Android Engineering Team Lead Job in Kenya

You would be leading and working with a cross-functional team to design, develop, and maintain M-KOPA’s Customer apps, and deliver software that scales with both company and customer growth, deep diving user journeys using data and implementing focused updates to address our customer’s needs; improving application quality and raising coding standards.

We predominantly use Kotlin for our Android apps and our cloud provider is Azure, where our microservices are hosted in Azure Kubernetes Services, and we implement Android applications following clean architecture principles, unidirectional data flow and jetpack compose. We are constantly iterating towards a completely decoupled, event driven architecture across our entire software portfolio.

This is a fully remote role, within the following time zone (UTC -1 / UTC+3). Our engineers work remotely from locations such as UK, Europe and Africa. You will be reporting to the group Head of Engineering.


Our expectations are that you would be comfortable working as part of a team which owns the entire software stack, including the supporting infrastructure, throughout the entire software lifecycle from inception, through production and right the way to decommissioning under a DevOps culture.

Additionally, you would need to have an extensive background working for a large-scale product and having deep knowledge and experience of Trunk-based development, Clean Architecture, Dependency Injection, Uni-directional data flow (MVI), Feature Toggles, Docker and Azure DevOps.

If you value the constraints that continuous delivery places upon engineering processes and embrace testing and observability as first order concerns in the development of software, you probably have what it takes to join the team and shape our future.

How To Apply

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