Restaurant Supervisor Job in Kenya

The Restaurant Supervisor position is responsible for overseeing the operations of the restaurant including the staff, expediting the customers’ orders as needed and maintaining good working relationship with the suppliers.

Key Tasks

  • scheduling restaurant staff and delegating tasks
  • hiring, training, and managing restaurant staff,
  • ordering food, alcohol, and cleaning supplies
  • supervising the preparation, display, and delivery of food and drinks
  • ensuring prompt and friendly customer service
  • maintaining quality and service standards
  • ensuring all staff are knowledgeable about menu offerings and individual ingredients
  • educating staff about potential food allergies and how to make customers aware of these ingredients
  • maintaining good relationships with suppliers
  • meeting quarterly budgets and quotas
  • reducing operational costs
  • increasing productivity
  • ensuring all staff follow strict personal safety, food safety and food storage guidelines

  • supervising and maintaining restaurant cleanliness to meet regulatory sanitation and hygiene standards
  • managing inventory
  • interacting with restaurant guests to gauge satisfaction and improve customer service
  • responding to customer feedback and resolving conflicts effectively
  • operating the point-of-sale system, processing payments, and issuing gift cards
  • arranging group events and ensuring the restaurant and staff meet service and food expectations

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

As an employee I am also responsible for:

  • Ensuring that my workstation is set up correctly for my individual requirements.
  • Ensuring that my working area is free from slip and trip hazards.
  • Being aware of my own personal safety whilst entering, leaving and working at any work station (I must not put myself at risk). reporting any hazards and defects.
  • Following good housekeeping rules at all times.
  • Ensure I comply with the HSE requirements.
  • Attend all HSE training requested by Human Resources & the HSE department.
  • Follow all requirements set out in the client & SLMC QHSE Policy
  • Decision Making Authority
  • As delegated by the Supervisor & Unit Manager as per the set out standard operating procedures

Skills & Competencies
Competencies – Leadership

  • Team Player
  • Setting Priorities
  • Mentoring Ability

Competencies – Business

  • Keeping overview
  • Customer relation

Competencies – Personal

  • Good communicator
  • Self-Motivated
  • Problem solving skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Confident
  • Creative

Language Skills

  • English: fluent in written and spoken

How To Apply

Send your updated CV to on or before 30 May 2024. Kindly indicate the job title in the subject line: RESTAURANT SUPERVISOR (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.)