Director, Program Quality, Resourcing and Impact, Job in Kenya

Job Summary

The Director Program Quality, Resourcing and Impact contributes to the mandate of the Regional Management Unit of developing a coherent approach and setting priorities to advance CARE`s vision and mission in the ECA region as a dual mandated organization.

The incumbent oversees program quality across the country offices (COs) within the region, including (i) Supporting and coordinating the development and implementation of country office strategies (ii) supporting fundraising to ensure that COs have strong pipelines in place across all focus areas of their strategies (iii) overseeing the implementation of MEAL processes (monitoring, evaluation, feedback and accountability mechanisms, learning and impact) across the region (iv) knowledge management as it relates to critical business aspects which fall under this role (v) supporting and driving innovation across the programme portfolio of the ECA region.

This position contributes significantly to the attainment of CARE`s 2030 vision in the ECA region. The post-holder will be expected to lead technical improvements in program design and development to ensure quality and adherence to program standards. They will strengthen the team of Program and Impact professionals focused on the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects (including emergency programs) that effectively address the underlying causes of poverty in line with CARE’s Programming Principles and CARE 2030 program strategy.

The Director of Programme Quality, Resourcing and Impact will ensure the relevance, coherence and legitimacy of CARE programs within rapidly changing and complex contexts context. A key aspect of this job will be to have a solid understanding and level of comfort of supporting programmatic success whilst working within the complex and dynamic political and security environments which typify many countries within the ECA region.

The position will support ECA COs to use innovation to multiply programme impact across COs and support COs in demonstrating that their programs are achieving impact at scale against agreed upon indicators with this impact being measured and reported. They will monitor CO programs on a regular basis, providing feedback, support, guidance and advise, as required. They will help facilitate technical assistance to COs as needed, as well as arrange for regional training in areas identified as regional/ organizational priorities including the power of story telling and engagement.

The Director of Programme Quality, Resourcing and Impact will be responsible for ensuring knowledge sharing and learning related to programming and program quality across all ECA COs, between the region and the rest of CARE International, and with other stakeholders including strategic partners. They will liaise closely with CARE USA and CI HQ and other regions, and keep informed of programmatic developments in other parts of the organization.

Organizational Programmatic Strategy and Priorities

Support development and ongoing monitoring of Long Range Strategic Plans. Ensure alignment and coherence with CARE USA, CARE International (CI), regional and national priorities.

Impact Measurement and Program Performance

Assist COs in reviewing their programs to ensure they are in line with CARE policies and standards with an emphasis on multiplying impact and innovation and that they are properly measuring, evaluating and reporting impact.

Technical Assistance and Knowledge Sharing – Learning

Acts as a conduit between country teams, CARE USA, CI and external centers of excellence.

Maintain close contact with program staff in CI and headquarters and assist COs in accessing assistance from those staff.

Staff Management, Networking and Liaison

Ensure the proper implementation of CARE’s performance management system for direct reports, including job description and IOP development, regular feedback, mid-term reviews and regular performance appraisals.

Actively contribute to strengthening the linkages between program and program support.


Masters degree or equivalent experience or relevant professional development in related discipline

Evidence of extensive experience at leadership level

Coordinating cross regional programs and teams

7-10 years experience in strategic and operational management – including innovation and leading in Program strategy, design and implementation

Skilled in coordinating networks and building synergies across teams

Advanced communication, facilitation and consensus building skills

Demonstrated experience and success in fundraising and donor relations

Strong demonstrative experience in change management including strategic and business planning and leading organizational transformation

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