Microinsurance Operations Associate Job in Kenya

About The Role

The Microinsurance Operations Associate will spearhead the establishment and expansion of One Acre Fund’s microinsurance initiatives, focusing on personal insurance products. These products include funeral, hospital cash, maternal health, asset loss or other impactful insurance products. You will design systems, operations, and distribution channels to offer new forms of protection to our farmers, beyond the traditional scope of climate and agricultural insurance.

You will work with farmers and customer-facing teams, dedicating time to fieldwork to understand community needs, inform and engage farmers on available products, and build trust and fluency in our insurance offerings. We offer the unique opportunity to contribute to the financial security and empowerment of smallholder farming communities, with aN emphasis on innovation and leadership.

You will report to both the Global Head of Risk & Resilience and the Tupande Product Strategy team.


Product Development and Management: You’ll lead the design and implementation of new microinsurance products tailored to the needs of smallholder farmers. This includes conducting market research, developing product concepts, and managing pilot tests.

Operations and Distribution: You’ll set up and improve operations and distribution networks for microinsurance products. Work involves hands-on fieldwork to train and support field officers and ensure products are accessible well-understood and adopted by farmers.

Partner Engagement: You’ll engage with a variety of partners, including insurers, technology partners, government agencies, and NGOs, to facilitate product delivery.

Innovation and Strategy: You’ll inspire creativity in the microinsurance space, identifying opportunities for new products or improvements to existing offerings. Develop strategic plans for scaling operations sustainably.

Impact Measurement and Reporting: You’ll monitor and evaluate the performance and impact of insurance products, ensuring an understanding of One Acre Fund’s mission of improving farmer prosperity.

Career Growth and Development

We have a strong culture of constant learning and we invest in developing our people. You’ll have weekly check-ins with your manager, access to mentorship and training programs, and regular feedback on your performance. We hold career reviews every six months, and set aside time to discuss your aspirations and career goals. You’ll have the opportunity to shape a growing organization and build a rewarding long-term career.

Across all roles, these are the general qualifications we look for. For this role specifically, you will have:

2+ years of experience in field-facing operations, business development, or sales

Understanding of microinsurance products, regulations, and industry trends.

Background in project management in challenging environments.

Proficiency in Excel and a willingness to spend a lot of time in the field.

Passion for One Acre Fund’s mission and a commitment to improving the lives of smallholder farmers.

How To Apply

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