Data Management Officer Job in Kenya

Data Management Officer

Job Summary

Reporting to the M&E Manager, the Data Management Officer will be responsible for overall management of databases for tracking program implementation and results. S/He will be responsible for development and operationalization of platforms for data collection, storage, protection, promotion and delivery of data that meets the quality standards. The Data Management Officer will ensure timely and controlled access in facilitating data drive decision making in the program.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for M&E processes automation, database development and management as well as responsible for review of the existing data collection and management systems.
  • Define and lead the process of M&E tools, standard operating procedures and guidelines development for the program as well as oversee its implementation at all levels.
  • Provide technical support in data management for KRCS and its implementing partners/Sub-Recipients.
  • Lead data quality audits, data processing, verification, cleaning and ensuring forms are filled according to protocols to assure data quality at all levels.
  • Guides strategies for improving the quality of data at the community, and overall data dissemination and utilization at grant level.
  • Lead review, and strengthen capacity of SRs   to effectively collect, store, retrieve, use, and transmit data to inform program decisions.
  • Provide guidance and technical support in defining research methodologies during program surveys and evaluations.
  • Conduct data analyses and generation of routine program reports for informed decision making.
  • Lead Tracking of indicators performance and make recommendations to improve grant performance.
  • Develop and maintain a system for archiving projects’ M&E guidelines, tools, data files, analysis files, reports and presentations.
  • Facilitate and ensure all data queries are addressed in an accurate and timely manner to improve program implementation.


  • A minimum of university degree in Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Epidemiology, Computer Science/IT or related field from a recognized institution.
  • A minimum of 3 years work experience in managing large program data, analysis (qualitative and quantitative), research and donor reporting.
  • Over 3 years’ experience in database development and management for Public Health, HIV and AIDs, Human Rights and Gender, Community System Strengthening, etc.
  • Ability to lead generation of ideas that create value and improve processes for data management and program implementation.
  • Highly motivated, self-confidence, team work and able to work under high pressure and within a limited time frame.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in computer applications and languages in databases management.
  • Strong analytical skills, data organization, assessments, mining, validation, analysis and security.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills, including ability to develop reports and prepare relevant publications.
  • Knowledge of and interpretation of key indicators in HIV/AIDS

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