Software Engineer Job in Kenya

Mission Statement for the Role:

To participate in the deployment of new equipment, technologies, software, and systems, within the innovation projects that Poa Labs will run. To support the Project and Product management team, and work together with the Engineering team to achieve the goals set out for each project.

Overall Responsibility:

The role has the responsibility to develop software systems, microservices, tools, scripts, and android apps. It will also involve documentation of the use of frameworks and libraries as well as the existing/newly created code base and ensuring implementation of agreed upon Software quality assurance standards & development/staging/production  of workflows using GitHub.

Key SMART Results for A-Player

  • Document existing software systems upgrades (Admin, Monitor, CRM)  to be consumed by both tech and non-tech staff, following agreed upon standards and tools and ensure existing documentation are up to date- Q2 2024
  • Support to implement the road-map for internal software development, and the workflow using GitHub to support multiple developers in development, testing, staging, and production environments – Ongoing
  • Support in the successful migration (Go live) of current OSS/BSS platform from Admin v2 to Adminv3 – Q2 2024

  • Support to implement a mass-SMS micro-service against Africa stalking API and Admin v3 – Q2 2024
  • Support to implement Poa Flat Software Project in a timely manner while ensuring proper documentation of the project-  Q3 2024
  • Support to implement data warehouse pipelines and incorporate all Poa Software ecosystem into a Data lake /Data Mart- Q4 2024
  • Develop an Android App for staff use, featuring all CRM functionality (survey, install, activate, etc.) – Q4 2024

Department stage of development where this role sits (starting, preparing for scale, scaling, mature)

Preparing for Scale 

Key Competencies – Criticality (H,M,L)

  • Ability to specify, develop, test, and bring into production complex software systems with minimum supervision- H
  • Solid knowledge of software development using Python, PHP + HTML/CSS/JS native code- H
  • Basic understanding of network systems, IP stack, communication protocols at Layer 2 and Layer 3- L
  • Excellent knowledge with databases (MySQL / SQLite/Redis) and related concepts e.g Data Modelling , SQL, Database optimization and ETL process- H
  • Ability to communicate in real time with other team members during development and testing of software and ensuring communication is done in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand for both tech and non-tech personnel – M
  • Ability to debug complex software issues that may span multiple systems- M
  • Demonstrated ability to quickly learn new technologies and concepts and apply them in your day to day problem solving activities – M
  • Ability to be proactive, inquisitive, participative and think outside the box – H

Mandatory Criteria with no exceptions to hire

  • Must have developed software in PHP and JavaScript, and used HTML/CSS in front-end development.
  • Must have developed shell scripts (bash), python, and PHP cli scripts and must have deep knowledge of HTTP/REST and other API protocols, and use of tools such as Postman.
  • Must have experience in documenting software systems e.g API documentation, ERD design documentation, SDK documentation and Test Schedules.
  • Must be aligned to POA Values and DNA for cultural alignment.

How To Apply

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