Clinical Coordinator Incharge Job in Kenya

Role Summary:

Clinical Coordinator in charge is an experienced Clinical Coordinator and a great team player who provides leadership to a team of Clinical Coordinators and works collaboratively with them to ensure continuous quality provision to our patients. The Clinical Coordinator in charge is responsible for ensuring the Front desk department meets the operational standards within the Medical Centres and continually strives for outstanding patient experience, efficiency, and quality excellence, as indicated by Penda’s internal metrics. 


  • Guide, mentor and coach team members, championing adherence to SOPs and regulatory standards to maintain high-quality patient care.
  • Lead departmental operations in collaboration with the BM in ensuring financial and process efficiency i.e Mtiba reconciliation and balancing of the cash box.
  • Create a welcoming environment for patients, addressing complaints promptly and managing inquiries effectively to enhance patient experience.
  • Facilitate seamless communication with other departments and external partners, ensuring confidentiality and efficient coordination for optimal patient care.
  • Guide on various payment methods, ensure adherence to billing protocols, and handle documentation accurately.
  • Participate in training sessions, adhere to company policies, and uphold Penda’s culture within the team and medical center.
  • Optimize front desk workflow, handle and manage all incoming calls and external communications.

Key requirements and attributes 

  • Meet the basic qualifications of a Clinical Coordinator.
  •  1 year working experience at Penda. 
  • A great champion of Penda Way demonstrating strong leadership skills.
  •  A track record of great performance across all areas from the PR.

How To Apply

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