Pricing and Market Analyst, Developer Focus, Job in Kenya

Job Title: Pricing and Market Analyst – Developer Focus

Hiring Organization: Manuchar
Location – Locality: Nairobi
Location – Region: Kenya
Industry: Manufacturing and Distribution
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: KES
Date Posted: 05/16/2024

Are you an experienced Pricing and Market Analyst who goes beyond data to drive real business results? Do you excel in critical thinking and have meticulous attention to detail, but also thrive in developing strategies that positively impact profits? If you have the drive, entrepreneurial spirit, and a knack for communicating and implementing ideas, you could be the ideal candidate to join our team at Manuchar!

About Us:

Manuchar is a European company with a 40-year history of focusing on developing countries. In Kenya, we are a dynamic, medium-sized company expanding to serve the broader East Africa region. Our core business centers on supply chain distribution and logistics, where we excel in efficiency and innovation.

Your Role:

As a Pricing and Market Analyst at Manuchar, your responsibilities will not only include analyzing data but also developing actionable strategies that influence our bottom line.

You will:

Analyze Complex Data: Gather and analyze data from various sources like SKUs, suppliers, market trends, and economic indicators.

Develop Pricing Strategies: Use your analysis to create effective pricing strategies that enhance customer engagement and maximize profits.

Drive Business Impact: Translate data insights into actionable strategies and work closely with suppliers, customers, and internal teams to implement these strategies.

Engage Across Departments: Actively collaborate with colleagues in Kenya and headquarters to ensure strategies align with overall business goals and result in positive P&L impacts.

Proactive Problem Solving: Address and resolve pricing issues with a proactive approach that anticipates market changes.

What We Offer:

Competitive Salary and Benefits: Receive compensation that rewards your ability to make a significant impact.

Flexible Work Environment: Your contributions will directly influence business performance in a flexible setting.

Career Advancement Opportunities: Enjoy numerous opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

Supportive Culture: Work in a team-oriented environment that values and recognizes your contributions.

How to Apply:

This role demands dedication and a proactive approach to not just analyze data, but to act on it, influencing real change. If you’re ready to use your analytical skills to make a tangible impact, we invite you to apply.

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