Livelihoods and Resilience Technical Specialist Job in Kenya - World Vision

Livelihoods and Resilience Technical Specialist

Key Responsibilities:

Project Planning and Implementation 

  • Lead implementation of an innovative Food security and Livelihoods Project, through community-based systems, addressing the needs of the most vulnerable members of society;
  • In consultation with the Project manager, develop operational work plans (AOPs) and detailed implementation plans (DIPs) in accordance with the budget, results framework, and administrative guidelines approved by the Project Steering Committee (PSC);
  • Implement operational work plans in accordance with the budget, results framework and administrative guidelines approved by the Project Steering Committee (PSC);
  • Under the guidance of the Project manager, ensure the Project operates efficiently and effectively;

  • Participate in budget processes and periodic budget reviews for Food security, Livelihoods and Resilience, Economic Development related activities;
  • Provide technical assistance in the areas of resilience and diversified livelihoods; sustainable income from climate smart resilient value chains; production, productivity and post-harvest practices; climate resilient value chains; inclusive access to markets and farm inputs, other agri-enterprise services as well as access to gender inclusive financial services among households
  • Coordinate the adoption of new products and/or approaches in Food security integrating nutrition and Livelihoods development and marketing;
  • Implement decisions made by the Project Steering Committee (PSC) and the County Project Steering Committee (CPSC);
  • Select intervention sites, expansion areas and (new) Project partners based on set criteria by the county and after consultation with all stakeholders;
  • Technical support to the project team in launching tenders and calls for proposal; contract service providers and implementing entities;
  • Monitor progress of work plan implementation, identifying issues (technical and coordination) and formulate solutions to address the identified issues

Quality assurance: Monitoring, Reporting and Documentation 

  • Participate in formulation of food security and livelihoods related guidelines, regulations and plans for CAM Project operations at the county level;
  • In consultation with the Project manager and MEAL Officer develop a MEAL plan for the Livelihood activities in the Project and actively participate in all project design, monitoring and evaluation initiatives
  • Lead in development of a contextual analysis of economic policy, food and nutrition security and livelihoods issues affecting the county and particularly the target groups;
  • Participate in the county development of detailed food and nutrition security and livelihoods strategy that aligns with the county integrated development plans
  • Support the CAM project manager and MEAL officer to develop annual learning agenda, data analysis from the field and producing customized reports for various applications/interventions and;
  • Support the County Project Steering Team in compiling monthly, semi-annual and annual reports to be provided to the Secretariat that summarizes Project achievements, key challenges, lessons learned to date and detailing budget expenditures and investment plans from all stakeholders.
  • Monitor compliance of all contract service providers, consultants and implementing entities contracted by the project team.

Capacity Building:

  • Facilitate training needs identification for community producer, saving groups, cooperatives, county staff and other public and private partners;
  • Facilitate capacity building of producer groups and other value chain actors on climate resilient marketing and value chain development
  • Train farmers on climate smart production and post-harvest management practices 
  • Capacity building to enhance access to appropriate financial product/loans and business plan development

Advocacy, strategic partnerships, Networking and collaboration

  • Strengthen Project linkages and foster good working relations with consortium peers, civil society organizations, government representatives, private sector and community-based organizations;
  • Identify and document strategic needs/agenda for country engagement
  • Respond to queries from Project donors and stakeholders in a timely and sound manner on all Food Security and Livelihood related issues from the county
  • Forge strategic collaborations with financial service providers including MFIs, banks, government funds to ensure Savings groups members access financial services
  • Broker linkages between farmers and market/value chain actors
  • Available to represent CAM Project at critical functions and moments at the county level as needed;
  • Stay abreast of new developments in Food security and Livelihoods and participate actively in related technical working groups and relevant policy forums
  • Facilitate formation of collective units eg. Cooperatives, CBOs, producer groups, Village Savings and Loans Associations for aggregation


  • Perform any other duty as assigned by the supervisor
  • Participate in daily morning devotion

How to Apply