Assistant Manager, Data Protection & Tax Compliance, Job in Kenya

Job Ref. No: JLIL 229

Role Purpose

The role holder will be responsible for ensuring the organization adheres to data protection regulations and tax compliance requirements. The role involves developing and implementing policies and procedures to safeguard personal data, ensure compliance with tax laws, manage related risks, and provide guidance to internal teams on best practices.

Main Responsibilities

 Collaborate with senior management and other key stakeholders to implement the strategic direction for Data Protection Function with Jubilee Life Insurance Limited. This involves analyzing market trends, assessing industry dynamics, and identifying opportunities for improvement and growth.

 Policy Development: Develop and implement comprehensive data protection and tax compliance policies in line with local and international regulations. Regularly review and update policies to reflect changes in legislation and industry best practices.

 Risk Management: Identify and assess data protection and tax compliance risks. Develop strategies to mitigate identified risks and ensure the organization’s continued compliance.

 Awareness and Training: Design and conduct training programs for employees on data protection and tax compliance policies and procedures. Foster a culture of compliance within the organization by raising awareness of relevant regulations and best practices.

Data Protection

 Establishing the Data Protection Act Governance, regulatory framework and implementation plan which shall include development of the various required statements and policies.

 Guiding the various departments, and all support functions on implementation of Data Protection Act 2019 requirements and supporting them to ensure compliance with the Act.

 Regularly training of all internal stakeholders involved in data collection/processing, updating the training as well as conducting specific trainings for specific processing requirements.

 Conducting audits to ensure compliance, accountability and address potential issues proactively.

 Serving as the Data Protection Officer and point of contact between the Companies, the Data Commissioner and other Regulatory Authorities and co-operating with them during inspections by answering any complaints or queries raised with regards to Data Protection.

 Monitoring performance and adherence to the requirements of the regulation while providing advice on the data protection impact assessment.

 Creating and maintaining a register on comprehensive records of all data processing activities conducted by the company, including the purposes of all processing activities, which must be made public on request.

 Interfacing with data controllers, data processors and data subjects to inform them about the use of data, the data protection rights, obligations, responsibilities, measures the companies and support functions have put in place to protect personal and/or sensitive information and raise awareness on all of the above.

 Advising and recommending to the institutions/support functions and their employees on the interpretation and/or application of the Data Protection Act or any other written law on data privacy.

 Handling queries or complaints internally or externally regarding data confidentiality and use.

 Providing status updates to the Manager – Compliance & MLRO, Senior and Middle Management on a regular basis (at least monthly) and drawing immediate attention to any failure to comply with the applicable data protection requirements.

 Data Protection Regulations: Developing together with the business and support functions, carrying out impact assessments, data protection policies, guidelines, and processes to ensure that compliance is consistent and in line with the Data Protection Act.

 Creating an Information Base: Guide and support on the creation of an information base on Data Protection and any other elements which may be helpful to the controllers and the staff of the organization.

 Relationship Building: Build a stable professional relationship with data controllers providing advice where necessary and investing time and efforts in showing the benefits of data protection compliance.

 Support the business in preparation of digital and other privacy statements as may be required for the institutions and supporting functions and ensure processes are put in place for the institutions/support functions to collect consents from the relevant data subjects and partners, have relevant privacy statements provided on all company forms and/or literature, websites and other communication or data collection mediums.

 Preparing an annual work program at the beginning of each year for the upcoming year for the sign off by the institution.

 Networking with other Data Protection Officers to share information and keep up with information and emerging trends around data protection as well as following up on change in laws and make recommendations on changes required.

Tax Compliance

 Tax Compliance Management. Ensure timely and accurate preparation and filing of all tax returns, including corporate income tax, VAT, withholding tax, and other relevant taxes. Coordinate with external tax advisors and auditors to ensure accurate tax reporting and compliance.

 Tax Accounting. Oversee the maintenance of tax-related accounts and records. Ensure proper accounting for taxes in financial statements, including tax provisions and deferred tax calculations.

 Tax Audits and Disputes. Manage tax audits and inquiries from tax authorities. Prepare and provide necessary documentation and responses to resolve tax disputes effectively.

 Tax Reporting. Prepare regular tax reports for internal stakeholders and regulatory bodies. Monitor tax-related key performance indicators (KPIs) and report on tax compliance status.

Corporate Governance

 Regulatory Compliance. Ensure the organization complies with all relevant data protection and tax laws. Stay updated on changes in legislation and update policies and procedures accordingly.

 Internal Controls. Develop and maintain robust internal controls to ensure compliance with data protection and tax regulations. Conduct regular audits and assessments to identify and address compliance gaps.

 Incident Management. Develop and maintain incident response plans for data breaches and tax compliance issues.

Ensure incidents are managed effectively and reported to the relevant authorities as required.

Leadership & Culture

 Fostering a corporate culture that promotes ethical practices and good corporate citizenship while maintaining a conducive work environment.

 Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop initiatives that promote a positive and inclusive company culture.

 To provide the much-needed transformational leadership to meet and surpass the expectations of stakeholders.

 Set performance targets and objectives, monitor progress, and ensure timely completion of activities.

 Conduct regular team meetings and training sessions to enhance skills and knowledge.

Key Competencies

In-depth knowledge of life insurance regulations and industry practices.

Strong understanding of AML, KYC integrity, and Data Privacy requirements.

Proactive approach to staying updated on regulatory developments.

Attention to Detail. High level of accuracy in managing data and tax-related documentation.

Analytical Skills. Strong analytical skills to identify and mitigate compliance risks.

Communication Skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills to convey complex regulations clearly.

Problem-Solving. Ability to address compliance issues promptly and effectively.

Leadership. Strong leadership skills to guide and influence organizational compliance culture.

Academic Background & Relevant Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Law, Finance, Business Administration, or a related field.

Professional certification in data protection (e.g., CIPP, CIPM) or tax (e.g., CPA, CTA) is highly desirable.

Minimum of 5 years of experience in data protection and tax compliance within the financial services or insurance industry.

In-depth knowledge of life insurance industry.

Proven track record in developing and implementing compliance programs.

Experience in managing compliance audits and investigations.

How To Apply

f you are qualified and seeking an exciting new challenge, please apply via quoting the Job Reference Number and Position