Project Field Assistant Job in Kenya

Position Overview:

The Project Field Assistant, will be a member of a team that engages with communities to:

  • Coordinate activities with beneficiaries and stakeholders in both host communities of Kakuma Town and Kalobeyei Town, Kakuma Refugee Camp, and the Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement to reduce solid waste generation and improve environmental hygiene through the current project, ‘Project for Establishment of Decentralized Solid Waste Management System for Recyclable Society in Kakuma and Kalobeyei Wards, Turkana County’.
  • Support the establishment of community-based decentralized solid waste management systems by assisting with program strategies, data collection and consolidation from multiple sources, and coordination of program implementation with stakeholders.
  • Ensuring that the planned solid waste management activities are implemented according to the assigned budget, timeline, as well as Peace Winds internal policies and procedures. The team works closely with Peace Winds staff, partners, and government departments during the delivery of interventions.
  • Maintain project documentation, conduct field level follow ups, and discharge any other duties, roles, and responsibilities as assigned from time to time by the supervisor.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Project management and development:

  • Promote solid waste management actions to achieve segregated waste disposal and 3R(reduce, reuse, and recycle) activities by households and business owners.
  • Understand the solid waste management system in Kenya, aim for appropriate adoption of system in host and refugee communities in Kakuma and Kalobeyei, and promote the establishment of sustainable solid waste management systems tailored to each community’s characteristics through communication with local residents and stakeholders.
  • Support training sessions for community groups engaged in solid waste collection and recycling, collaborate with local solid waste management promoters to promote proper waste management behaviors at the household level, and ensure the utilization of the training outcomes sustainably.
  • Collaborate with trained solid waste management promoters and members of community-based organizations(CBOs) to promote awareness of 3R actions, particularly waste reduction, segregation, and composting of organic waste, to encourage appropriate solid waste management behaviors at the household level.

Monitoring and reporting

  • Continuously monitor the community to ensure the establishment of decentralized solid waste management systems, gain understanding and support from local residents and stakeholders, and collaborate with the team to engage stakeholders effectively.
  • Support data collection on the composition, quantity, and disposal locations of solid waste generated from households, market business owners, and other economic activity centers and public facilities in project areas.
  • Regularly share the latest information on decentralized waste management systems, respond to the progress of waste management plans of market committees with supervisors, and address challenges for the implementation of sustainable decentralized solid waste management systems in the community.
  • Review and document lessons learned and best practices, share reports with supervisors, and support team leaders in donor reporting as needed.

Planning and budgeting

  • Assist in the preparation of activity budgets and support supervisors to ensure project activities are carried out within deadlines.
  • Support the development of monthly and quarterly implementation and procurement plans and aim for timely submission to supervisors.
  • Execute other tasks instructed by supervisors.

General tasks

  • Participation in the identification, selection, on-boarding, and capacity building of trainees
  • Administer knowledge tests, surveys, and reviews to Project trainees
  • Conduct monitoring follow ups, coaching, and support supervision of trainees
  • Facilitate requests, issuance, delivery, utilization, and accountability for Project resources
  • Organize and equitably distribute stationery, learning materials, tools, and equipment
  • Organize training venues, ensure the attendance of trainees, and invite facilitators
  • Document the Project through record keeping and reporting of training sessions, participants progress, and related activities. Maintain training attendance registers, rosters, records, and facilitator/attendee training materials
  • Manage all the logistics for the training sessions and support facilitators in the delivery of training sessions through organization of necessary materials, facilities, equipment and meals, and refreshments

Qualifications& Professional Experience


  • Advanced facilitation skills in the local language of the host community.
  • Residency in Kakuma or Kalobeyei.


  • Holds a degree in public health / community health/health promotion/environmental science from a recognized institution.
  • Over one year of work experience in humanitarian organizations.
  • Familiarity with local humanitarian conditions.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with host and refugee communities and prepare reports.

General Employees Obligations and Responsibilities

  • The Employer stipulates the right to assign the Employee any other kind of work derived from his/her specialization. In case of urgent work and such like the Employee may be asked to work overtime as well as during public and other holidays.
  • Adhering to all PWJ’s policies and procedures at all times.
  • Deliver project objectives within time, resource and budget constraints.
  • Correctness and completeness of given tasks.
  • The Employee takes over the responsibility for all entrusted material or cash. The Employee is obligated to cover all damages or losses caused by his carelessness.
  • Prompt providing of all relevant information to his/her supervisor.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all information gained from employment within not publicly available.
  • Representing and upholding the values of PWJ at all times.
  • Behave in appropriate manners at all times and in all places.

Language Skills

  • English: professional fluency.
  • Kiswahili: native/advanced.

How To Apply

We are looking to recruit national candidates only. Interested and qualified candidates are cordially invited to send a cover letter (1 page) and resume (2 pages) as one pdf document no later than 21st June, 2024 to: Indicate your gross monthly salary expectation in the cover letter. Due to the urgency to fill this position, short listing and interviews will be conducted on rolling basis.