Web Developer Job in Kenya

We are seeking experienced web developers to mentor and support our team. The ideal candidate should have expertise in web development, both front-end and/or back-end.

About Us:

We are a small team of five part-time enthusiasts working on this self-financed hobby project. Our goal is to create playgrounds and sandboxes for high-school students to gain work-alike experience in AI and other technologies. You can learn more about our team at Educaship YouTube Channel. When hired, you will work with Kevin in developing the websites or Gary in creating learning materials and mentoring our students.

About the Project:

KenyaX will feature the KenyaX website and special programs for school students to engage in work-alike practice.

About the Technology:

The most detailed (but far less than comprehensive) description of our tech can be found at Educaship WordPress.

Key Responsibilities:

Provide guidance and mentorship on best practices in web development.

Assist in troubleshooting and optimizing existing web applications.

Support the creation and maintenance of technology documentation.

Transfer existing Web prototypes from gamma app to our Hostinger Hosting.

Minimum Qualifications:

Experience with web development.

Understanding of web design principles and user experience.

Experience with documentation and technical writing.

What to Expect During Hiring:

In your application, we offer you an opportunity to ask questions related to our technology and current issues. If your questions are meaningful, we will schedule an interview during which we will ask you to act as a Web developer and show us what you will do when hired. If we both like the experience, we will send you an offer.

Questions: So, what questions do you have before we ask ours?

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume, a cover letter, and a link to your portfolio to careers@kenyax.com