Corporate Communications Officer Job in Kenya

Job Overview

The Corporate Communications Officer works with the Group Head, Marketing and Communications to support ICEA LION’s strategic objectives through the development and delivery of marketing and communications initiatives. The role is responsible for developing and executing communication strategies that align with the company’s goals. This includes crafting press releases, managing internal communications, coordinating public relations efforts, and fostering positive relationships with media outlets.

Key Responsibilities:

Corporate and Internal Communications

  • Craft and disseminate internal communications fostering a collaborative work culture.
  • Craft captivating digital and internal content in line with the communications calendar.
  • Manage crisis communications, ensuring timely and accurate information in collaboration with the Group Head, Marketing and Communications.
  • Implement feedback mechanisms to continuously improve internal communication processes.
  • Craft thought leadership, ESG, and engaging content for digital and internal consumption in collaboration with Group Head, Marketing, and Communications

  • Lead initiatives to celebrate team achievements, enhancing employee morale in collaboration with the HR department
  • Plan and deploy the corporate communications/public relations/media engagement initiatives
  • Draft press releases and internal communication material for various initiatives and events in collaboration with the Group Head, Marketing and Communications
  • Coordinate media and event invitations and subsequent coverage with key media partners to maintain brand position and reputation
  • Foster positive relationships with media outlets
  • Coordinate with internal stakeholders on events and initiatives to ensure brand image and presence is properly managed

Planning & Resource Coordination

  • Coordinate resources efficiently to meet project timelines and deliverables.
  • Conduct regular resource assessments to optimize allocation across communication projects
  • Coordinate initiatives and budgets to deliver on ICEA LION Group’s business strategic objectives
  • Manage the corporate communications expenditure to ensure the attainment of objectives as per the approved budget
  • Implement project management tools to enhance coordination and streamline workflows.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align communication plans with business priorities.

Brand & Reputation Management

  • Proactively identify potential risks to the company’s reputation and develop mitigation strategies.
  • Conduct regular ICEA LION brand audits to assess public perception and adjust communication strategies accordingly.
  • Engage in stakeholder management to strengthen relationships and build positive brand associations.
  • Monitor industry trends and competitor communications to stay ahead of potential reputation challenges.
  • Economically manage and build affinity and desired reputation for the ICEA LION brand across all customer touchpoints
  • Coordinate our Corporate Social Investment initiatives as per strategy
  • Collaborate with various businesses within the group to identify unique brand, product, and service engagement and visibility opportunities based on the internal and external consumers’ needs
  • Partner with the customer experience teams to deliver on key initiatives
  • Promote brand consistency internally and externally across East Africa
  • Manage events and engagements to corporate standard

Group Business Support

  • Collaborate with business units to identify and leverage unique communication opportunities.
  • Conduct regular assessments of industry-specific communication trends and apply insights.
  • Provide targeted support for thought leadership content creation in each business domain.
  • Facilitate cross-business collaboration to share best practices and enhance overall communication effectiveness.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing/Communications or related field and over 4 years of experience in a similar role in corporate communications/Public relations, preferably in a service-oriented industry
  • Strong writing, interpersonal, and strategic skills are essential for success in this role
  • Digital/Online/Social Media strategy and implementation knowledge.
  • Knowledge of public/media relations and corporate communications best practices
  • Ability to draft and coordinate the production of corporate literature and presentations, company publications, press releases, and other public communication in electronic and hard copy format
  • People skills with the ability to interface with people at all levels from junior staff to executive management, as well as other stakeholders including the media and other business partners
  • Ability to interpret and influence design and advertising work to deliver the spirit and feel of the brand
  • Adept at using Microsoft Office product suites as well as the Internet and intranet environments
  • Problem-solving skills and ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Team player
  • Self-starter, organized, and with high integrity
  • High level of energy and ability to travel on short notice; ability to work under pressure and under challenging circumstances
  • Capable of working with minimum supervision, able to manage time and meet tight deadlines.

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