20 Plant Operator I Jobs in Nairobi, Kenya

Plant Operator I

– 20 Positions

Job Requirement
For appointment to this grade, a candidate must:

  • Have a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE) mean Grade ‘D’ Plain or equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution;
  • Have passed the Suitability Test for Plant Operators Grade III;
  • Possess a valid driving license free from current endorsements for class(es) of machine(s) that one may be required to operate;
  • Be able to operate at least two (2) Plants of ‘difficult rating’ B;
  • Possess a valid certificate of Good Conduct Certificate from Kenya Police;
  • Have minimum relevant experience of three years in a busy environment
  • Attended a First-Aid Certificate Course lasting not less than one (1) week from St. John Ambulance or the Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology (KIHBT) or any other recognized Institution; and
  • Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Operating machines of ‘difficult rating’ B as authorized;
  • Assisting machine attendants in identifying possible breakdowns;
  • Liaising with mechanics for servicing;
  • Making daily and weekly oil checks; and
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the plants.
  • Properly maintaining work tickets;
  • Assisting in training junior plant operators

How To Apply

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