Pharmacist Job in Kenya

Job Purpose: 

Pharmacist job exists to provide pharmacy and pharmaceutical services to patients in the hospital, provide clinical research and training and advise the hospital.

Duties and Responsibility:

Provide technical pharmacy and pharmaceutical advice and service to the hospital.

Implement work plans and work schedules in the pharmacy of the hospital.

Receive patients in the hospital and dispense medicines and other pharmaceutical materials to them in the hospital.

Provide care and custody of medicines and other medical supplies in the pharmacy of the hospital.

Coordinate pharmaceutical operations and services in the pharmacy in order to ensure that they meet the expected standards of sufficiency and quality the in the hospital.

Carry out training and development of pharmacy staff, interns and student in order to enhance their performance productivity in the hospital.

Record the movement and consumption of medicines and medical equipment and supplies, and well updated drug register in the hospital.

Implement duly all established pharmacy and pharmaceutical policies, procedures and process in the hospital.

Supervise, guide and mentor junior pharmacy staff and students in the hospital.

Provide specialized pharmacy and pharmaceutical advisory services to the hospital executive and the public though the appropriate media.

Provide clinical research and training to pharmacy and pharmaceutical students.

Perform any other duty given from time to time.

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