Corporate Business Manager Job in Kenya

Purpose of the position

The Corporate Business Manager will be directly responsible for developing the strategy on how we can penetrate, develop and serve the corporate organizations that are in the following sectors, export vegetable market, Cash crop sector such as sugarcane, tea, avocado, coffee, cotton, export of herbs, floriculture sector.

The Corporate Business Manager will be directly responsible for developing the strategy on how we can penetrate, develop and serve the organic farming space. The responsibilities include positioning existing products, ensuring compliance with regulatory and industry players and vetting of new product lines introduced into the organic crop protection and nutrition regime.

The Corporate Business Manager will be directly responsible for developing the strategy on how we can penetrate, develop and serve the irrigation solutions market. The responsibilities include positioning tailor made irrigation solutions to the clients serviced in the markets listed above

The Corporate Business Manager will be directly responsible for developing the strategy on how we can penetrate, develop and serve the professional services market. The responsibilities include positioning the company to provide pest control, spraying and fertilizer application through precision technologies such as drones, alongside other professional services in the agricultural field.

The holder will also be responsible in developing mechanisms to develop, grow and sustain the corporate business into the future.

Key Areas of Responsibility

Strategic plan implementation

Sales Management

Business Development


Budgeting and Cost Management

People Management

Area of Responsibility


Success Criteria

Strategic plan implementation

Defining annual strategic goals and developing clear strategies and plans on how to penetrate to the corporate business

Documented overall department goals and milestones

Cascading the annual strategic plan to the department level

Documented departmental goals

Contribute information and recommendations to strategic plans input on how to grow the business

Documented recommendations

Align the departmental plan to the strategic plan

Departmental Plan

Preparing and presenting quarterly and annual reports to senior management team

Quarterly reports on the performance versus the targets

Create and execute a strategic plan that will expands our customer base and extends the company’s reach in terms of corporate business

Sales strategy


Analyze and improve corporte business processes and workflow and implement changes to grow the customer base

Continuous improvement report

Setting individual targets with the team that you will be working with

Documented Targets and achievements

Develop the growth mechanism to ensure that the business is sustained

Documented the growth plan

Ensure that that we have penetrated to the following corporate sectors and obtain substantial business; Export Vegetable market, cash crop farming, e.g Tea, Sugarcane, avocado, mangoes, wheat, maize, Barley, rice and pineapple

Continuous increase of customers and revenue

Ensure that our customer base for organic farming and export market has grown

Continuous improvement in sales for organic product in our portfolio

Work with the Irrigation Executive to Provide irrigation solution to our customers

Weekly Sales Plan

Ensure that the company has its presence floriculture

Obtain customers from the sector and ensure that they give us continuous business

Managing organizational corporate business plan that covers sales, revenue, and expense controls.

Monthly Revenue

Ensure that existing customers are retained and there is upselling and cross selling

Customer retention rate

Revenue from existing customers

Understand our ideal customers and how they relate to our products.

Customers Profiling

Developing the sales team through motivation, and product knowledge education

Sales team skill index analysis

Ensure that the sales team offer exceptional customer service

Customer Satisfaction Score

Development of customer retention strategies

% of customer retention

Maintain good customer relationship

Net Promoter Score

Business Development

Finding and developing new markets and improving sales

New customers per month

Developing goals for the sales team and business growth and ensuring they are met.

Business growth goals achievement

Researching organizations and individuals to find new opportunities

Research on new opportunities

Arrange business meetings with prospective clients

Number of meetings per week


Coordinating with marketing manager and sales manager on generation of new business leads

% of lead generation

Promoting the organization and products

Brand awareness

Analysing market trends and preparing forecasts

Market trends

Conducting market research to understand the market potential to help in new markets penetration

Market research report

Increasing brand awareness and market share

% of market share

Collections (Receivables)

Keep tracking outstanding debts and ensuring the company does not run into a risk of loss

Monthly report of outstanding debt versus total sales

Collect outstanding debts from clients and achieve collection target to ensure positive cash flow

Percentage of collection versus total sales

Maintain up-to-date customer contact information in the collections systems.

Updated customer information

Close a specific number of collections accounts each month to meet assigned target

Monthly collection rate

Contact debtors, negotiate payoff deadlines and payment plans and implement repayment schedules and terms

Repayment schedules reports

Build trust with debtors and plan course of action to recover owed money

Customer Satisfaction Level

Update assigned account status and database regularly for easier collection oversight

Updated database

Budgeting and Cost Management

Predicting the company’s requirements, preparing a yearly budget, and planning future spending for the department

Annual Budget

Control budget versus actuals analysis

Budget versus Actuals report

Generate sections reports, cost and efficiency reports to management.

Cost Savings

Consolidate the annual budgeted sales and revenue for the department

Annual Budget Sales

Ensure that departmental budgeted sales and collections are met by holding daily check-ins with sales team to set objectives and monitor progress

Budgeted sales versus actuals

People Management

Supervising corporate business department and assessing their performances

Sales Department Performance Reports

Setting targets, conducting performance reviews, performance improvement plans for the team

Documented Performance Targets

Performance Review Reports

Handling team grievances and disciplinary matters

Documented Actions

Schedule regular team meetings to discuss on updates, issues and recommendations

Weekly Meeting plan

Action Plan for all meeting

Assessing training needs of department and coming up with a training plan to address the gaps

Training Schedule

Number of trainings conducted per quarter

Minimum Requirements, Skills, Experience, Competencies and Attributes

Educational Qualifications

Job-related skills, knowledge, and experience Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Agribusiness Management or related discipline in the agricultural field.

Master is must in any related field

10 years’ experience in an Agri based companies.

Experience with Sales Management ERPs

Marketing experience is highly recommended.

Experience in planning and implementing sales and marketing strategies.

Experience in customer relationship management.

Experience in managing and leading a team.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Dedication to providing great customer service.

Ability to lead a sales and marketing team.

A self-driven individual who motivates and inspires confidence.

How To Apply

Send your application and updated CV to – to be received on or before 30/05/2024. Kindly indicate the job title in the subject line: Corporate Business Manager