Kenya Country Operations Manager Job in Kenya

Role Purpose

Under the management of the Country Operations Manager for Operations and Aviation the appointed person is mandated is to manage the country operations department, provide, and implement the Global and SSA Operational Functional Direction through regular collaboration / communication with the Country Ops Managers & Supervisors and the where applicable the Country SMT and Cluster Director/ team.

The role inter alia covers the management and oversight of the following key Country activities:

GSOP Compliance

Aviation Handling & Safety compliance

OCPM management – (NOEP Initiatives)

CRA compliance, implementation, and outcomes

Infrastructure and Fleet management

Security compliance

Service Quality Improvements

Health & Safety compliance

Encourage Employee engagement

Ensure full support of CIS training

Delivering great results without compromising on Respect.

Key Responsibilities

Key Performance Area

Operations Management & Strategy 

Contribute to the overall strategic direction and management of the Country Operations PLUS the Cluster & sub-regional operational strategy (short and long term) and policies within overall regional DHL context, in terms of door-to-door profitability, service quality and cost performance

Manages the profitability and growth of the organization´s operations within a cluster

Ensure Aviation handling & safety compliance procedures and processes are in place in all countries

Ensure all Security procedures & processes are in place across all countries

Ensure health & safety standards are in place in all countries.

Establishes the required operating standards and procedures to provide cost-effective, superior customer service
Liaise with relevant departments to bring Operational expertise to the customer relationship and ensure cost effective service offering

Directs the preparation of the countries operating budgets within principles set by division / region and proposals for investments in infrastructure, technology, equipment, systems, or other resources on the country

Analyses and approves country investments that best meet the organization’s business needs

Drive improvement of operational processes, facilities, and capabilities, through standardising operational practices and optimising work methods in DHL organisations to maximize productivity improvement.

Specifies Country service and quality targets within divisional / regional guidelines and ensures their achievement for the country.


Cost and service quality targets (Operations Cost Per Move)

Internal customer satisfaction

Reduction in cost through optimisation and efficiency gains

Division’s financial objectives (budget, revenue, net sales) and results (EBIT)

Full legal and regulatory compliance

Productivity Improvements

People and Performance Management

 Assists country with recruiting talent and develops the members of the operations leadership team in the country ; keeps them motivated and coordinates their efforts to enhance customer service experiences for internal customers and develop staff to the maximum potential

Together with Country Ops managers, supervisors & HR Approves key personnel decisions for the function

Generates commitment, motivation and enthusiasm to company and division by motivating and retaining the best talents within DHL to enhance customer service experiences for internal customers

Challenges self and others to exceed standards and achieve extraordinary results striving for best-in-class; determines team structure, roles, performance targets in co-operation with division leadership

Evaluates staff performance and proposes development / promotion for Ops staff in conjunction with Country Ops Managers, Supervisors & HR

Design and develop Operations architecture (org structure, job profiles, competence profiles)

Develop performance contracts, performance targets and KPI for Operations staff

Ensure Operations departments in country builds departmental capacity and capability to enable achievement of operational & commercial objectives

Ensure country aligns people, competencies to meet the business objectives and manage staff competency levels and performance according to service requirements and business needs

Ensuring that country operations activities meet efficiency targets (Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in line with business objectives


Employee / team satisfaction

Optimum utilization of resources

Staff turnover

Training & Development budget v/s hours per employee

Identification of high potentials

Financial management & projects

Together with country Operations managers& Supervisors develop yearly operations budget (Opex and Capex)

Monitor and control operations budget monthly

Oversees the operations budget on the country level

Together with country Ops Managers & Supervisors Decides all major operations projects within country.

Drive the accurate creation and submission of BCA (Business Case Applications) to Country / African Management board


Country financial objectives (budget, sales) and results (EBIT)

Reporting and analysis

Prepares necessary frequent reports for Cluster & SSA Area office

Analyze records of customer inquiries, service requests and complaints to identify trends for countries

To maintain standards, use operations data to focus resources on improving performance

To monitor Operations KPIs, standards and reporting

Balance operational metrics against operations metrics

Translate Operations trends into easy-to-understand reports or presentations for Cluster and SSA Area office


Accurate ops reports

Requirement of the job

Experience required

Minimum of 10 years in Logistics and/or courier industry

5 years’ experience leading Operations teams

Expected Qualifications

Post-graduate qualification in Management

How To Apply

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