Procurement Manager (Pre-Opening) Job in Kenya

Job Description

As a Procurement Manager, you will set up the procurement operations of the Hotel.

Key Responsibilities include;

Purchasing Planning

To prioritize purchases based on resources and urgency.

Ensure to evaluate user needs and functionality of various materials purchased.

Ensure that all Licensing laws are adhered to.

Plan, direct and control all day-to-day Purchasing functions.

People Management

Ensure that the team has been trained for all safety provisions.

Motivate and develop the team to ensure smooth functioning of the department and promote teamwork.

Provide effective support to the team to enable them to provide a range of effective and efficient services.

Financial Management

Monitor and maintain inventory records of all the purchases made.

Identify optimal, cost effective use of the resources and educate the team on the same.

Operational Management

Prepare and invite tenders, contracts, and other related documents for ensuring a regular supply of materials.

Ensure to carry out negotiations with vendors, manufacturers and agencies to obtain the best combination of price, quality, quantity, delivery, terms of payment and reliability of supply.

Investigate and follow-up on complaints received from receiving, stores and user departments about the products and obtain corrective actions from the vendors.

Keep track of Government Legislations for import of equipment and materials.

Handle import of equipment and material right from inquiry to the actual purchase. 

Check processing and follow up for corrective action

Ensure that all policies & procedures are adhered to in purchases.

Ensure to replace the materials, if not accepted by the user department.

Coordinate operations with Department Coordinators, Supervisors and other Departmental Managers to ensure operational readiness, efficiency in resource utilization and the prompt delivery of services.


Bachelors in Procurement or related field

Minimum three (3) years in a similar role in a 4/5* Hotel

Leadership skills that utilize persuasion and motivation to attain organizational goals is the most desirable management quality, followed by honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour, tactfulness, openness, and cultural awareness;

Ability to accept responsibility;

Self confidence, motivation, drive and tenacity;

Ability to clearly delegate tasks and responsibilities;

Ability to think strategically, inductively, and creatively;

And the propensity to recognize and acknowledge other peoples’ ideas.

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