regulations.

Coordinate facilities management at the Cluster office by supervising outsourced service providers including security and janitorial services

Ensure equipment are properly maintained and operated optimally.

Cluster office is safe for occupation and comply with OSHA requirements.

Outsourced service providers well supervised to deliver optimally.

Cluster office equipment are well serviced and operational.

Asset Management

Ensure assets are properly tagged and recorded in the asset register and in Sunsystem within the Cluster.

Support the Programs in asset acquisition, management and disposal.

Liaise with the security department and the cluster office driver to ensure motor vehicles are used as per WVK policies.

Review motor vehicle summary reports from the cluster driver on a monthly basis to ascertain proper usage and efficiency.

Consolidate and review the Cluster asset register and share with Regional Office on quarterly basis.

Ensure accurate information for fleet, real estate and insurance is provided to the RO annually for updating Real Estate and Assets Management (REAM) portal.

Assets are properly tagged, recorded in the asset register and in Sunsystem within the Cluster.

Assets are acquired, managed and disposed as per policy.

Motor Vehicles within the Cluster are used as per WVK policies and also adhere to government regulations.

Summary motor vehicle reports reviewed on a monthly basis and important information shared with management for decision making.

Consolidated Cluster asset registers shared with RO on quarterly basis.

Accurate and timely information on Real Estate, Assets and Insurance information in REAM provided to RO.

Local partners’ capacity building.

Conduct financial assessment of potential local partners.

Build financial management capacity of local partners for competence and risk reduction

Review MOUs and funding agreements to ensure soundness. 

Ensure timely funding of the local partners

Review financial reports and transactions

Monitoring the local partners to ensure compliance and for process improvements

Well informed partners able to abide by World Vision Kenya’s mission and vision

Timely and proper accounting of grants as per grant agreements

Other responsibilities as may be assigned

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